Friday, November 5, 2010

The Tea Party Won. Liberals Lost. Get Over It! Or Not. It’s More Amusing That Way.

I was going to focus on President Obama’s India trip and the allegedly disgusting expenses that he’ll be racking up there, but I can save that for another time, especially considering the new details coming out.

I will, however, say a quick word or two in defense of the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the other right-wing pundits who picked up the story from the India media.

Even if it isn’t true – and in all fairness, it does seem that the original numbers are too high, though nobody will release any actual figures – this president is known for his exorbitant spending, from the $787 billion “stimulus” bill, to bailing out the banks after they’d already been unnecessarily bailed out, to vacation after unnecessary vacation.

In other words, the story didn’t seem all that unrealistic, though CNN’s Anderson Cooper does make several good points in criticizing it.

Incidentally, I can’t link to his video, since it only seems to be featured on the network’s main page right now, but do a web search for “Anderson Cooper” and “the $2 billion Obama trip myth” and it should pop up quite quickly.

With that all said, let’s move along to the real issue of the day…

Sore Losers Make the Tea Taste Just that Much Better

Right now, I’m tickled pink over an article I just read on Fox News.

I suppose that the euphoria still hasn’t worn off from Tuesday’s results, so when I read a title like John Tantillo’s “The Tea Party Was Tuesday’s Biggest Loser,” I have to giggle a bit. And then I have to snicker. And then I have to roll my eyes, still grinning all the while.

You see, his delusional, sorry-twit, bitter attempt at ignoring reality just makes it so much easier to smile over the whole thing. After being mocked up and down for months, plotted against and maligned by the media, coworkers and even friends at times, I understand exactly why Glenn Beck broadcasted his “Gloatfest” on Wednesday (even if his assistant/co-host’s laughing got a bit annoying after just the first few seconds).

Perhaps I’m wrong to condone that less than gracious behavior and if so, I truly pray that God will convict me. But as it is right now, I’m ecstatic.

My exhilaration doesn’t stem from enemies of conservatism losing, although I’ll admit that it does normally send a thrill up my leg when the exceedingly arrogant trip. But that “ha-ha” moment is much more fleeting than the pride that comes with such a strong showing of conservative values and the accompanying hope that this country that I love has not reached the end of its road just yet.

However, if they want to continue to make a spectacle of themselves after they’ve clearly lost, then I’ll oblige them by making fun of them every chance they give me. That includes Mr. Grumpy Face Tantillo.

Don’t worry, I won’t quote his whole article this time, just pick out some of my more favorite quotes and tear them to shreds. But that doesn’t mean the whole thing isn’t worth reading all the same; it’s bitter and delusional the whole way through.

(Incidentally, I rather feel like putting a smiley face in right now, though I fear that would bring down the credibility of this blog even further than I already have by some of my other antics. So I’ll refrain.)

The Tea Party Was Tuesday’s Biggest Loser

“I’m tired of hearing how important the Tea Party, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party were in the outcome of the recent elections.”

Maybe you are, but I’m certainly not.

“This is just journalists and commentators looking for the easy storyline.”

Or it’s just journalists and commentators telling the truth for once? Sore loser.

“Let’s be honest, it’s all about individual candidates not parties. If it wasn’t, the Senate would be Republican and O’Donnell and Angle would be senators today.”

First off, that’s the argument that Democrats were trying to push the last few months in order to undermine the Tea Party in yet another new and desperate way. Not to mention how close Republicans – with major Tea Party help – came to taking the Senate too.

Plus, so the Tea Party lost a few? According to the media, we were the thoroughly ridiculous underdogs, and yet we still won how many races? And that was with Harry Reid and Chris Coons – Angle and O’Donnell’s political nemeses – spending tons of money and bringing out the big guns to fight against their small town opponents.

Get a better argument than that Tantillo… and no, your following statement doesn’t work either. Scrap it all and try again.

Tantillo – Zero; Tea Party – A Whole Lot More

“Marco Rubio welcomed Tea Party support but he was careful to keep his distance so as to assure non-Tea Party Floridians that he was there for all his future constituents. During his victory speech, he spoke about traveling all across Florida and learning from the people and he spoke a lot about his Cuban heritage, but he didn’t talk much about parties other than to say ‘our nation is headed in the wrong direction and both parties are to blame.’ And he didn’t mention the Tea Party at all.”

Both parties are to blame. That was a Tea Party message actually. And how many winners openly trumpet their parties in their acceptance speeches? That’s just gauche!

“The Tea Party was great in that it mobilized voters and raised important issues about our country’s direction that many of us – myself included – deeply care about.

“But it failed in that the party –like all organized political movements—didn’t come close to any kind of sweep of elected office. In other words, there’s simply no mandate for Tea Party concerns and beliefs.”

4 in 10 Americans sympathize with the Tea Party. And many of the people I’ve heard who mock the group actually espouse many of the same key beliefs… fiscal responsibility, lowered taxes, government integrity, etc… all common sense ideas.

I’d call that an effective message and a group triumph… not a fail.

Plus, I doubt that the uninspiring Republican Party would have been able to do much of anything without the Tea Party. Remember, this is the group that got soundly trounced just two years ago.

I’m a registered Republican and while I believe I’ve voted for Independents, I’ve never cast a ballot for a Democrat. Yet even I have to admit that my party stinks sometimes! They just don’t stink as badly as the opposition.

“The next speaker of the House needs to take note. If the Republicans are to be successful – they will need to listen.”

I..e., they will need to listen to the American people, right? That means the Tea Party, you silly little man. Wake up and smell the Lemon Zinger!

“The Tea Party was exciting but now it’s over and governing must begin.”

It ain’t over by far Cute Stuff! Expect us to keep going strong. And governing is exactly what we aim to do!

Oh, and to my own readers, no, Tantillo never really addresses how the Tea Party was Tuesday’s “biggest losers,” as he claims in the title. Maybe that’s because he has nothing to back it up.

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