Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Day-Before Thanksgiving!

This may be my last blog of the week, considering it’s Thanksgiving week and all.

Tomorrow, I’ll be very busy helping to make – and then eat – turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and spinach casserole. Cleaning up takes up even more time and then collapsing on the couch complaining about how much I ate will keep me occupied for the rest of the day.

If I’m recovered on Friday, I might be back on here with a brand new dose of sugar and spice for the political world… more of the spice though, of course. If not, here’s hoping that everybody has a wonderful and relaxing long weekend. And for those of you who have to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, best of luck and try not to kill anybody…

Even the crazy customers on Black Friday…

Even if they totally deserve it.

Just say no. You’ll be happier in the end if you do.

With that warning issued – and hopefully taken into serious consideration – let’s get down to a small helping of pre-face-stuffing news.

Even They Admit It’s Bad

Right now, everybody seems focused on the evil and pointless TSA – yes, I said pointless. How many terrorists have they actually stopped as they turn traveling adventures into sordid nightmares? I believe that number would be 0 right now – and the drama still unfolding between North and South Korea.

Because I’ve already covered both and there’s really nothing new to offer on either subject, let’s move on… right after this, at least…

Question: How does a conservative girl know she’s made a really obvious point?

Answer: When the mainstream media acknowledges it too.

Yesterday, I noted that the literally exploding Korean tensions put a serious negative light on President Obama’s dream for world peace. Today, Reuters notes the same exact thing:

“President Barack Obama has set the goal of eventually ridding the world of nuclear arms as a central theme of his presidency, but North Korea’s defiance and other recent setbacks have raised fresh doubts about whether he can turn his vision into reality.”

That was the opening paragraph and the last one goes like this: “With the 2012 presidential campaign approaching, Obama will have to handle Iran and North Korea with an eye to his re-election bid, when he can ill afford to give Republicans ammunition for depicting him as soft on America’s foes.”

I have two words to say in response: You think?

More Bad News But One Big Upside

It also appears rather obvious that the U.S. economy still isn’t doing all that great, despite the recent drop in unemployment claims. Case in point: the FDIC is reporting that its list of problematic banks increased over the summer.

Perhaps that’s why China and Russia just said “goodbye” to the U.S. dollar... hardly a sign of confidence in the currency or the economy it’s attached to.

On the plus side, all of this misery and drama is forcing people to open their eyes to the purposeful train wreck that Obama is. He keeps declining in the polls and his party continues to fall out of favor.

And that, my friends, is something we can all be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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