Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Liberal Mentality


They’re such fascinating creatures.

I mean that too. Their consistent contradictions make them both an easy and entertaining study, though their constant disgust with logic does get frustrating from time to time.

Right now though, I’m shaking my head more out of wonderment than disgust…

San Francisco is a well-known bastion of political stupidity, both on the part of the public and the idiots they continue to put into public office.

Then again, isn’t that the state at large? After all, California is where certain residents thought it would be in good taste to hang Sarah Palin in effigy at their house for Halloween. Not that my state of Maryland is really all that much better.

But it’s San Francisco that’s really been making the news lately, for such Nanny State regulations as cracking down on the deplorable habit of putting toys in Happy Meals.

A good thing too! For a while there, I was worried that it was fast food and not high unemployment, back-breaking federal and state deficits, and increasingly dreadful public education that was going to kill our country.

Then again, they may have just been just kissing up to their beloved First Lady, Michelle Obama with that nod to healthy food habits.

Or maybe – and most likely – they just like meddling in other people’s affairs. Perhaps they feel inadequate about something in their own lives. (I hate to speculate.) Feeling a lack of control in their own lives, they have to cover up their own pathetic state of being by dictating whether parents can circumcise their infant sons or not.

And no, that’s not a joke. They really are discussing the legality of that topic right now.

Insanity Runs in the Liberal Family

Call it insane – which it is – but that’s the liberal way. They talk a great talk about individual rights but then conveniently forget about their own platforms when it comes to something like… oh… abortion. Or the homeless.

Not to pick on San Francisco – they just make it so darn easy though! – but the city just struck again, this time with Proposition L, which prohibits people from sitting or lying on public sidewalks between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. In their defense, Roselle Park, N.J. already banned sleeping in public earlier this year.

So much for caring about the little guy, as those laws obviously target the homeless. Apparently, the aesthetic quality of their neighborhoods is more important than people.

Typical say one thing and do another liberal.

Tea Party Bombs, Artistic Expressions and Protecting Planet Earth… or Not

If those examples aren’t enough to convince you, however, then how about the common liberal agenda to remove anything and everything religious – read: Christian – from the general public, including nativity sets, prayer in school and the Ten Commandments up on the wall.

They argue a completely non-existent separation-of-church-and-state clause of U.S. law to back their mission, but they also appeal to common decency by claiming that people might get offended by the blatant Christian-ness of such displays.

Than they turn around and defend the Smithsonian – in large part funded by the government – exhibition of Jesus on the cross covered with ants, among other so-called art that much of the United States population would definitely consider offensive.

In the same way, they mindlessly jump to the conclusion that anybody who would try to blow up a car in New York’s Time Square must be part of the Tea Party.

(Because really, who else has declared war on America, right? I personally can’t think of any other group. Can you?)

But then they go out of their way to sympathetically probe the psyche of a Muslim extremist who tried his very darndest to set a bomb off at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon.

And for those liberals who side with the Discovery Channel hostage taker in believing that humans need to be exterminated anyway, so as to protect Mother Earth from their evil influences… here’s a piece of evidence even you in all of your dearly-held delusions should find damning…

The Obama administration, with all of its tough talk on saving the planet, climate change and pollutant emission regulations, has “doled out billions of dollars in stimulus money to some of the nation’s biggest polluters and granted them sweeping exemptions from the most basic form of environmental oversight” according to the Center for Public Integrity.

So much for really caring about the environment. Or being against big business.
For that matter, so much for being truthful or steadfast at all.

Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks Strikes Again to Show One Big, Dysfunctional Family

Let’s face it, the world is not and probably never will be the tightly knit love nest that people want it to be.

World peace?

Hate to break it to you, but the likelihood of that happening in this mortal life is worse than the statistical probability of President Obama becoming a Reaganite.

If anything else, the latest round of leaked, sensitive U.S. data demonstrates exactly how little nations around the globe actually like each other.

There’s a literal ton of data out there on just about every news source in existence, each of which highlight their particular favorite snippets of the thousands of illegally released information. Below, you’ll find what I consider to be some of the key issues revealed…

Iran, Iran, Iran

The Washington Times highlights how even Arab leaders are concerned about Iran, as revealed in various leaked memos.

They’re quoted labeling Iranian leaders as “liars” and openly worrying about the country’s nuclear intentions. Qatar’s prime minister allegedly put it this way: “They lie to us and we lie to them.” And Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak apparently “has a visceral hated for the Islamic Republic” and thinks chit-chatting with the Iranians is a great idea just as long as “you don’t believe a word they say.”

That’s actually quite comforting news considering Iran’s chronic delusions and creative reinterpretations concerning foreign relations, history, religion and just about every other important topic. The fewer countries like Iran, the better.

What’s not so comforting is what the AFP notes from the Wikileaks mess… how Iran smuggled weapons and personell into Lebanon by way of ambulances in 2006. And much more recently, according to the New York Times, Iran also got cozy with North Korea by paying them for 19 advances missles capable of hitting various European cities.

So apprently world peace is possible… if it’s on Iran and North Korea’s terms, anyway.

The U.S. Doesn’t Trust Anybody

The U.S., it would seem, has spies everywhere.

That includes at the U.N. last year, where Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton instructed U.S. diplomats to get dirt on the other countries present.

And the U.S. Embassy in Berlin had – and probably still has – a network of informants inside the German government that provided details on Chancellor Angela Merkel's efforts to form a government, Der Spiegel reports.

Now, let’s face it. Every country spies on every other country. But that doesn’t mean they ever want to admit to it. It’s more than a little bit humiliating and serves to undermine our perceived authority even more.

Of course, China doesn’t like or respect us to begin with. Hence part of the reason why it’s been attacking the U.S. of A electronically, stealing and tampering with our data whenever it can. The general public can once again thank Wikileaks… and the UK Telegraph… for that information.

Similarly, we can thank Foreign Policy for focusing on an apparent disagreement with France and a simultaneous assessment of Russia. Although, anybody who’s been paying attention to Russia in the last several years should know that Russian democracy no longer exists. It shouldn’t take advanced experience in international dealings like Defense Secretary Robert Gates has to come to that conclusion.

During his February 8 meeting with French Minister of Defense Herve Morin, Gates unscuccessfully tried to convince France not to sell an amphibious assault ship to Russia. France apparently trusts Russia more than it should, but perhaps worse off is the fact that while the U.S. wasn’t the only country who thought the move was a foolish one, it did absolutely nothing official about it.

