Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Treason She Wrote

I unfortunately realize that I haven't written anything in quite a long time. Let's not discuss exactly how long, since it's rather depressing. I'll admit that part of the reason was sheer, unadulterated laziness. After all, wouldn't you rather watch the latest episode of Burn Notice or White Collar instead of trying to coherently dissect the latest idiotic thing our dear politicians have done?

But there-in lies the other reason why I haven't blogged in a while. Because President Obama, Harry Reid and Satan Incarnate (a.k.a. Nancy Pelosi) have been having a veritable field day with our Constitution lately. There's been the bailouts, Health Care Reform, Wall Street Reform, immigration issues with Arizona, and of course, the left's consistent and monotonously predictable blaming of Bush.

I was actually thinking about that earlier today. If everything is still Bush's fault after nearly two years of Obama being in office, then what can we blame on Clinton? The 9/11 attacks for giving our enemies the impression (somehow) that our commander-in-chief would rather spend time with ridiculously naive interns than actually pay attention to matters of national security?

Oh wait, that actually might make sense. Never mind.

Regardless, it would take far too long and repeat way too much already known information to delve into the Constitution maiming acts mentioned above. So instead, I'm not even going to target any of the normal brats, twits, liars, cheats and otherwise immature, selfish and corrupt people in our crime ridden capitol. Instead, let's turn to Angelina Jolie.

Yes, she's largely the typical Hollywood elitist at first glance, extremely attractive with too much money and guilt on her hands, but she's so much more than your normal intentionally uneducated leftist actress. To explain, let me quote the Denver Post, which, incidentally, quoted the New York Post:

"Angelina Jolie has personally requested that Russian spy Anna Chapman be invited to the Moscow premier of her movie 'Salt...'"

Really? She personally invited somebody who was getting paid to learn America's weaknesses? She personally invited a woman who had devoted her life to arming our enemy - and make no mistake of it: Russia is not a friend - with intimate knowledge of our daily and political going ons? She personally invited a charged enemy of the state?

To me, that seems like borderline treason or at the very least, intentionally offering to harbor an enemy of the state.

Then again, I'm not sure why I'm surprised. Apparently this is the country we live in now. Those set on destroying this country are lifted into favorable positions - whether politician or actress or international spy - while the people who care are lambasted as every negative possibility on the books.

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