Friday, October 29, 2010

Idiot Europeans Still Support Obama

It’s still quite early in the morning as I sit here, dressed up like the brunette version of Tinkerbell and sporting a snarky attitude that the pint size pixie would be proud of.

I trust my readers are intelligent enough to figure out why I’m wearing what I’m wearing – big hint: Halloween – but I will explain why I’m annoyed. The short answer is liberal thinking (oxymoron, I know) and the longer answer is liberal thinking in Europe.

It amazes me how exceedingly dumb people are sometimes. To illustrate this, let me copy Marian Smith’s commentary, as posted on MSNBC yesterday…

“Europe ‘dismayed’ as midterms highlight Obama’s struggles”

“LONDON – Before he was elected to the White House, Barack Obama drew 200,000 ecstatic fans during a 2008 visit to Berlin. Analysts predicted he would have easily been elected France's president if he had been a candidate there. And the day after Obama's election triumph, practically every U.K. newspaper splashed his picture across their front pages.”

Umm… he shouldn’t have been campaigning in Europe in the first place. It was a waste of time, a waste of money and that move cost him in the polls as I remember. Also, I recall hearing rumors that he offered those “200,000 ecstatic fans” beer, which is why they showed up in the first place.

“Europe had fallen in love.

“Two years later, Obama is struggling at home. With the midterms looming, the president's approval rating is at just 47 percent and most indicators suggest that the Democrats will take a hit on Tuesday.

Many Europeans don't get it.”

Clearly, many Europeans are idiots then… twice over: once for falling in love with him in the first place and again for not getting why America has fallen out of love with him. Like his own campaign repeated over and over again in 2008, “It’s the economy, stupid!” We weren’t doing this badly until he hopped into office and started implementing his harmful, hateful policies.

“‘They're very confused as to how [Americans] could vote for Obama and then two years later turn around and vote for a completely different set of policies,’ Sarah Oates, professor of political communication the University of Glasgow, told”

Because, number one, Obama campaigned as something that he is not… a unifier, an honest man who respected the people… even as somebody who could curtail the rising sea levels. He lied on all counts, as evidenced by his vicious partisan rhetoric, his ridiculous stories about how passing healthcare would save the U.S. economy, and the fact that the sea levels haven’t subsided.

“When viewed from abroad, Obama's campaign promises of ‘hope’ and ‘change’ left Europeans expecting a fundamental shift in American politics.

“‘[People here] are just dismayed,’ Oates added. ‘There's a real feeling of ... disappointment that it didn't signal the change they thought it would.’”

Again, they were idiots for putting that much trust in one single person like that.

Plummeting fortunes

“Normally, congressional elections don't resonate much abroad.

“But Europe's love affair with Obama – and interest in his plummeting fortunes – mean that midterms seem to be getting more coverage than usual in the U.K. and across the continent. In the wake of financial crisis, Europeans also wonder how the vote in America will affect the global economy.”

Hopefully for the better.

“French and British newspapers have been covering the run-up to the vote for weeks, with Tuesday's showdown already occasionally making the front page. In Germany, TV news channels are reporting regularly on U.S. politics and newspaper editorials have focused on the Tea Party movement and the perception that conservatism is growing in America.”

It is. Why? Because liberalism has proven an unkind and uncaring master… not just in the U.S., but in Europe as well, where they’re broke!

“On Thursday, the websites of the BBC and the London-based Guardian, Telegraph and Times newspapers all prominently featured stories about Obama's appearance on ‘The Daily Show.’”

Yeah, wasn’t that a laugh?

“‘He's not Mr Miracle’

“But with the economic crisis and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan casting a shadow over his presidency, Obama's reputation has also suffered abroad.

“‘He is no longer seen as an icon, but as a politician who is doing his very best,’ said Christian Malard, senior foreign analyst on France 3 TV. ‘He is paying the price for the crisis. He's not Mr Miracle, he's not a prophet.’”