Typical of the Obama administration, right? My guess is that, now that everybody knows everybody else’s dirty little secrets, Obama will do absolutely nothing useful about this mess as well.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Day-Before Thanksgiving!

This may be my last blog of the week, considering it’s Thanksgiving week and all.

Tomorrow, I’ll be very busy helping to make – and then eat – turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and spinach casserole. Cleaning up takes up even more time and then collapsing on the couch complaining about how much I ate will keep me occupied for the rest of the day.

If I’m recovered on Friday, I might be back on here with a brand new dose of sugar and spice for the political world… more of the spice though, of course. If not, here’s hoping that everybody has a wonderful and relaxing long weekend. And for those of you who have to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, best of luck and try not to kill anybody…

Even the crazy customers on Black Friday…

Even if they totally deserve it.

Just say no. You’ll be happier in the end if you do.

With that warning issued – and hopefully taken into serious consideration – let’s get down to a small helping of pre-face-stuffing news.

Even They Admit It’s Bad

Right now, everybody seems focused on the evil and pointless TSA – yes, I said pointless. How many terrorists have they actually stopped as they turn traveling adventures into sordid nightmares? I believe that number would be 0 right now – and the drama still unfolding between North and South Korea.

Because I’ve already covered both and there’s really nothing new to offer on either subject, let’s move on… right after this, at least…

Question: How does a conservative girl know she’s made a really obvious point?

Answer: When the mainstream media acknowledges it too.

Yesterday, I noted that the literally exploding Korean tensions put a serious negative light on President Obama’s dream for world peace. Today, Reuters notes the same exact thing:

“President Barack Obama has set the goal of eventually ridding the world of nuclear arms as a central theme of his presidency, but North Korea’s defiance and other recent setbacks have raised fresh doubts about whether he can turn his vision into reality.”

That was the opening paragraph and the last one goes like this: “With the 2012 presidential campaign approaching, Obama will have to handle Iran and North Korea with an eye to his re-election bid, when he can ill afford to give Republicans ammunition for depicting him as soft on America’s foes.”

I have two words to say in response: You think?

More Bad News But One Big Upside

It also appears rather obvious that the U.S. economy still isn’t doing all that great, despite the recent drop in unemployment claims. Case in point: the FDIC is reporting that its list of problematic banks increased over the summer.

Perhaps that’s why China and Russia just said “goodbye” to the U.S. dollar... hardly a sign of confidence in the currency or the economy it’s attached to.

On the plus side, all of this misery and drama is forcing people to open their eyes to the purposeful train wreck that Obama is. He keeps declining in the polls and his party continues to fall out of favor.

And that, my friends, is something we can all be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What the U.S. Should Learn from North Korea’s Latest Attack on South Korea

In chit chatting with a Democrat friend of mine a few months ago, I was struck at how very different liberal thinking is from conservative thinking.

When we wandered onto political topics, it was difficult if not impossible to discuss anything because we had such very different viewpoints and presuppositions.

For example, she strongly believes that the rich are responsible for, well, just about everything. And since the U.S. is currently the wealthiest country on earth, it is therefore to blame for, well, just about everything. At least everything bad.

As a conservative, I believe something quite different: that men and women are responsible for their own actions. And that, therefore, each country and each individual citizen in each country should be held accountable for what they do.

Those extremely opposing and dearly held “realities” make it virtually impossible to reach any agreement on the subject. Although, of course, we all know that I’m right. If we start arguing that people aren’t responsible for their actions based only on their income level, then it’s a straight drop off the cliff into excusing murder, rape, assault, thievery and general maliciousness.

It’s painfully obvious to see the differing viewpoints in the pro and con arguments about Obama’s New START treaty with Russia, which has now reached the Senate floor. In short, the goal is for both countries – and eventually, everybody else, as well – to do away with their nuclear weapon stockpiles.

To liberals, such as Peter Wilk, who recently wrote for CNN, this is a no-brainer. To people who actually have brains, it’s an absolutely horrible idea.

North Korea just gave us an excellent example of why.

Newsflash: Power Hungry Crazies – i.e. Russia and North Korea – Don’t Care About World Peace

In his article, Peter Wilk calls for Republicans to drop dead or agree with Democrats.

Of course, he didn’t say it quite like that. Instead, he wrote, “At this moment of decision, our elected officials must rise above narrow partisanship and consider how their actions affect our nation’s health and security.”

Taken by itself, that sentence looks beautiful and I whole heartedly agree with it. (And if you want to do just that, then check out the Heritage Foundation’s full and un-opinionated details on the New START treaty.) We do need to think of our nation’s health and security in a particularly hostile world.

For example, take what Bolivian President Evo Morales said to the U.S. on Monday: We’ll make friends with Iran or whomever we want with or without your permission.

Of course, Iran would nuke us in a heartbeat if it could… and more than likely, it’s probably working towards just that with its supposedly peaceful nuclear tinkering. So anybody who wants to make a pact with Iran has to automatically be considered a very serious threat and a country that would – if it could – resort to using nuclear weapons if it woke up on the wrong side of the bed some morning.

Russia doesn’t exactly hate Iran either. In fact, they get along rather well since both think they have the upper hand in the relationship. And while the West was fretting about last year’s Iranian election results, both China and Russia were busy congratulating the notorious dictator for his alleged win.

And Along Comes North Korea

We received satellite imaged proof earlier this month that South Korea is also working on a nuclear power reactor.

Could its intentions be peaceful? Of course.

But what indication has the country given in the last several decades that it has any intentions of playing nice?

Unless anybody can make an argument that firing dozens of artillery shells into South Korean land is a love tap, I think the communist country has made their contempt for entities other than itself very clear.

If countries like South Korea, Iran, Russia and Bolivia are acting up now when the U.S. still does have a stockpile of nuclear weapons, than how are they going to behave when we’re defanged?

Liberals will cling to their flower power, broomstick skirts and rainbows in the sky, claiming that such seemingly hostile nations will lay down their own arms in response, as they’ll finally feel unthreatened by the global bully that is the U.S.

Realists who understand history, current events and human nature know full well what will really happen though. And it won’t be pretty for the U.S.

Monday, November 22, 2010

An Insufferable Arrogance… And They Don’t Even Realize It

On Friday, I had lunch with several coworkers and was half fascinated and half something else – that I’m not quite sure has a word for – at one turn the conversation took as we sat over our pizza.

Amidst chatting about cheating on tests and writing papers for fellow students – they did, not I – one of the men referred to the U.S. truck-buying population as the uneducated, backwoods, mid-West.

