Thursday, August 26, 2010

Liberals are Idiots

Liberals are idiots.

I’m not saying that Democrats are idiots, even if I do disagree with most of their positions. I know too many genuinely intelligent members of that party to even think of making such a claim.

So when I say that liberals are idiots, I mean members of any party that buy wholeheartedly into Keynesian economics, world peace, love of hemp, and the hatred of Wal-Mart (or Target, at this point) or anything having anything to do with wealth, whites or men.

You know, the kind of people who stand for nothing except the hatred of conservative values.

…So basically, the Joe Bidens of this world who look at the economic and emotional shambles the country is in and say something profoundly stupid like: “Now the fun stuff starts!” and “This is a chance to do something big, man!”

Or those people who bemoan the disproportionate amount of men to women in our political establishment instead of the blatant lack of intelligence and character we suffer from.

And it may or may not include Doug Heye, a spokesman for Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who said recently: “In general, people coming to Washington, being organized and active is a good thing. But I gotta be honest with you – I don’t know about any Glenn Beck event.”

Regardless, he’s clearly out of touch with what his country needs.

Dumber than Biden… and Maybe Even Nancy Pelosi!

However, none of them are in such strong contention for Liberal Idiot of the Year as Bruckner Chase. (Though 2010 is hardly over and we have plenty of time for Nancy Pelosi to still make more brilliant comments such as, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”)

Never heard of Mr. Chase? Neither did I until last night, when I read all about his “14-hour swim to raise awareness about the fragile nature of the local marine environment.”

That alone hardly puts him in contention for any awards. Neither does the fact that he ran into a “massive swarm of jellyfish that rose to the surface” during his swim.

What definitely does, however, is that he continued slogging through the critters for miles on end.

Despite donning a wetsuit after a certain point, he still “felt them oozing through his hands with every stroke” during the last mile, resulting in stings on his tongue, the inside of his mouth, his neck, hands and feet.

Without the wetsuit on, he admits, he probably would have died. Yet he holds to his accomplishment as a noble and worthwhile effort to save the world, or at least one small part of it.

And that makes him a strong possibility for Liberal Idiot of the year, not to mention a Darwin Award honorary mention in my book.

I’m sure that the “fragile” jellyfish would agree.

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