Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hats Off to the Brits in a Backhanded and Convoluted Kind Of Way

First, I was going to write about illegal immigration today, but realized I left my notes on my dining room table. So I can’t really do the topic the justice it deserves. Maybe tomorrow… if I remember then.

With illegal immigration a non-possibility, I next thought of Iran. After all, that land of oppression made the news several times over this week, including national security advisor General James Jones’ recent statement that his boss might be about ready to meet with Iranian dictator (That wasn’t a typo; the man hardly deserves the title of president.) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

But I skipped that one too, largely because it was just too darn easy. I can sum it up in just one equation:

Entering into open negotiations with Iran, with its current Holocaust denying, woman murdering, western world hating, freedom crushing regime that just recently said it had dug mass graves for U.S. troops = Really Stupid Idea.

Sorry to be blunt, but sometimes you just gotta call a spade a spade. And Iran is quite literally the death card. End of story and moving on…

Another Bunny Trail

As if two failed blog post ideas wasn’t enough, I next really started considering Steven Slater, the overnight celebrity who quit his Jet Blue job in a very showy manner just a few days ago.

Honestly, I get it. I was a waitress for six years, so I know very well how dealing with the public face to face can be aggravating to the extreme. I understand being so frustrated with your job that you just want to make a scene and quit.

But mature people don’t make a scene and quit. Oh, they quit sometimes. And sometimes they air their grievances with the company in creative and attention grabbing ways, but they don’t endanger and inconvenience thousands of other people in the process.

And believe me, in breaching airport protocol in the manner that he did, Steven Slater deserves the charges of “reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and criminal trespass” that he got slammed with.

Yet, for some ridiculous reason, he’s being hailed as a hero? I think that says a lot about our society… and not much of it is good.

The Real Point of this Blog

However, even Steven Slater doesn’t win out for the real point of today’s post, though he comes in a close second and I even had to delete a few lines I wrote about him before stumbling onto this next topic:

Snarky No More: UK Issues Olympics Etiquette Guide

Does it have anything to do with U.S. politics? Probably not even if I spent an hour or two trying to make that connection. But for anybody who has actually visited the UK or lived there for even just a semester like I did, this is hysterical!
Disclaimer: I love the UK and would go back to it in a heartbeat if I could, despite:

- Its citizens propensity to tell you exactly what is wrong with your country… even though you didn’t ask and just met them 20 minutes ago

- Obnoxious women (two that come instantly to my mind) who take the seat you’re trying to save for your friend who just went to the toilet for a minute, and then – when you politely tell them that that you’re saving it for your friend who just went to the toilet a minute ago – they basically tell you to push off

- Its citizens propensity to tell you exactly what is wrong with your country… even when they’re visiting here (Try that in Detroit with those delightfully proper accents. Please.)

- Very grabby hands off the dance floor

- Its citizens propensity to think that all Americans are idiots who don’t know that Scotts traditionally wore kilts and that we fought the Revolutionary War against England under King George III

- One particular citizen, who shall remain nameless :-p

Fortunately for you Brits though, your accents make up for that multitude of sins!

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