Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Racist, Sexist Tea Party and What It Produced

I’m still utterly euphoric today. Even with a flat tire this morning and the prospects of wasting my evening at a Firestone instead of exercising like I wanted to, I can’t help but smile. Big.

Regardless of whatever happens with classless Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, the liberal agenda has been wounded severely. Right now, Republicans are saying the right things – only time will tell whether they actually do them – and Obama is acting all meek… not that anybody should be buying that act.

I don’t expect him to have matured overnight. Want proof? How about the way he yapped on yesterday about his bipartisan record:

“I’ve been willing to compromise in the past, and I’m going to be willing to compromise going forward, on a whole range of issues.”

Yeah, Mr. President. We’re buying that. Really. And gullible is also written on the ceiling.

(Please don’t look.)

But since we have a temporary lull – made all that much more enjoyable thinking about Nancy Pelosi sniffling at her desk with a gin and tonic and a box of tissues – let’s focus for a minute or two on the Tea Party that fueled so much of this Republican victory.

Tea Party Candidates of all Shapes and Sizes

Keep in mind that people across this country aren’t all that thrilled with either party. Both have proved their fallibility and their tendency to misuse power when they get it.

Instead, it was the group vilified up and down as “racist,” “old white men” – this one I heard to my face in D.C. earlier this year – “teabaggers,” uneducated, etc. etc. etc.

In essence, the Tea Party was the very essence of the tired old, typical charge against Republicans. Yet whom did this new wave sweep into power around the country?

Well, retired Lt. Colonel Allen West in Florida and Tim Scott in South Carolina were elected, both to the House of Representatives.

There’s Marco Rubio, also down in Florida, who won big time in his U.S. Senate race.

And how about Nikki Haley, who will now be taking over as South Carolina Governor next year?

Since we must focus on race and gender, let’s spell it out here… West and Scott are both black men, Rubio is Hispanic and Haley is Indian-American… and a woman! Double PC points for that one! Of those four, Scott, Rubio and Haley were all Tea Party backed, with Rubio a star player.

And after listening to snippets of his acceptance speech, I can understand why. The man is riveting! If he walks the same walk he talks, I would be proud to call him my president someday.

Have I mentioned that I proudly consider myself a Tea Party member?

True Bigotry Found Outside of the Tea Party

You might also want to consider the lost races of Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell and Nevada’s Sharron Angle. Both Tea-Party favorites were vilified up and down by the liberal leaning press.

That attitude naturally carried over into so-called rational talk shows with their very liberal leanings. To illustrate this, let me quote Michelle Malkin, who, incidentally, is an Asian-American woman.

“Despite daily assaults from the Democratic machine, liberal media and Hollyweird – not to mention the stray fraggings from Beltway GOP elites – the ladies of the right have maintained their dignity, grace and wit…

“When ‘comedian’ and ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar lambasted GOP Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle this week as a ‘b*tch’ who would be ‘going to h*ll’ for using images of illegal alien gang members in a campaign ad, Angle responded by sending a lovely bouquet of flowers and a good-humored note:

“‘Joy, Raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle.'

“Outgunned in the comedy department, Behar sputtered nonsensically and with bitter, clingy vulgarity: ‘I would like to point out that those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants and they're not voting for you, b*tch.’”

Classy, huh?

By Their Classifications, Harry Reid is a Tea Party Member!

But that’s the typical liberal way. They accuse the Tea Party and conservatives in general – whom, with few exceptions, focus on issues. Not race – of treating everybody other than white men inappropriately, and then they turn around and objectify women themselves, as Harry Reid did of his fellow Democrat, Kirsten Gillibrand when he called her “the hottest member” of the New York Senate.

Ummm… huh? Sounds kinda sexist to me… like those horrid Teabaggers!

Then again, this is the same man who once praised then-presidential candidate Barack Obama for having “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.”

Again… huh? But no, he wasn’t quoting a Tea Partier. The movement wasn’t even around back then. Plus, even the ultra-left Huffington Post admits that he said it.

I could go on and repeat some of the comments I saw about Christine O’Donnell – calling them vile doesn’t even come close to capturing them – or mention how one female “comedian” back during the 2008 elections wished for Sarah Palin to be raped by her “big black brothers in Harlem.”

But I think I’ve proven my point that liberals should probably start focusing on what they say and do instead of making up stories about the other side.

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