The way he said it, he didn’t just imply that the entire center of the country was ignorant; he flat-out stated it as a fact. And he didn’t say it with a single ounce of spite or malice. To him, making that assertion was as non-controversial or offensive as saying that humans need oxygen.

Funny enough, he admitted to once owning a truck himself, but went on to claim that he “grew out of” that stage of his life. Apparently, according to his own logic, this must mean that he lived in the mid-west at some time and never went to school.

It’s rather sad when we have to judge somebody by their possessions. I have to wonder whether they would be considered less ignorant if they owned Porsches, Mercedes or hybrids. Would that automatically make them more educated?

The thing is, it’s easier for some people – *cough* *cough* liberals – to justify their own positions by automatically labeling the opposition as stupid, ignorant, uneducated, etc. It saves a lot of time to mock other people on their looks, their accents and their religious beliefs instead of using logic.

Admittedly, this commentary might sound a bit hypocritical coming from somebody who routinely mocks liberals. But I mock them for their positions, not their preferences, and I use logic while I do.

Frankly, it’s getting easier and easier to do… on both counts.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kissing Our Rights Goodbye

Apparently, the Bill of Rights means absolutely nothing to the U.S. Federal Government. And I doubt anybody reading this is shocked by that statement.

Conditioned to the creeping infringement on our liberties, we’ve become complacent to one constitutional amendment after another being altered, edited and spat upon. It’s no wonder then that our elected so-called representatives – like Democrat Charlie Rangel and his crocodile tears – think themselves above the law…

They’ve made themselves above the law for some time now.

And worst yet, these people are elected and re-elected and re-elected while they put themselves above their constituents, above the law and above common sense over and over and over again.

The people who do this? That’d be people like my co-worker, who sits next to me and is so fond of his opinion that he once argued that it was OK for Protestants under Queen Elizabeth to turn around and persecute the Catholics because the Catholics had persecuted the Protestants first.

Yup, great reason to go around ripping people’s ligaments off of their bones and bones from their sockets on such revolting torture devices like the rack. Then again, this is the same person who will argue that the government is spending far too much and destroying the country in one breath… and then mock Fox News the next minute.

Do these people even hear themselves when they speak?

I think they do… but only the pretty sounds of their inflections. No wonder government researchers just found that 20% of U.S. adults have some form of mental illness… we keep voting them in!

There Are Other Solutions than a Nanny State Government

We keep voting them in and they keep treating us like dirt.

Like how they spend our hard-earned money to bail out the unions for an automobile company that more than likely hasn’t learned any real lessons from the mistakes of its past. Spoiled brats usually don’t learn anything if Daddy keeps posting their bail.

Meanwhile, the government bullies other businesses into costly procedures that will only reflect in customer prices in the end. Take the new healthcare law that demands restaurants post calorie counts on their menus next year.

If that sounds like a good idea, think again. Do you really believe people will change their eating habits if they see how unhealthy things are? Maybe we should ask first if anybody in this nation honestly believes that a Big Mac is healthy? And yet Americans consume them in large quantities every day.

Personally, I know very well how many calories are in the Cheesecake Factory Adam’s Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple cheesecake… and ya know what? I still treat myself to it occasionally. Do you know how I found out? I looked it up online. There are plenty of non-government sanctioned websites for you to find out just about every calorie count under the sun.

I could be wrong about this, but right now, I think this latest infringement on our private sector is only going to hurt businesses even more and accomplish no lasting, positive affects on our population in the meantime… just like so many other government programs have done in the past.

Worse Off than We May Think

Or how about the government-sanctioned TSA sexually assaulting us at the airports? The continuing tales coming out of airport security lines sound more like Nazi concentration camps than “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

I understand that comparison is used on too many situations, but after reading the above linked-to story, that was the first thing that came to my mind.

Oh, and speaking of concentration camps, a Chinese woman was just sentenced to a year in a hard labor camp for a tweet she made, admittedly one seeming to advocate violence.

Why do I bring this up in a rant against the U.S. government and its zombie supporters? Because as a nation, we’re a lot closer to that than too many people realize…

The Senate just passed the first stage in promoting a bill that allows the federal government to shut down websites with only a court order if it deems copyright infringement is “central to the activity” of the site.

Note how the bill doesn’t state that copyright infringement is blatantly apparent. That’s an important distinction, and one I fear will be used inappropriately if this bill – the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) – passes.

As wired.com reports:

“Many people opposed to the bill agree in principle with its aims: Illegal music piracy is, well, illegal, and should be stopped. Musicians, artists and content creators should be compensated for their work. But the law’s critics do not believe do not believe that giving the federal government the right to shut down websites at will based upon a vague and arbitrary standard of evidence, even if no law-breaking has been proved, is a particularly good idea.”

If that passes, we can kiss another chunk of our rights goodbye.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let’s Just Blame the Drudge Report!

Today just happens to be one of those days where there are too many interesting stories to deal with… so I’m going to do one of my snippet summaries of everything and hope that I don’t ramble on for four pages… as I have before.

Shocker that I can be that opinionated, right?

All sarcasm aside – for about 30 seconds – let’s get down to why we’re blaming the Drudge Report.

Clearly, it’s because Matt Drudge and his conservative watchdog news site has created chaos where there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! Silly and pointless conservatives: How dare they protest being groped by strangers for no good reason?

Fortunately for us, Emmett Tyrrell, a columnist at Townhall.com, is much more patriotic than that. He not only points out that, a CBS News poll found that 81% of Americans approve of the use of the high-tech machines at airports” but also throws in a lovely sexist pig of a comment about not minding being felt up, “especially if the patter-downer is a cute little number on the order of, say, Sarah Palin.”

Aw! Isn’t it so cute when liberals go all oink-ish cave man? It just makes me agree with his brilliant point even more… plus I suddenly have this urge to chain myself to a stove and bake him something delicious.


Mr. Tyrrell goes on to mock the assertion that TSA agents actually touch passengers in places they should not be touching:

“[John Tyner] had opted for the pat-down in place of the scanner, but he warned, ‘If you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.’… Well, speak for yourself, Mr. Tyner.”

Clearly, he likes getting groped, but that’s what paid escorts are for… not the TSA. Not to mention that, as Ann Coulter colorfully – but insightfully – puts it:

“Last year, a Muslim attempting to murder Prince Mohammed bin Nayef of Saudi Arabia blew himself up with a bomb stuck up his anus. Fortunately, this didn’t happen near an airport, or Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano would now be requiring full body cavity searches to fly.”

