Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Looking at the Taliban Positively is like Regarding the Nazis Sympathetically

I couldn’t help but be overwhelmingly disgusted by an article I read about the Taliban yesterday. So disgusted, in fact, that I’m going to (almost) completely ignore the economic readings out today, including India’s impressive first half 8.8% growth (let’s not even talk about our own botched numbers) and Germany’s 7.6% unemployment rate compared to our 9.5%.

The article in question starts out this way:

“A documentary made by a Norwegian journalist embedded with Taliban fighters has provided a rare glimpse of the other side of the Afghanistan conflict.

“The raw footage - captured by Paul Refsdal - shows the Afghan militants attacking U.S. convoys on a road below their mountainous hide-out and celebrating hits with a high-five.

“The men also show their softer side to the Norwegian journalist by singing, reciting verses from the Koran and even brushing their long hair as he quietly records their day-to-day activities.”

So… apparently, the Taliban are now akin to Sears, with their “softer side?” So good to know.

Maybe we spread that piece of “news” to:

Very Few People Are 100% Evil… Including the Taliban

If people are really foolish enough to believe in one-dimensional, storybook villains that do nothing but spread evil and mayhem wherever they go, then maybe the article’s inside look is an eye-opener.

But those intelligent global citizens that grasp the larger implications of Luke 11:11-13 understand that villains don’t constantly lurk around wearing masks, rubbing their hands together and chuckling maniacally.

I’m quite sure that were we able to ask her, Eva Braun would say very nice things about Hitler. He probably showered her with pretty gifts and comforted her when she was down.

I’m equally certain that somebody somewhere could have said good things about Stalin, the slaveholders who would sell off families separately for cash and then go back to dine with their own loved ones, Nero, Pharaoh and just about every other villain who ever existed on the planet.

But that doesn’t mean that their “good deeds” or “softer side” warrant a “softer” review in the history books.

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