Friday, October 22, 2010

My Opinion on Michelle Obama’s Fashion Taste

A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh made an offhand comment about Michelle “My Belle” Obama on his program. And then he got onto a short bunny trail about the emails he gets from his female listeners concerning the First Lady and her media-lauded fashion sense.

Though he wouldn’t repeat any of them, he gave the strong impression – while never actually flat-out saying – that some of them were very catty.

On the one hand, I think he was probably wise not to share any of them. On the other hand, I’m rather annoyed with him for using discretion in this case, since he certainly thought they were funny.

If you’re not going to say anything nice, don’t bring up a subject, snicker, and then change the subject. It’s just plain mean.

Now, I can’t get the subject off my mind, so forgive me if I stoop to a decidedly non-political level for a page or two…

Michelle Obama’s Fashion: Waaaaayyyyyyy Overrated

Let’s start out with the outfit she wore to her hubby’s inauguration. What the Huffington Post predictably gushed over as “a sparkling yellow-gold sheath dress with matching coat by Cuban-born American designed Isabel Toledo… a choice many applauded as a cheerful message of hope and a vote for the American fashion industry,” seemed, to me, like it was made out of the same material one might see at a cheesy Las Vegas side show.

Honestly, the dress itself wasn’t horrible by any means. But I can’t find anything to swoon over either, since I outgrew my obsession with sparkly material back when I was twelve. And my obsession with gold back in the 80s.

Yeah, yeah, I know. “Meow” to that last comment.

All the same though Michelle, here’s a tip from one female to another, try pairing down the gold next time. Maybe with a trendy black jacket instead of ummm… more sparkly gold. It’s a bit much.

The same goes for the “one-shouldered silk chiffon Jason Wu number covered in organza flowers and Swarovski crystals” that she wore later that night. It’s shapeless and silly with all of those bumpy flowers on it; kinda like a bad prom gown.

Again, could it be worse? Yeah, definitely. But I won’t be modeling myself after her formalwear attire anytime soon either.

Did’ith Thou Look in thy Mirror Before Thee Left, Michelle?

How about what she wore on Jay Leno before her husband officially took over as PotUS?

Again, waaaaaaayyy too much yellow. It’s really a little bit blinding. I understand that a white girl like me would look even worse in such bright colors, and I normally respect – and even envy, from time to time – black women’s ability to pull off such shades and still look good.

But Mrs. Obama much more resembles a canary than a fashion icon here. She should apparently stick to more classic cuts, like the power suit she wore while in France. Now that, she pulled off quite well.

Not so much the one-sleeved top she donned during her Spain vacation though. She’s in her 40s, has two daughters and is out in the daytime. Really, while I don’t mind the top in and of itself, I think it would be much more appropriate on a single 20-something out on the town with her equally 20-something girlfriends.

Sorry Michelle.

Finally, as to the outfit she chose to wear on her husband’s desperate “Get in the Game” attempt to galvanize voters into voting for people who back his destructive policies… it looks like something Tea Party supporters would have worn… back in the 18th century.

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