In other words, where does it stop? That point probably should have been reached well before we had to choose between radiation emitting body scanners and getting molested.

Can’t Blame the Drudge Report for This One… But Where’s Security Now?

Meanwhile, we can’t seem to get any real security in our own neighborhoods. At least not if our own neighborhoods are Baltimore City, Maryland. Take the case of Whit MacCuaig, who is so concerned about getting attacked at night that he double-parks in front of his house twice a week after his evening classes, so he can run his laptop inside.

He got ticketed for doing that a few months ago. Now, you can argue that double-parking is double-parking, which is against the law. But where were the ticket-happy, government-paid employees when he was attacked last October, when his house was burglarized in April, or when several of his neighbors were beaten up over the summer?

Where was security then? More than likely, they were busy feeling people up at BWI.

And we do know for a fact that security was busy arresting seven dangerous desperados a few states northward. Their crime? Playing chess in a Manhattan park!

It’s really shocking what this world is coming to when grown men will play chess in public. No wonder we need full body scanners and government-sanctioned fondling!

This is What They Sit Around and Think Of?!?!?!?!

Speaking of government-sanctioned fondling – it’s practically awe-inspiring how well that transition works – the District Department of Health is sponsoring “Rubber Revolution D.C.”

Yup, that kind of rubber. As in “Trojan Man!” (You know you want to say it.)

And as P.J. Orvetti – who wrote an article entitled, “D.C.’s Condom Quiz: Government Site Matches Condoms to Personalities – points out, “In a city with a 3.2 percent HIV rate – higher than that of West Africa – an effort to promote safe sex is worthwhile.”

Yeah, because all of the school-sanctioned talks about unwanted pregnancies and STDs has really done us a lot of good in the past. Here’s the thing: People know very well that sex has consequences. They just don’t think the negative ones will ever happen to them.

Fortunately for us and our children, however, at least one school thinks it has the answer for such immature choices: Open up a drug clinic. On school grounds.

Yup, sadly, it’s come to this. Clearly, there’s something wrong here, even if the clinic won’t cost taxpayers a dime as they’re claiming.

Maybe it has something to do with how we’re teaching our kids. For example, the fact that we teach inequality… like how women can invade traditional male areas of life, even down to their locker rooms… but men should be kept in much tighter restraints?

Case in point: Cornelius Tietze, a member of the Wyoming Seminary, Forty Fort, PA high school field hockey team. Since the game is traditionally played by females here, Tietze has an obvious and unfair advantage that are making people cry foul.

Personally, I agree that it’s wrong. Keep organized women’s sports amongst women. But be sure to do the same for men then.

Yet instead of addressing common sense issues, our elected leaders, like Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), waste their time trying to destroy our constitutional right to free speech by throwing the FCC at the likes of “Fox and… MSNBC.”

Maybe we should add the Drudge Report to that list while we’re at it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Royal Wedding, Dancing with the Stars, Body Scanners and Charlie Rangel… Three of which Should Never Appear in another Sentence Together Again

To begin with, I have to get a few completely politically unrelated things off my chest.

Number one, this royal wedding between Prince William and Kate what’s-her-name – I really don’t have any inclination to find out – is driving me nuts. Why do we care? Honestly?

From the shallow end of things, neither the bride nor the groom are all that attractive… or interesting, for that matter. And from a much more mature standpoint, how does their marriage affect anybody but themselves? It’s not like the monarch of England, which William will more than likely eventually become, does anything other than host diplomatic events anyway.

Regardless, I wish them the best, even if I do think she’s an idiot for marrying into such a monumentally screwed up family.

Secondly, I finally broke down and watched clips of Bristol Palin “Dancing with the Stars.” Props to the girl for doing what’s she’s doing, but unless the other dancers had even more boring footwork, she doesn’t belong in the final rounds of the contest.

I’m a huge Sarah Palin fan and wish the best for her oldest child as well, but I’m pretty darn sure that the show – apparently favored by Republicans, according to a recent survey – is being determined by political preferences instead of aesthetic and artistic judgment.

OK, with that said, now on to much more relevant issues…

Body Scanners Lead to Lawsuits

It looks like I’m not the only person who thinks that the body scanners and the alternative treatment are a very bad idea.

The TSA is being hit with several lawsuits for the collective group and its policies’ invasive and unprofessional behavior. Apparently, they’ve been inappropriate well before the scanners ever came around.

One lawsuit in particular concerns a 21-year old, female college student. According to Alex Jones’ Prison Planet website:

“The woman was passing through security at Corpus Christi airport on May 29, 2008 when she was subjected to ‘extended search procedures’ by the TSA.

“‘As the TSA agent was frisking plaintiff, the agent pulled the plaintiff’s blouse completely down, exposing plaintiffs’ breasts to everyone in the area,’ the lawsuit said. ‘As would be expected, plaintiff was extremely embarrassed and humiliated.’

“TSA workers continued to laugh and joke about the incident ‘for an extended period of time,’ leaving the woman distraught and needing to be consoled. After the woman re-entered the boarding area, TSA workers continued to humiliate her over the incident.

“‘One male TSA employee expressed to the plaintiff that he wished he would have been there when she came through the first time and that ‘he would just have to watch the video,’ the suit said.

“The woman filed an administrative claim against the TSA but was forced to launch a full lawsuit after the agency failed to respond.

“The incident bears similarities to a 2002 case involving a pregnant woman who had her breasts exposed by TSA agents in public. Her husband was thrown in the airport jail for complaining about the treatment of his wife.”

Lovely, huh?

Incidentally, Mr. Jones links to content for both cases.

And They’re Not Kicking Charlie Rangel Out?

If you really need proof that the Washington Elite could care less about you, your concerns or your rights as an American citizen?

Look no further than Representative Charlie Rangel of New York. A Democrat, member of the Black Caucus and previously chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, he’s been convicted of not one, not two, not even four or five, but 11 ethics violations.

Those included: using a Harlem apartment, which was zoned for residential use, for his campaign office; not reporting over $600,000 on his financial disclosure report; and withholding taxes on rental income from a villa he owns in the Dominic Republic.

Yet chances are exceedingly high that he won’t be booted out of the House. He may – May! – get a fine and possibly lose some of his representative privileges.

Big whoop. That’s the kind of behavior that would land any normal citizen in jail! Can anybody say tax evasion?

Yet Nancy Pelosi and her ilk care not a whit. After all, this is America… where we allow our government workers to get away with just about anything… right, Bill Clinton?