On the first sentence, he isn’t doing his very best, at least not towards helping the U.S. And on the second sentence, Duh!

“However, Obama remains broadly well-liked and many Europeans think the disenchantment that many American voters have been expressing is unfair.

"What he inherited was so enormous that no American president could have fixed it," Manfred Gortemaker, professor of modern history at Germany's University of Potsdam, told”

I can tell Mr. Obama how to fix it. Stop threatening to raise taxes. Lower them! Stop spending so much taxpayer money on uncessary projects, such as shipping practically the entire White House to India next month. Stop listening to dolts like Timothy Geithner. Start taking notes on Ronald Reagan instead. Stop forcing your will on the American people. Start listening to them!”

See? Easily fixed. Sorry, but I have to say it again… Idiots.

“Meanwhile, those who got caught up in the ‘Yes, we can’ fever of 2008 simply want to know what will happen to their star.”

Hopefully, if he doesn’t smarten up, he and his harmful policies are leaving in 2013.

“‘Obama is like a movie character," said Nicole Bacharan, a historian, political analyst and associate researcher at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris. ‘There is something very romantic about him and his fate is something that people want to know. Why is this young, attractive, very smart president struggling?’”

Easy answer for stupid people: Because he’s not that smart… or attractive, for that matter.

“Tea Party rhetoric

"Many Europeans are also wondering whether the Tea Party is simply a phenomenon born from the financial crisis, or whether its rise signals a broader, lasting, more radical conservative movement.”

Hopefully, the latter.

“‘In all the French newspapers and magazines, people are writing, trying to figure it out,’ Bacharan said.

“While the economic downturn has sparked severe spending cuts from Ireland to Greece and renewed questions over European-style ‘big government’, a Tea Party-like movement hasn't emerged on the continent.”

No, they’re too busy whining over the potential of their precious tax-payer funded freebies going out the window. Pitiful.

But Europeans have noticed that some opponents of the Tea Party are being demonized as ‘socialist’. That rhetoric has at times included references to far more sinister chapters in history. An editorial in Germany's Der Spiegel newspaper last week slammed the Tea Party’s references to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany when criticizing the Obama administration’s policies as being irresponsible, flippant and ignorant.

“‘The Holocaust was the result of murderous ideological fanaticism of the kind not to be found in leaders forced to face re-election every four years,’ the newspaper's editorial said. ‘It is hard to imagine even the most hard-bitten Tea Party activist sincerely believing that President Barack Obama wants to systematically murder over 6 million people like Adolf Hitler did. And that is necessarily the implication.’”

First off, I don’t remember Europeans hollering when George Bush was compared to Hitler. Or, for that matter, when Chris Matthews just compared the Tea Party to Nazis. Second of all, Nazi Germany wasn’t just about killing people. It was also about socialism: about the government being involved in every aspect of its citizens lives. So maybe, just maybe, that’s what the Tea Party was talking about. Though you could also make an argument for Obama’s abortion support. And yes, those are babies… not randomly strung together pieces of tissue.

“Obama's more liberal policies also resonated with many Europeans. With polls suggesting the Democrats could lose control of the House, Professor Oates said the idea that many of his plans could potentially never come into effect baffles some people.”

They’re bad policies, ergo, they go.

“‘It's hard for them to understand the frailty of the American presidency,’ she said.”

This is such a dumb statement that I’m half-tempted to just call them idiots again and leave it at that. But I’m going to take the high road, call them idiots, and then explain why they are just that.

“The frailty of the American presidency,” was demonstrated quite well with George Bush just a few years ago. Or does Obama redefine the term “American presidency” in a way that I’m unaware of?

Even if he has though, it isn’t as if Europe’s own politicians don’t undergo the same attacks. Look at the UK’s former Gordon Brown or French President Nicholas Sarkozy. How about German President Angela Merkel?

They’ve all undergone some serious attacks in the last year especially. Aren’t their citizens smart enough to draw parallels?

Apparently not, which is why I can accurately call them idiots.

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