Thursday, September 16, 2010

If You Make Bush Look Liberal, That’s Probably a Good Thing… No Matter What Bill Clinton Says

I’m not trying to slam Former President George Bush. In many ways, I respect the man and I don’t regret that I cast my first presidential vote for him in the 2004 elections.

I think I made the wise choice then, and not just because Kerry was an idiot... which he proved quite well during the televised presidential debates. I remember going to the Student Union with fear and trepidation, knowing Bush’s alleged tendency to sound less than eloquent. But it only took a few minutes of listening to Kerry’s responses to figure out that he was going down.

Say what you will about Bush, but Kerry stayed true to his party’s symbol that night.

I deeply appreciate the commitment that George Bush showed – and still shows – to our military, and the fact that he kept us safe from terrorist attacks after 9/11… a track record that Obama certainly can’t claim with four distinct incidents occurring well before he’d completed his second year.

But when it comes to spending, I have to disagree vehemently with him. I understand the military defense budget, but that’s not the only reason why our debt and deficit went up so high. It was due to the “compassionate” part of his so-called compassionate conservatism.

And as evidenced by the financial crisis – which, admittedly, wasn’t just his doing. Past administrations have to take equal responsibility, as do the idiot American people who followed like so many blind mice – that compassion got us pretty far... down the hole.

I’m all for helping out the less fortunate when possible, but I also believe that we need to use common sense when we do that. And since the government is too seldom known for exhibiting such a trait, they should leave that kind of charity to individual and collective groups of citizens.

That’s something that the liberals either don’t get, don’t want to get or conveniently use to gain more control over the American people. And unfortunately, too many so-called conservatives fall into the same exact trap, whether accidentally or on purpose.

Regardless, it has the same effect: chaos and eventual disaster for the United States of America.

So when somebody like Bill Clinton looks at the results of the most recent round of state primaries and says of the GOP results, “A lot of their candidates today, they make [George Bush] look like a liberal”…

Well, that’s a good thing.

We’ve tried liberal spending for decades off and (usually) on now and the results are in. If we continue to treat our debts and deficits as irresponsibly as we have, we’re in for a whole world of hurt.

If you need proof, just read the news. Yahoo Finance might be a great place to start.

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