Even now, there are idiot New Yorkers who still support Rangel, despite his flagrant flouting of the law…

In a typical liberal argument, Freddy Santiago, 62, a retired Marine – shame on him! – said, “He may have done something illegal, but other politicians have done worse.”

I agree that others have done worse, but that shouldn’t mean we tolerate the “lesser” transgressions. That should mean we kick all of the bums out.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Europe’s Tower of Babel and the U.S.’s Impotence

It’s kinda lookin’ like the tower of Babel out there, with everybody pointing fingers at everybody else and absolutely nobody actually getting anything worthwhile done.

One could argue how that’s especially true for Obama. While I’m sure he’s not actually yelling at anybody other than his staff members, the Republican party and any other domestic persons who aren’t living up to his high standards, our dictator want-to-be is certainly getting absolutely nothing done.

Take his failed Asia trip, where not only Asia rebuffed him but Europe as well for his tacky economic scheme in QE2, the Federal Reserve’s second round of quantitative easing… i.e. buying up U.S. bonds with U.S. money.

Personally, I don’t know what their problem with the scheme is. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with?

Like Asia and Europe though, U.S. investors seem to think a lot can and will go wrong.

They know very well that the first round of quantitative didn’t work and they’re pretty darn sure that this time won’t do anything either, so they’re not only selling off the market – down practically 170 as of 11:24 on Tuesday afternoon, but they’re also ridding themselves of the very government bonds Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is so intent on buying.

It’s not a pretty picture out there, to say the least. Especially when you take into account that Russia, China and India are all making tighter trading agreements with each other. And if there are two countries we do not want drawing closer, it’s China and Russia, one of which has sway with North Korea and the other with Iran… four countries in total that really do not like the U.S. – or the Western world at large – very much.

European Debt Continues To Wreak Havoc

The dollar might be practically worthless at this point, but the euro has even less weight. And every single member of the E.U. knows that all too well.

Why do you think they’re pressing the debt-laden Ireland to accept a band-aid loan from the International Monetary Fund? They’re all worried that if Ireland’s economy collapses under the severe strain of too much government spending for too long – something the U.S. is intimately acquainted with as well – Portugal and Spain will fall next.

Hence the reason why Spain’s central bank governor, one Miguel Angel Ordonez, is firing verbal and political barbs Ireland’s way.

He’s not the only one in a cranky mood either. Greece’s prime minister, George Papandreou, is busy blaming Germany – its main benefactor in the whole euro-zone mess – for coming down hard on government-debt defaults.

Of course, I wouldn’t be talking much, if I were him. At least not to criticize other countries, considering how the world just learned that Greece’s budget deficit actually hit 15.4% of GDP last year instead of the 13.6% originally claimed.

In short, this is one big, global lesson that actions have consequences… and liberal economic tendencies rarely pander out in the long run.

Monday, November 15, 2010

This is Getting Ridiculous

When it comes to national security, I’ve always been one of those gals who believes in safety first.

That means I don’t believe that the government should be telling us every single detail about its operations overseas, since doing so alerts our enemies about exactly what we’re up to.

I remember one typical media persona becoming obviously peeved when nobody would tell him where the president was being shuttled off to on 9/11. Why? What good would that have done the American people to know? Possibly even more importantly, what good would that have done for our enemies?

I’ve also never objected to the idea of TSA agents going through my luggage at the airport. Just as long as they don’t break or lose anything, I could really care less. I’m willing to sacrifice a bit in order to maintain the security of myself and my fellow passengers.

Likewise, I’m all for profiling. Sorry, but with international terrorists predominantly sharing certain physical traits, I say use common sense and regard a Muslim male with more suspicion than a tiny, little white girl.

With that said, if tiny, little white girls start trying to blow things up on a regular basis, than by all means, go ahead and pull me out of line to ask me extra questions and search my luggage.

And even if there is no precedent, common sense should still prevail. If a tiny, little white girl is acting suspiciously, then, again, pull her aside.

I didn’t even really object to the new, full body scanners when they were first announced. I didn’t discount other people’s negative opinions about the controversial device – including my best friend’s, which came backed with a nursing degree – but I just didn’t share their loathing.

In all honesty, perhaps I was looking at the matter selfishly: Because I didn’t have a personal problem with it, I didn’t think to defend it.

In that case, I apologize. And if you’re one of those people that has been against the invasion of privacy from the start, then you may or may not get some satisfaction out of me admitting that I’ve come around to thinking the whole thing is pretty heinous.

Why? Because of what they do to you if you do opt out.

Dissent at Your own Risk

Think they’ll pull you to the side and, in front of everybody, make you spread your arms and legs while they wave that wand up and down your personal space?

That, I can tolerate and even condone. Sure, my face usually goes a bit red when that happens, but it’s a small inconvenience. And regardless, that’s not what they do if you say no to their “request.”

They don’t even pat you down the PC way, with the backs of their hands and avoiding any sensitive areas. Instead, they grab you all over.

The man in the blog I just linked to is hardly the only person to have complained about rough and inappropriate handling. Women and children have been subject to the same overly-thorough and inappropriate treatment.

I can understand why somebody wouldn’t want airport agents to see their barely blurred naked form as they pass through the new scanners. Those people probably aren’t anymore thrilled at the TSA’s admission that they keep many of the pictures… or the fact that airport personnel can and allegedly have printed the pictures out and distributed them before.

I can also understand why people would be concerned about the possible cancer-causing radiation the devices may very well exude.

Those are two perfectly legitimate objections. And I hardly think that they warrant molestation as a punishment.

It’s rather sad when in order to be physically “protected,” we have to submit to emotional and sexual abuse.

Thanks Janet Napolitano. For nothing.

As Art Carden writes in Forbes, your security is a joke… a really, really bad one.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Slow News Day but Still Excellent Commentary… from David Limbaugh

Today is a rather slow news day, what with the elections mostly over and President Obama overseas flubbing international relations left and right.

And to think they were worried about Sarah Palin’s lack of experience. I don’t think she’d be striking out with the same record or distinction as Obama.

Anyway, since there just isn’t that much going on, I’m going to borrow from the Washington Examiner again, this time from David Limbaugh instead of Michelle Malkin…


David Limbaugh: Obama Doesn't Know How to Stop Digging that Hole

“Many commentators are speculating whether President Obama will move to the center or ‘triangulate’ in order to salvage part of his agenda and increase his chances for re-election. I don't believe he has either the inclination to move or the political skills to successfully pretend to (or otherwise outmaneuver Republicans), which leads me to conclude his re-election will depend less on his shenanigans and more on how the GOP acquits itself.

