Friday, August 20, 2010

Even When They Get it Right, They Get it Wrong

The sheer idiocy of our press is astoundingly easy to spot these days.

Open up practically any AP article spouting something dumb about the “fragile economic recovery” – incidentally, if I read the words “economic recovery” one more time, I might throw my computer out the window… and since I usually see those stories while browsing the news at work, that’d probably be a bad thing – as if there even was any economic recovery to begin with.

Before you can go there, printing billions of extra dollars to fund bigger government is not a recovery no matter how you try to spin it. The government has grown since the supposed end of the Great Recession, not the U.S. itself and certainly not her average citizens.

If you’re sick of reading economic data, you can move on to pure politics, where they try their best to wave away the ridiculous amount of vacation time the Obama’s have racked up so far this summer.

Muslim or Not? Maybe the Better Question is Marxist or Not? Nah, Too Easy…

Tired of that topic too? How about their newest obsession… disproving the president’s purported Muslim religious beliefs. You can read telling headlines such as the Washington Post’s “Obama a Muslim? Rumors gain steam, defying facts,” with practically desperate lines such as:

“Nearly one in five people, or 18 percent, said they think Obama is Muslim, up from the 11 percent who said so in March 2009, according to a poll released Thursday. The proportion who correctly say he is a Christian is just 34 percent, down from 48 percent in March of last year.”

Personally, on the issue, I fall into the I-have-no-idea-category. And really, from a political perspective, I don’t really care either.

If we had an actual Muslim president who reigned in the federal government and backed out of American citizens’ everyday lives, we’d be much better off than having a supposedly Christian president who has no regard for anybody or anything but his own warped agenda.

And anyway, while I really can’t tell you whether Obama is Muslim or not, I’m much more easy saying that he isn’t a Christian. Just because you talk the talk doesn’t mean you walk the walk. And in Obama’s case, his talk consists of lying and manipulating… hardly Biblical values, no matter what the press tells you.

A Gold Star for Passion but Still a Failing Grade

The reason for this particular piece of scatter-brained insight is that I stumbled onto an article today in the Huffington Post, written by Ariana Huffington.

Gotta give the girl props on her gorgeous first name, but her parents really stiffed her in other areas like teaching her logic, insight and common sense.

She starts out the article well enough with the title: “Memo to the Middle Class: Obama is Just not that Into You.” And she’s apparently connected enough with reality to acknowledge that:

“As we head into the stretch run of the 2010 midterms, and get closer to the halfway point of President Obama's first term, we're hearing a lot of media chatter about the ‘enthusiasm gap’ plaguing Democrats. There is also a lot of talk about whether progressives – aka ‘the professional left’ – should or shouldn't be disappointed in Obama. In a post about last month's Netroots Nation gathering in Las Vegas, Matt Yglesias wrote that at this year's event, ‘the dominant mood’ was ‘depressed’ and that he could feel a ‘considerable degree of ill will toward Barack Obama and his administration.’”

Personally, I was shocked to read anything even close to that in such a liberal publication. So my first reaction was to tell her “Bravo” for breaking away from the lemming pack.

That just goes to show how first reactions can be exceedingly wrong though, because she goes on to write:

“So which side in the "disappointed/not disappointed" debate is right? And what accounts for this friction?

“Well, after two years of seeing a pattern being established, I think I have the answer. Progressives, for your own good, it's my duty to point something out to you: the president's just not that into you.

“Sure, there's no doubting the impact of all the Washington realities listed above that have made Obama's first term a huge challenge. The GOP really has become obstructionist to an unprecedented and dangerous degree. There really is a formidable right-wing attack machine that doesn't care much about the truth. The Bush administration really did leave the country in shambles.”

If Obama isn’t Progressive Enough, I’d Hate to See a Real Version

Ummm… Huh? Does she think before she writes any of this stuff down or has drinking kool-aid for too long effectively shut off the higher reasoning function of her brain?

First off, please tell me how the hell Barack Obama isn’t progressive? This is the president who rammed so-called Health Care Reform down our throats, despite the fact that nobody before could accomplish that in the U.S., largely because few people actually wanted his kind of medical hierarchy here.

Isn’t that on the progressive agenda?

This is also the president that wants to “reform” the immigration system and actually punishes legal efforts to protect our borders. I would definitely call that progressive activism there.

And he also has cap-and-trade on his agenda, though he seems to have given up on it for the time being. That scheme would cut much more than businesses’ CO2 emissions. It would also hurt their bottom line, more than likely leading to more layoffs and certainly less job creation.

Sounds pretty progressive to me.

Secondly, the GOP might be trying to obstruct Obama’s radical (a.k.a. progressive) agenda, but with too many idiots among them and outnumbered by Democrats in both the House and Senate, they really don’t have much sway. Not to mention that before Scott Brown won the Massachusetts’ Senate seat up for grabs after Ted Kennedy passed away, Democrats had a full out majority to ram whatever they wanted the way they wanted for an entire year.

In other words, Ms. Huffington, it was Democrat legislators who were obstructing progressive moves, not the GOP.

Similarly, Democrats have ruled Congress since 2006, so they certainly share a large part of the blame for the “shambles” the country was left in. George Bush might have signed a bunch of idiot laws into existence, but guess who conceived them and passed them in the first place?

Finally, yes, there really is a right-wing attack machine out there fending off the liberal agenda, though the majority of us are only asking for the truth that people like you, Ms. Huffington, are obsessed with concealing.

And guess what? As your own article blatantly states, we’re being joined by more and more from your own side who don’t like what they see either, hence the “enthusiasm gap” you and your cronies in the press have noticed.

So Ms. Huffington, while I applaud you for managing to notice a few blatant and unattractive – for you, not for anybody who both cares about this country and embraces reality – facts this time, once again, I’m sorry to say that overall, you failed.

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  1. A little annoyed at Ms.Huffington my dearest? Perhaps because she's not representing with her beautiful name. Well argued my friend!!