Monday, August 30, 2010

My Limited and Limitless Experience at the Glenn Beck Rally

Despite the pen and pad of paper I brought with me to the Glen Beck Rally two days ago, I don’t have very much commentary on the event.

After all, it’s rather difficult to discuss the speeches and issues addressed when you can’t actually hear anything being said. But let me tell you what I can all the same:

My party of 7 women left my apartment with plenty of time to spare – an impressive feat considering that 6 of us are under the age of 30 and possibly a little too aware of our personal appearance – and arrived at the Greenbelt metro station with plenty of time to find a parking space, buy our passes and board our 8:53 train.

At least, we would have had plenty of time if not for the line of people snaking out the door of the station, well down the sidewalk all the way to the parking lot.

Now, I can’t say I’ve used the DC metro hundreds of times, but living only a half hour away from the Green line, I have taken my share of day trips all the same… and I’ve never seen anything even close to that before!

It was fairly obvious that the majority of the crowd was going to the rally, as evidenced by the sometimes… ummm… fascinating combinations of red, white and blue we saw, as well as t-shirts featuring everything from “Restoring Honor 8.28.10” to the classic “Don’t Tread On Me.”

It took us over 45 minutes just to purchase our tickets and another 15 or 20 minutes to board from there, as our shuttle for some reason kept its doors shut for an odd amount of time.

The Glenn Beck Rally Highlights Real Hope and Change

When we finally did arrive, a decent hour late, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin had already spoken, which, I have to say, I found very disappointing. Similarly a let down, though we tried our best, we never really got close enough to see the stage or hear any of the remaining speeches very well.

With that said – and a disclaimer that I truly did enjoy my two tea party rallies this year more than I did Saturday’s event – I am very happy I went all the same. Hearing the applause from hundreds of thousands of hands whenever God was mentioned actually gave me goose bumps. And the snippets of songs and speeches that I did get to hear from people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, were priceless.

Looking back, now two days later, I can’t help but be overwhelmingly impressed with the turnout and optimistic about our ability to turn this country back around away from destructive progressive agendas.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise: We’re out there, we’re sick of staying quiet, and we’re ready to take back our country no matter what insults our enemies hurl at us.

As one featured t-shirt proudly proclaimed, “I can see November from my house.”

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