“Dick Morris recently argued that Obama will not be able to move to the center or triangulate ‘because – even if he wanted to – he can't. The issues today are very different from those that separated the parties in 1994 and do not lend themselves to common ground.’ I agree with Dick but also think there's more to it.

“Every indication is that Obama is utterly intransigent and will continue to butt his head against the leftward wall. But even if he were to employ head fakes to the contrary, he couldn't pull them off. He doesn't have the political skills in his whole body that Bill Clinton has in his pinkie.

“The way Obama stormed onto the political scene, excited crowds, caused women to faint, and annihilated the Clinton machine led to the perception that he is a peerless campaigner, but I reject it.

“There is no question that his shtick, backed up by a highly oiled and ruthless cabal of veteran community organizers, worked the first time around. But given what's transpired since, could it ever work for him again? I think not.

“His carefully choreographed messianic mystique, coupled with his lack of an executive record, nicely accommodated his platitudinous promises of hope and change. But now we have his record – confirming his unambiguously liberal background, associations and legislative record (all of which his useful enablers refused to acknowledge) – and it violently contradicts his platitudes. We have watched him in action, and he's no conciliator; he's a petty partisan bully. He brought not Utopia, but misery; he displayed not ‘bipartisanship,’ but hyper-partisanship; he did not end racial discord, but exacerbated it.

“Unfortunately for Obama but fortunately for America, Obama has only one play in his policy playbook (extreme liberalism) and one method of running it (Alinskyite strong-arming). He has proved himself congenitally incapable of the slightest flexibility or adaptability.

“To use a rough football analogy, it's as if his offensive line continually opened enormous holes, allowing him to run up the middle for major yardage and repeated touchdowns, but the defense has now closed the holes. Obama has no other running plays – and certainly no passing plays. (Here the analogy hits closer to home for those who have witnessed his throwing arm in baseball.)

“At this point, Obama has a longer presidential track record of failure than he does as a pseudo messiah. It's obvious that his speeches have been yielding diminishing returns for more than a year, but we received indisputable proof of it Nov. 2. Obama has no juice left. But he still doesn't get it.

“Just as he claimed he hadn't spoken enough to the American people in his first 54 speeches on Obamacare and again after his January shellacking with the Massachusetts U.S. Senate election, he is saying it again, after last week's shellacking. The overwhelming evidence of his policy failures is completely lost on him.

“He alternately insists the people are either a) too irrational to process his wisdom or b) too impatient to wait for better results.

“He just repeated his claim that the midterm elections were ‘a referendum on the economy’ rather than on him, his policies or the Democratic Party. The New York Times' Peter Baker said, ‘He did not accept the suggestion that he pursued the wrong agenda over the last two years, and he focused blame on his failure to build public support for what he was doing or to change the way Washington works.’ Just as delusionally, he blames the unpopularity of Obamacare on his not getting ‘the ki[n]d of cooperation from Republicans that (he) had hoped for.’

“Lesson for Obama's handlers: This is one of the hazards of building a messianic image around someone who's not even particularly skillful, much less not extraordinarily so. After the facade wears off, you're left with a staggeringly empty suit. Obama does not have the political skills Bill Clinton had to schmooze and feign moving right. He doesn't have the humility to reconsider his agenda.

“Even if he were willing to moderate his positions, he doesn't have the competence, the leadership or the executive experience to dig himself out of the hole he's thrown himself into.

“As long as Republicans stand strong for conservative principles – and that's a very big if – Obama's toast in 2012.”

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Obama Displays More of His Trademark International Failings

And here we go again on this rather pretty Thursday morning – just one day before Friday, might I add, which makes it even prettier! – with more “unexpected setbacks” in the Obama Administration’s international efforts.

Why, when he’s failed in so many other missions abroad, did we really think he was going to score anything big on this one? In fact, I can only think of one ploy he has successfully pushed on anybody outside of the U.S…. and that would be the Greek bailout package that he bullied Angela Merkel into supporting.

Not that she isn’t a big girl and shouldn’t have stood up for herself, but considering her initially vehement protests against the measure, I think it’s safe to say that she wouldn’t have caved if not for Obama’s bad influence.

But since then, Obama hasn’t really affected anybody else’s policy. His policies have been humiliatingly trounced just like they were humiliatingly denounced here at home just last week.

Can I hear a “Hallelujah!”?

As Politico describes, “President Barack Obama failed to reach agreement on two international deals to help spur the U.S. economy, unexpected setbacks on an Asia trip that was supposed to emphasize his stature abroad and change the subject from last week’s electoral drubbing.”

Give me a second to bask in those last two words: Electoral Drubbing. They sound so pretty together in this context. The next lines of the article don’t sound nearly as much, but they make sense all the same:

“Obama was unable to achieve a free trade agreement with South Korea, vowing to keep talking to get a better deal for U.S. auto makers. And after meeting with the leaders of Germany and China, he continued to meet resistance from two countries about reducing their trade surpluses with the U.S. to give a boost to American manufacturing, putting the best face on a compromise that only calls for the goal of lowering them.”

Considering everything I revealed in yesterday’s post, is it any wonder that he’s failing to get anything done abroad? Though in the case of this trade agreement with South Korea, that might be intentional, considering that Democrats are widely expected to oppose the measure, since the unions won’t like it.

One way or the other though, while our national news focuses on the lame duck session of Congress coming up, we’re already dealing with a lame duck president abroad. And with Russia still actively spying on us and North Korea supplying weapons to Iran, Syria and Myanmar, we need strong policies concerning our fellow nations… not an ineffective narcissist who only looks through the world through his own minute lens.

2012 can’t come soon enough.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Forget Bush: Obama is Making Everybody Hate US

It was just two years ago that the entire world was reveling in – Nay! Basking in, glorifying in, delightfully drowning in! – the amazingness that was Barack Hussein Obama, mmm… mmm… mmm.

The new president elect was going to save the world. Practically the second coming, he would right all the wrongs that the evil George Bush had forced upon not only the United States but also its allies and its would be allies… You know, countries like Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, whom would like us if we only treated them with decency and respect… the same decency and respect that President Elect Obama would offer just as soon as he took office.

Cue the tears, the sighs, the fainting spells, the ummm… interesting dreams.

Now flash forward to reality as 2010 winds down. It doesn’t look as nice now, it doesn’t smell as nice, and it certainly doesn’t give us naughty thrills going up our legs.

