Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Royal Wedding, Dancing with the Stars, Body Scanners and Charlie Rangel… Three of which Should Never Appear in another Sentence Together Again

To begin with, I have to get a few completely politically unrelated things off my chest.

Number one, this royal wedding between Prince William and Kate what’s-her-name – I really don’t have any inclination to find out – is driving me nuts. Why do we care? Honestly?

From the shallow end of things, neither the bride nor the groom are all that attractive… or interesting, for that matter. And from a much more mature standpoint, how does their marriage affect anybody but themselves? It’s not like the monarch of England, which William will more than likely eventually become, does anything other than host diplomatic events anyway.

Regardless, I wish them the best, even if I do think she’s an idiot for marrying into such a monumentally screwed up family.

Secondly, I finally broke down and watched clips of Bristol Palin “Dancing with the Stars.” Props to the girl for doing what’s she’s doing, but unless the other dancers had even more boring footwork, she doesn’t belong in the final rounds of the contest.

I’m a huge Sarah Palin fan and wish the best for her oldest child as well, but I’m pretty darn sure that the show – apparently favored by Republicans, according to a recent survey – is being determined by political preferences instead of aesthetic and artistic judgment.

OK, with that said, now on to much more relevant issues…

Body Scanners Lead to Lawsuits

It looks like I’m not the only person who thinks that the body scanners and the alternative treatment are a very bad idea.

The TSA is being hit with several lawsuits for the collective group and its policies’ invasive and unprofessional behavior. Apparently, they’ve been inappropriate well before the scanners ever came around.

One lawsuit in particular concerns a 21-year old, female college student. According to Alex Jones’ Prison Planet website:

“The woman was passing through security at Corpus Christi airport on May 29, 2008 when she was subjected to ‘extended search procedures’ by the TSA.

“‘As the TSA agent was frisking plaintiff, the agent pulled the plaintiff’s blouse completely down, exposing plaintiffs’ breasts to everyone in the area,’ the lawsuit said. ‘As would be expected, plaintiff was extremely embarrassed and humiliated.’

“TSA workers continued to laugh and joke about the incident ‘for an extended period of time,’ leaving the woman distraught and needing to be consoled. After the woman re-entered the boarding area, TSA workers continued to humiliate her over the incident.

“‘One male TSA employee expressed to the plaintiff that he wished he would have been there when she came through the first time and that ‘he would just have to watch the video,’ the suit said.

“The woman filed an administrative claim against the TSA but was forced to launch a full lawsuit after the agency failed to respond.

“The incident bears similarities to a 2002 case involving a pregnant woman who had her breasts exposed by TSA agents in public. Her husband was thrown in the airport jail for complaining about the treatment of his wife.”

Lovely, huh?

Incidentally, Mr. Jones links to content for both cases.

And They’re Not Kicking Charlie Rangel Out?

If you really need proof that the Washington Elite could care less about you, your concerns or your rights as an American citizen?

Look no further than Representative Charlie Rangel of New York. A Democrat, member of the Black Caucus and previously chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, he’s been convicted of not one, not two, not even four or five, but 11 ethics violations.

Those included: using a Harlem apartment, which was zoned for residential use, for his campaign office; not reporting over $600,000 on his financial disclosure report; and withholding taxes on rental income from a villa he owns in the Dominic Republic.

Yet chances are exceedingly high that he won’t be booted out of the House. He may – May! – get a fine and possibly lose some of his representative privileges.

Big whoop. That’s the kind of behavior that would land any normal citizen in jail! Can anybody say tax evasion?

Yet Nancy Pelosi and her ilk care not a whit. After all, this is America… where we allow our government workers to get away with just about anything… right, Bill Clinton?

Even now, there are idiot New Yorkers who still support Rangel, despite his flagrant flouting of the law…

In a typical liberal argument, Freddy Santiago, 62, a retired Marine – shame on him! – said, “He may have done something illegal, but other politicians have done worse.”

I agree that others have done worse, but that shouldn’t mean we tolerate the “lesser” transgressions. That should mean we kick all of the bums out.


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