Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama Accuses the American People of Being Lazy Whiners

The typical liberal agenda involves the government providing for everything – except actual revenue or satisfaction, of course – from healthcare to housing, Medicare to Medicaid, education to jobs and, well, everything else.

Or so it always seemed, considering all of the sectors the liberally driven government has encroached on, if not taken over. Apparently though, the government can’t do everything all by itself, which, I know, is outright shocking considering how well they’ve performed in the past.

But Obama needs us all the same, or at least, he needs those of us who are Democrats and still stupid enough to vote for the man and his policies. Sorry to be harsh, but I can’t see it any other way. It’s bad enough voting for a man when you don’t know – or intentionally ignore – his track record, stances and agenda. But it’s much worse to vote for the same line of thinking after you’ve seen how badly it plays out.

Of course, that isn’t how Obama sees it. Instead, he sees it as a matter of people being lazy and whiny. With all due respect Mr. President, but aren’t those two of the main results of your economic and social policies?

He doesn’t seem to see the irony though, as he calls for “people… to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up… If people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place.”

Our fearless leader – quite the whiner himself considering how he can’t let go of his “Look at the mess I inherited (i.e. Poor me! Waaah, waaah, waah!)” shtick – went on to say, “It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election.”

Well, let’s see why many of them are showing signs of doing just that…

U.S. CEO’s now have a darker opinion of the American economy than they did earlier this year, the first real decline in five quarters. Could it have something to do with the Bush tax cuts expiring? Or maybe they’re realizing that Obama is only friendly to cronies’ businesses and those he knows he can take direct advantage of, like the banks, the car companies and unions.

Or possibly, it’s as Ivan G. Seidenberg, chief executive of Verizon and the chairman of the Business Roundtable – an organization that used to back President Obama 100% not that long ago – said recently, that the current administration is creating an increasingly hostile environment for investment and job creation.”

And despite what liberals like to portray, corporate America – while hardly perfect – is largely responsible for our paychecks, our livelihoods, the money we have to spend on shelter, food, education and the occasional shopping spree at Ross.

So when businesses aren’t happy, neither are the workers who rely on them for their paychecks.

Looked at in that very rational light, it’s no wonder that a CNBC poll found last week that 90% of Americans are either very or somewhat worried about the economy.

That also explains why liberals have to stoop as low as using nudity to encourage their exhausted voter base… for all the good it will do.

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