Monday, November 22, 2010

An Insufferable Arrogance… And They Don’t Even Realize It

On Friday, I had lunch with several coworkers and was half fascinated and half something else – that I’m not quite sure has a word for – at one turn the conversation took as we sat over our pizza.

Amidst chatting about cheating on tests and writing papers for fellow students – they did, not I – one of the men referred to the U.S. truck-buying population as the uneducated, backwoods, mid-West.

The way he said it, he didn’t just imply that the entire center of the country was ignorant; he flat-out stated it as a fact. And he didn’t say it with a single ounce of spite or malice. To him, making that assertion was as non-controversial or offensive as saying that humans need oxygen.

Funny enough, he admitted to once owning a truck himself, but went on to claim that he “grew out of” that stage of his life. Apparently, according to his own logic, this must mean that he lived in the mid-west at some time and never went to school.

It’s rather sad when we have to judge somebody by their possessions. I have to wonder whether they would be considered less ignorant if they owned Porsches, Mercedes or hybrids. Would that automatically make them more educated?

The thing is, it’s easier for some people – *cough* *cough* liberals – to justify their own positions by automatically labeling the opposition as stupid, ignorant, uneducated, etc. It saves a lot of time to mock other people on their looks, their accents and their religious beliefs instead of using logic.

Admittedly, this commentary might sound a bit hypocritical coming from somebody who routinely mocks liberals. But I mock them for their positions, not their preferences, and I use logic while I do.

Frankly, it’s getting easier and easier to do… on both counts.

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