Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank You Mr. President

Electing Barack Hussein Obama (mmm… mmm… mmm…) may have actually been a very good thing.

Before you start taking my shoe size and mixing the cement, let me explain…

You see, if we had elected McCain in all of his bipartisan glory, we would have continued down the same, slow slide into ruin that we’ve been on for decades, if not a decent century or longer.

Really think about it for a moment.

The government has angled its way into our lives a bit more and more for some time now. You can blame the Bush administration, the Clinton administration, the senior Bush administration, Jimmy Carter (Yes, I skipped Ronald Reagan, though I’m sure somebody somewhere could make a legitimate case that he was guilty on certain counts as well.), FDR and beyond.

And with few protests, we’ve let them.


In part it’s because we’re much more concerned with our immediate lives. But it also comes down to the fact that progressives on both sides of the political aisle were smart enough to do it slowly, whittling away at our freedoms a smidgen here and an inch over there. It was a gradual, stealth attack instead of a full force power grab.

Until now, that is. With Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid firmly by his side, President Obama has openly displayed an ardent agenda comprised largely of spitting on the U.S. Constitution and saying “nana nana na na.”

In fact, he’s being so obvious that many (though sadly not all) people are taking notice and actually doing something about it. They’re sending in letters, they’re going to rallies, they’re attending town hall meetings and they’re making their voices heard in exactly the way they should have been for the past 30, 70 or 100+ years now.

For instance, Missouri voters told the government to butt out of their health insurance decisions yesterday. In strong numbers – especially for a mid-term year – voters showed up to cast their vote for Proposition C, among other things.

That proposition asked Missouri citizens a simple question: Do they want federal bureaucracies to mandate purchasing health insurance? With most of the vote counted, constituents said “Hell no!” by nearly 3 to 1. – which advertises itself as “the #1 St. Louis website – reports Senator Jane Cunningham (R), who helped sponsor the legislation, as saying that she’d never seen anything like it. “Citizens wanted their voices to be heard,” she concluded.

Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma ballots will feature a similar vote in November. Yes, the ever-expanding federal authorities will more than likely do their best to overturn the decision, but the fight is officially on, and they at least know now that the people they represent won’t just lie there and take it anymore.

We’re not slaves, we’re not children and we’re not toys. And we’re finally standing up and demanding that we receive the respect and consideration that we deserve.

We are the Constitutionally mandated “People” and we’re saying enough is enough. (Sorry Andy.)

In the end, we really have Obama to thank for that.

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  1. The point you made about the Baltimore mayor at the end is very similar to the truth about when someone is busted for the first time for a DUI it is rarely their first time driving under the influence.