Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Elections, Nancy Pelosi and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let me start out by saying that I share a state with too many idiots.

Hey, I promised to be non-emotional and polite yesterday, not today. Today, I’m right back to being my typical snarky – but lovable – self.

Maryland went all Democrat, not that I’m surprised. And because I’m not surprised, I can’t say that I’m all that heart broken either, except about Charles Lollar, who I couldn’t vote for but would have in a second given the chance.

You should hear that man speak! I’d make a comment about his wide shoulders too, but since he’s married, I’ll keep any such other admirations to myself.

So moving right along, in the end, I did my civic duty and voted for the candidates whom I thought would best represent the state and the country. If Maryland doesn’t care to act responsibly, then so be it. The peons – oops! I mean people – have spoken.

I am, however, still miffed over Christine O’Donnell’s loss in Delaware. I liked the lass and still do, and I wish her the absolute best moving forward. Likewise, Sharron Angle lost to Harry Redi in Nevada, and Meg Whitman fell to Jerry Brown in the California gubernatorial race.

That last one annoys me mostly on an intellectual level, since I was quite curious to see what changes a former CEO would make as governor.

Oh, and Barney Frank somehow kept his seat, despite what a Bostonian insider tells me, that he is strongly disliked, at least by nurses and families in the highly liberal city. Either he cheated – big time, since he won by a wide margin – or the state of Massachusetts is filled with even stupider people than Maryland is.

After all, this is the man who helped engineer the housing bubble… and therefore the housing collapse. The man is a self-centered liar with no good plan for this country or good opinion of its constituents.

Clearly, America isn’t quite as awake to her impending destruction as she should be.

On the plus side, Alan Grayson – who both looks like a pig and is one – lost his race in Florida. And, of course, Jan Brewer won her re-election bid for governor in Arizona.

Funny how I never once saw a story about her that didn’t completely focus on her “controversial” immigration law. I suppose the media was just too busy calling Christine O’Donnell nasty names and forgetting to run her ads.

And then there’s my so-called “swing state” former home of PA, which usually seems to go Democrat all the same, especially in presidential elections. Yet Republican Pat Toomey won in the U.S. Senate race and Republican Tom Corbett will be taking over Ed Rendell’s – ick! – role as governor come the new year.

So kudos to Pennsylvania! Not so much to my birth state of NJ, but then again, you can’t win ‘em all.

Regardless, it’s rather difficult to be frowning today when Nancy Pelosi must be feeling so miserable.

Yes, I realize just how spiteful that sounds, but guess what? I really don’t care. In fact, I’m rather happy that she’ll have to survive another two years in the House, knowing that she no longer has the control she once did.

Anybody who thinks she’ll take it well didn’t catch the news that she was refusing to accept the numbers even after the major networks were all reporting her fall last night. Or the fact that she refused to offer any congratulations to the winners, as proper political protocol dictates.

I would actually wish much nicer things on her if I had any hope whatsoever that she might have a change of heart. And if she changes her ways, I’ll be the first to congratulate her sudden bout of maturity. But since she’s rather like Pharaoh in that regard, I’ll just enjoy her weakened state like I do my chocolate chip cookies.

The difference between how much I plan to enjoy both? There’s no downside to watching Pelosi suffer. And I don’t feel even the slightest bit guilty going back for second helpings.

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