Monday, September 20, 2010

Obama Didn’t Go Golfing on Sunday (Morning)!!!!!

At the risk of stooping to what Colin Powell calls “nonsense attacks,” I think it’s rather telling when the President of the United States attending church makes the news.

Why do we need to know that he’s attending church in the first place?

Is it because he almost never goes – choosing to play golf instead – and therefore this really is a historic event (like seemingly so many other happenings in the Obama presidency, as the press likes to tell us all the time)? Or is it because the media is so in the tank for Obama that it will print any non-news item to prove that he is acceptable and even beneficial to the American people?

If it’s the latter, the news corpse (intentional spelling) might want to rethink its strategy. Sometimes, no attention is good attention, and this might be one of those times, as evidenced by some of the comments the story generated:

“And this is news? I guess he will do anything to try and trick the gullible people on the sad that we can not trust this man's motives. So sad” – Raisinsawdust

“Did anyone ever think the Bush's going to church was newsworthy? The fact that this is "news" tells me how unusual it is. Maybe now folks will think before they vote..” – Dave

“What a phoney.” – J

The American people are not stupid – at least not the majority of us, as evidenced by Obama’s approval rating and confidence in our present course – regardless of what the press appears to think.

Fortunately, we’re going to prove just that in only a few short weeks.

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