Because right now, while European citizens may or may not like us, their governments certainly don’t. Neither do powerful, up-and-coming emerging markets like China and India.

And Iran? Come on people. Did you really think that was gonna happen? Please tell me you didn’t.

Europe’s Elected Officials Don’t like US

There is a growing list of reasons why outside governments are royally ticked off with us. Some of them are our fault and some of them not so much. But unfortunately, under the current regime with its marked disdain for anybody not conforming to its wishes, it’s mostly the U.S.’s fault.

Take the U.K.’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, whom Obama snubbed repeatedly… beginning early in 2009, just after the President took office.

Or how about French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who was reported as going “cold” towards Obama by the end of last year?

The Financial Times reported that, “Mr. Sarkozy has expressed his frustration at the White House’s perceived equivocation over how to deal with Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the priority that Mr. Obama attaches to the long-term goal of a world free of nuclear weapons.

“‘We are right to talk about the future but before the future there is the present, and the present is two major nuclear crises,’ Mr. Sarkozy said, alluding to Iran and North Korea. ‘We are living in a real world, not a virtual world,’ he added, in a clear dig at Mr Obama’s disarmament ambitions.”

Can’t say that I disagree with Sarkozy at all, but in defense of Obama, there are always going to be policy clashes in any international relationship. What there doesn’t have to be, is the flat-out rudeness that Obama displayed to the French, as the Times goes on to describe:

“Policy differences have been compounded by friction over choreography and symbolism. The Elysée still smarts at Mr Obama’s visit to France in June for the commemoration of the D-Day landings, when he declined an additional bilateral event with Mr Sarkozy.”

Incidentally, the Times left out the periods after “Mr.,” not me. But more importantly, the publication noted that, “the French press often publishes Mr Sarkozy’s unflattering comments about Mr Obama’s lack of prior government experience, his alleged difficulty in reaching decisions or his domestic electoral setbacks.”

Clearly, the French president ain’t exactly happy with his U.S. counterpart. For that matter, neither is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and she’s getting more and more ticked off with Obama and his policies every passing month.

This time around, it’s about the Federal Reserve’s second round of quantitative easing, or QE2. Although it involves the U.S. government buying up U.S. government debt, it will have some serious consequences on the rest of the world… and Germany and the rest of Europe know it.

The “Little” Guys Don’t Like US Either

It goes without saying that Iran doesn’t like the U.S., despite Obama’s idiot attempts to reason with faux President Ahmadinejad. But if you want further proof, click here.

Our long-time ally Israel is getting quite fed up with us as well. Though it wasn’t widely reported, Obama has had a shoe or two thrown at him in the Middle East, just like his predecessor. Although in the sitting president’s case, it was his picture that was attacked, and not his actual person.

Then there’s the whole pre-doomed idea of peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Obama seems much more set on asking everything from Israel and nothing from Palestine, prompting hard feelings and some snarky responses from Jerusalem.

Over in India, the president’s pig-boy of a Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs just caused an international scene when three out of eight of his reporters weren’t allowed into a meeting between the two heads of states.

Not that India doesn’t already have its mind made up about us anyway. As Tony D’Altorio writes for Investment U, the $600 billion QE2 “makes it a pretty safe bet that Fed Chief Ben Bernanke won’t be winning any international popularity contests anytime soon.”

And neither will Obama. D’Altorio goes on to give a clear breakdown of what QE2 is “in all of its $600 billion glory,” explaining why countries like China, India, Russia and Brazil are taking such offense at the plan. China especially is angry with us, and it’s got the power to really punch back… hard.

And speaking of hitting things, Obama’s pretty campaign promises of ending the war in Iraq really doesn’t mean much, despite hailing the supposed end of the war earlier this year. According to the AP yesterday, “The United States is open to the idea of keeping troops in Iraq past a deadline to leave next year if Iraq asks for it.”

Oh right, and we’ll still be fighting in Afghanistan through 2014.

So much for world peace. And with the way commodities are going up – also thanks to QE2 – we may not even be able to settle for whirled peas either.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Are We Even Discussing Shariah Law in the First Place?

Warning: I’m about to go off the deep end in political non-correctness and bring up Shariah Law. For those of you with faint hearts, please stop reading now. I don’t want to be the cause of any pain or suffering on your part.

For those of you who actually care about the truth, wade on in. I’m not saying the water is fine, but it’s an area you should get familiar with all the same…

Let me begin by asking why we’re even bothering to vote on anything if the will of the people is going to be slapped down repeatedly like an errant child? I am, of course, talking about Oklahoma’s ban on Shariah Law.

Up for a vote in last week’s elections, some 70% of Oklahomans expressed their desire to bar Shariah Law – also known as Muslim Law or Islamic Law – from having any affect on their state court proceedings.

Yet in a mark of utter arrogant usurpation, Muslim rights activist Muneer Awad, with the help of U.S. District Court Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange, somehow managed to put the will of the people on hold.

This sends my brain spinning into too many directions to coherently keep together, so forgive me if this next section is more of a transition-less collaboration of thoughts than anything else…

Shariah Law: So Much for Separation of Church and State

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a state has given its citizens the right to vote on something “controversial” and then thrown a hissy fit when the majority didn’t follow the PC route.

Remember two years ago with California’s Proposition 8? 52% of Californian – yes, the overwhelmingly liberal state that has spent its way into crushing amounts of debt and yet still elects more liberals – voters defined marriage as between one man and one woman. Their majority opinion didn’t matter much in the end, however, to Federal Judge Vaughn Walker, who ruled against it.

Why even pretend to treat us like adults if this is going to be the end result?

Likewise, why pretend to uphold the Constitution at all if we’re going to be looking to foreign law, as Supreme Court Justice Elena Kegan seems to want us to?

It’s rather sick that we’re told over and over to keep the Christian religion out of politics, but somehow the much-touted liberal theology of separation of church and state does not apply to the Muslim religion.

According to www.shariah.net, which actively supports the Muslim doctrine:

“The most difficult part of Islamic Law for most westerners to grasp is that there is no separation of church and state. The religion of Islam and the government are one. Islamic Law is controlled, ruled and regulated by the Islamic religion.”

So what does the Islamic religion call for? Well, if you go to Iran, they’ll tell you it justifies a whole hell – literally – of treatments for supposed crimes and misdemeanors. And in Somalia, according to a Moroccan transplant in the U.S., a man can “do anything to” his wife. “The woman, she should submit and do anything I ask her to do”… including raping her while she cries if he so wants to.

