Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Liberal Mentality

What’s wrong with the liberal mentality?

No, that isn’t a trick question, nor am I trying to abuse those who align themselves with leftist ways of thinking. And I’m not going to answer the question right away either. Instead, let me share a snippet of a conversation I just had with one of my co-workers.

As evidenced by the smiley face, this was over IM. And I have edited it in order to remove any mention of third parties, as well as just to clean up the sloppy grammar some of us resort to in electronic conversations.

(Incidentally, this conversation came about because of the oh-so-annoying song violating the airwaves right now called “I Want to be a Billionaire.” Also, please in no way take this post as an indication that I think Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan are valuable members of society. I don’t.)

Me: I’m not begrudging people who do have a billion or two; I just think it’s a bit excessive is all.

Her: I think that people like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan don’t deserve their money because they don’t contribute to society at all. I feel like people who have that kind of money are in the position to actually make quite a difference and they eschew it all for just fame. Give me your money! :-p

Let’s say that she’s joking about that last comment, though I have heard her say something quite similar – and with a much more serious attitude – about people in the “adult” entertainment industry.

And while it’s important to note that she spent three weeks in the Philippines on vacation last year, and enjoys a good shopping spree as well as eating out every week or so – all self-driven usage of her money – let’s focus mainly on her larger argument.

She in essence is arguing that people have no right to their property based on ownership alone. Instead, they should only be able to control an amount that is deemed appropriate. The rest should be passed along to somebody considered to be in need.

There are numerous ways to attack this argument, including the question of who gets to decide any of the particulars involved. Who or what can be classified as needy? How much should a person have before they should start giving away? How much should a person give away before they can make a decent claim on the rest of their money to use as they see fit?

If the power that decides any of those questions is the government, well, we all know how they says one thing and do another. Such a corrupt group of people should never have control over our wallets, even if some higher moral authority is needed to regulate everybody’s spending.

Yet similarly, who are we to say what people should and should not be doing with their own funds? Do we know their exact circumstances? Did we work to get where they are? Go to school as long as they did? Spend time talking to the right people? Work every weekend to pay our way to the position and salary we achieved?

For that matter, do we want people dictating what we can and can’t do with our money? I mean, really, when it comes down to it, we don’t really need that latte in the morning, that dinner out with friends, that vacation once a year that costs $1,000 over a week’s time. We could be giving that money to charities instead.

Maybe we should. But in the end, don’t you think you have the right to do with the money you earned as you see fit?

After all, you went out of your way to work for it. You got up out of bed when you’d much rather have lain there for a few more hours. You spent money on transportation to get to your place of employment. You logged the hours of mentally, emotionally, physically or psychologically taxing work to earn Your paycheck. Nobody else did any of that. You did. So why should anybody else have a cut of that unless you decide they do?

To the liberal mind, none of that makes a difference though because it doesn’t believe in:

· Personal wealth – unless it’s their own, such as Senator Kerry’s pretty new yacht that he made sure to dock far away from his home state where they tax such trinkets very, very heavily… even while he expresses ardent support for letting the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year
· Personal thinking – unless it’s their own, such as Hillary Clinton’s cry during the 2008 Democratic primaries that dissenting opinions are patriotic… a sentiment she certainly didn’t espouse when she was First Lady
· Personal responsibility – unless it’s somebody else’s, such as all the times that liberals are willing to ignore and even excuse infidelity on the part of their candidates… but are quick to come down on conservative cretins

Instead, it’s all about the group. The collective whole. The good of society, and not the individuals that make it up. So wealth should go to politically and emotionally appointed venues that allegedly benefit society, thinking should remain in a box formed by those political and emotional boundaries that allegedly benefit society…

And it’s always, always somebody’s else’s fault.

That’s what’s wrong with the liberal mentality.

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