Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What the U.S. Should Learn from North Korea’s Latest Attack on South Korea

In chit chatting with a Democrat friend of mine a few months ago, I was struck at how very different liberal thinking is from conservative thinking.

When we wandered onto political topics, it was difficult if not impossible to discuss anything because we had such very different viewpoints and presuppositions.

For example, she strongly believes that the rich are responsible for, well, just about everything. And since the U.S. is currently the wealthiest country on earth, it is therefore to blame for, well, just about everything. At least everything bad.

As a conservative, I believe something quite different: that men and women are responsible for their own actions. And that, therefore, each country and each individual citizen in each country should be held accountable for what they do.

Those extremely opposing and dearly held “realities” make it virtually impossible to reach any agreement on the subject. Although, of course, we all know that I’m right. If we start arguing that people aren’t responsible for their actions based only on their income level, then it’s a straight drop off the cliff into excusing murder, rape, assault, thievery and general maliciousness.

It’s painfully obvious to see the differing viewpoints in the pro and con arguments about Obama’s New START treaty with Russia, which has now reached the Senate floor. In short, the goal is for both countries – and eventually, everybody else, as well – to do away with their nuclear weapon stockpiles.

To liberals, such as Peter Wilk, who recently wrote for CNN, this is a no-brainer. To people who actually have brains, it’s an absolutely horrible idea.

North Korea just gave us an excellent example of why.

Newsflash: Power Hungry Crazies – i.e. Russia and North Korea – Don’t Care About World Peace

In his article, Peter Wilk calls for Republicans to drop dead or agree with Democrats.

Of course, he didn’t say it quite like that. Instead, he wrote, “At this moment of decision, our elected officials must rise above narrow partisanship and consider how their actions affect our nation’s health and security.”

Taken by itself, that sentence looks beautiful and I whole heartedly agree with it. (And if you want to do just that, then check out the Heritage Foundation’s full and un-opinionated details on the New START treaty.) We do need to think of our nation’s health and security in a particularly hostile world.

For example, take what Bolivian President Evo Morales said to the U.S. on Monday: We’ll make friends with Iran or whomever we want with or without your permission.

Of course, Iran would nuke us in a heartbeat if it could… and more than likely, it’s probably working towards just that with its supposedly peaceful nuclear tinkering. So anybody who wants to make a pact with Iran has to automatically be considered a very serious threat and a country that would – if it could – resort to using nuclear weapons if it woke up on the wrong side of the bed some morning.

Russia doesn’t exactly hate Iran either. In fact, they get along rather well since both think they have the upper hand in the relationship. And while the West was fretting about last year’s Iranian election results, both China and Russia were busy congratulating the notorious dictator for his alleged win.

And Along Comes North Korea

We received satellite imaged proof earlier this month that South Korea is also working on a nuclear power reactor.

Could its intentions be peaceful? Of course.

But what indication has the country given in the last several decades that it has any intentions of playing nice?

Unless anybody can make an argument that firing dozens of artillery shells into South Korean land is a love tap, I think the communist country has made their contempt for entities other than itself very clear.

If countries like South Korea, Iran, Russia and Bolivia are acting up now when the U.S. still does have a stockpile of nuclear weapons, than how are they going to behave when we’re defanged?

Liberals will cling to their flower power, broomstick skirts and rainbows in the sky, claiming that such seemingly hostile nations will lay down their own arms in response, as they’ll finally feel unthreatened by the global bully that is the U.S.

Realists who understand history, current events and human nature know full well what will really happen though. And it won’t be pretty for the U.S.

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