Lovely, huh?

If you want a good, inside description of Shariah law in Iran, I suggest you read “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi, an amazing book to say the least.

And then ask yourself, is that what you really want for your country?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Michelle Malkin Tells the Liberal Left Where to Go

Rush Limbaugh has said it repeatedly this year, but I feel the need to restate it all the same: Republican women like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle and Michele Bachman seem to have the party’s spine these days.

Sure, John Boehner and his boys are talking a good talk now that they’re in power, but I really didn’t hear much from them during the actual elections.

Now don’t get me wrong, I hope they keep saying and doing the right things. But they can’t compare to the aforementioned women who stood up in defense of this nation when it wasn’t so easy to do so.

Right up there with those ladies, is Michelle Malkin. Even though she is merely a political commentator, she has been a never-failing fortitude of conservative principles, putting herself out there every week with hard-hitting facts and equally eye-opening conclusions.

If Malkin Agrees with me, I Suppose I’m OK

Michelle Malkin certainly didn’t let her readers down last week, when she posted her “post-election column.” I only read it this morning after my mother and sister recommended it to me, but it captures exactly what I’ve been saying for the last few days… just with more facts to back her opinion up. And if anything, she adds even more snark than I used.

Incidentally, I showed my younger brother Friday’s blog post title, and while he got a good laugh at it, he also told me that I was horrible for gloating like that. Two things, however, in my defense:

Number one, I’m perfectly willing to shake hands and make up if the liberal left would only offer to do so. They’re not though, so why not get a few kicks out the whole thing?

Number two, I wasn’t the one who posted Jon Stewart rally-goers making idiots out of themselves on my Facebook wall. That was all my brother, even after I tried to discourage him…

After all, how many people really know the term “Keynesian” these days? Yes, misreading “Keynesian” for “Kenyan” is pretty silly, I’ll agree, but still… those poor people are now captured on camera looking like idiots for posterity’s sake.

I don’t mind making fun of collective groups when they prove themselves unimaginably pathetic, but even I have to feel badly when it’s individuals looking like royal idiots. And no, politicians don’t count as individuals; they’re more like walking targets for my sarcastic but insightful criticism.

And the same goes for members of the media, be they Hollywood or fellow actors and propagandists (i.e. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, etc.)

But back to Michelle Malkin… In short, she’s amazing. But I’ll let her words speak for themselves…

Michelle Malkin: “Take Your Olive Branch and Shove It, Democrats”

“On the eve of a historic midterm election upheaval, President Barack Obama tried to walk back his gratuitous slap at Americans who oppose his radical progressive agenda. ‘I probably should have used the word ‘opponents’ instead of ‘enemies’ to describe political adversaries,’ Obama admitted Monday. ‘Probably’?

“Here is an ironclad certainty: It’s too little too late for the antagonist-in-chief to paper over two years of relentless Democratic incivility and hate toward his domestic ‘enemies.’ Voters have spoken: They’ve had enough. Enough of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner’s rhetorical abuse. Enough of his feints at bipartisanship. Whatever the final tally, this week’s turnover in Congress is a GOP mandate for legislative pugilism, not peace. Voters have had enough of big government meddlers ‘getting things done.’ They are sending fresh blood to the nation’s Capitol to get things undone.

“Just two short years ago, Obama campaigned as the transcendent unifier. ‘Young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled, Americans have sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of red states and blue states,’ he
proclaimed. ‘We have been and always will be the United States of America.’

“It’s been an Us vs. Them freefall ever since.

“‘We don’t mind the Republicans joining us,’ Obama taunted a few weeks ago. ‘They can come for the ride, but they
gotta sit in back.’

“‘They’re counting on young people staying home and union members staying home and
black folks staying home,’ the fear-mongering agent of hope and change jeered on the campaign trail last month.

You would think they’d be saying thank you,’ he sneered last April, when millions turned out for the nationwide Tax Day tea party protests.

I want them just to get out of the way’ and ‘don’t do a lot of talking,’ he scoffed in response to prescient critics of the federal trillion-dollar stimulus boondoggle.

“In addition to labeling GOP opponents of his open-borders policies ‘enemies’ who needed to be ‘punished’ by Latino voters, Obama accused them — that is, us — of lacking patriotism. ‘
Those aren’t the kinds of folks who represent our core American values,’ he told viewers of the Spanish-language network Univision.

“Democratic leaders have taken their cue from Team Obama’s persistent politics of polarization.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer called vocal citizens who protested the federal health care takeover bill during the town hall revolts of 2009 ‘
un-American,’ too. Remember? ‘These disruptions are occurring because opponents are afraid not just of differing views — but of the facts themselves. Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American,’ Pelosi and Hoyer blasted in an op-ed piece for USA Today last summer. ‘Drowning out the facts is how we failed at this task for decades.’

“This from the woman who called for a
vengeful government investigation of grassroots opponents of the Ground Zero mosque.

“Obama’s pal Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, whom the president hailed as an ‘
outstanding’ member of Congress, accused Republicans of wanting elderly people to ‘die quickly’ and of presiding over a ‘holocaust in America.”’ Vice President Joe Biden hailed Grayson as a ‘guy who doesn’t back away from a fight, and doesn’t back down from what he believes in’ and told him at a fundraiser: ‘We owe you one, buddy.’ No mention of Grayson’s smear of a female Federal Reserve adviser as a ‘K Street whore.

"In California, entrenched incumbent jerk Pete Stark derided immigration enforcement activists at a town hall by asking: ‘Who are you going to kill today?’ To an elderly constituent who opposed the health care bill, Stark retorted: ‘I wouldn’t dignify you by peeing on your leg. It wouldn’t be worth wasting the urine.

“As voters who have been maligned by the ruling majority as stupid, unwashed, racist, selfish and violent headed to the polls Tuesday, Democrats released ‘
talking points’ attacking Republican leaders who ‘are not willing to compromise.’ But ‘no compromise’ is exactly the message that un-American Americans delivered to Washington this campaign season:

“No more compromising deals behind closed doors.

“No more compromising bailouts in times of manufactured crisis.

“No more compromising conservative principles for D.C. party elites.

“No more compromising the American economy for left-wing special interests.

“No more compromising transparency and ethics for bureaucratic self-preservation.

“Let us be clear, in case it hasn’t fully sunk into the minds of Obama and the trash-talking Democrats yet: You can take your faux olive branch and shove it.

“Thank you.”