Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guess Which Corrupt Countries Are Allowing These Injustices

In some country somewhere, a national leader just successfully saw an opponent convicted on what many critics say are bogus charges.

In another country, people are fleeing in droves from towns where gang-related drug dealing, kidnapping and murder are becoming way too common.

Elsewhere, citizens who speak out against their government’s policies are subject to harassment and disruption of their routines.

Now guess which one is the United States…

Sadly, the last one is. It shouldn’t be all that surprising that it refers to the TSA. Or that the area where people are fleeing in droves is in Mexico, right near the U.S. border.

The thing is, it could just as easily be on the other side of the line the way things are going… and the way President Obama isn’t handling the situation.

The other example concerns Russia and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s former political critic, a man who’s money and means threatened to change Putin’s cozy status quo.

The convicted man’s brother charges that, “…the judge is completely subservient and is a slave to the political will of Mr. Putin and other bureaucrats in the Kremlin.”

Whether he’s right or not, I honestly can’t even speculate. What I can say, however, is that due to the Russian government’s past shenanigans, anything is possible.

And that’s a problem.

The Obama Administration or the KGB?

The White House raised its own objections that the Russian case “appears to be an abusive use of the legal system for improper ends.”

Yet we all know – or should know – by now that Obama could care less. If anything, he might be taking notes to use further down the line.

That much is evidenced by the way he treats his own people and his own political opposition. In fact, it isn’t all that far-fetched to think that U.S. leaders would falsify evidence, knowingly accuse innocents and rig a jury to obtain the verdict they wanted.

It isn’t all that far-fetched because of the more temporary but equally disturbing misuses of power by the TSA, a government-sanctioned organization that is simply parroting the government’s blatant disregard of our rights and freedoms.

Golfing Your Cares Away and the Absolute Stupidity of the Press

In the end, our president would much rather golf than listen to the American people. Just like our media would much rather ask idiot questions of old stories instead of focus on the tyrannical actions of our bloated government gorging on its people’s money, willpower and very souls.

Example: A female CNN reporter asking Lorena Bobbitt – yes, that Lorena Bobbitt – if she could now laugh about what happened.

If that were a man asking that question of a woman caught in a physically, sexually and emotionally abusive relationship, I’d call him a cold-hearted bastard and a sexist pig. Since it’s a woman asking it, let’s call her an utter moron as well.

It’s like asking a previous POW if he can look back and laugh at the torture he suffered at enemy hands.

In other words, it’s an out-and-out stupid question. But I suppose when you’re busy ignoring the cliff President Obama and other liberals are driving us off of, you have to fill up airtime with something.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Nearly Hit a Liberal on My Way to Work this Morning

This morning, on my way to work, a squirrel ran out in front of me and then stopped dead – pun unintended – straight in line with the front right tire of my car.

As I was already running late to work, I sighed a sigh of impatience but moved my foot from the gas to the brake anyway until the stupid creature moved out of the way. Watching it scurry off into one of my neighbor’s yards, it suddenly hit me (no not the squirrel) that I had just witnessed a liberal in action!

Now yes, I can see a liberal just about anywhere. For instance, my first thought on watching this video (Warning: Contains Profanity) was “That’s the affects of big government for ya!”

However, as usual, I can back up my seemingly crazy assertions with facts and logic. After all, liberals play Russian roulette with every piece of legislation they force down our throats…
  • Spending money that we don’t have? That will eventually kill the economy.
  • Looking the other way when hostile nations threaten us? That will eventually kill our security.
  • Treating our citizens like they’re worthless, brainless children who can’t be trusted to take care of themselves? Well… one of two things is going to happen: Either we’re going to take them down or they’re going to take us down. And if the latter happens, this country that we love dies as we know it.
So while liberals tout their pointless laws, squirrels run in front of cars and fingers click, click, click on triggers, eventually one thing is certain. Their luck is going to run out and they’re going to find out the hard way that actions have consequences.

Ask a gambler. Ask a mathematician. Or ask anybody with even an ounce of common sense. They’ll have to admit that you can’t win ‘em all.

Maybe somebody should tell that to the squirrels.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Hodge-Podge of Hypothetical Snowlessness, Big Government and Biking Lanes in D.C.

So on this pre-New Years day, let’s not focus on global warming/climate change or whatever new name they’re coming up with to describe cyclical weather patterns.

Let’s not pay any attention to the mess in New York City, where snow literally paralyzed EMS responders so that they needed 3 hours to answer actual emergencies like cardiac arrests and other critical cases. Let’s ignore Columbia, S.C.’s first significant Christmas snowfall since the 1880s. And who really cares about those people who got stranded at airports up the coast? So what that, as Fox News puts it, “This storm simply didn’t play fair, cold-cocking the Northeast with more than 2 feet of snow on a holiday weekend when everyone seemed to be out of town, groggy with holiday cheer or just unprepared.”

Because, as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said – after coming under severe criticism for the way the emergency situation was handled, “There’s no reason for everybody to panic. Our city is doing exactly what you’d want it to do.”

Spoken like a true government type. A proponent of big government encroaching on every area of your life, he then takes offense when people expect the government to do just that.

Such a sensitive soul.

Yet when it comes to stepping on our toes, they don’t even issue as much as an apology. That easily applies to Bloomberg’s big government buddies down in D.C., who are rearranging roads in favor of bikers.

Washington D.C…. a Venezuela in the Making?

Now, first, let me ask you if you’ve ever driven in DC. If not, consider yourself lucky. Because the road conditions are horrible. Even if you manage not to get lost or carjacked, you’re still probably going to put some severe strain on your vehicle’s shocks, tired and undercarriage thanks to the plethora of potholes pervading the city.

But forget fixing those. Apparently, during a second consecutive bad winter that’s may just be hinting about the truth behind global warming/climate change/another-big-government-excuse-to-take-your-money-and-freedoms-and-get-on-your-nerves, the local government’s big focus is on spending even more money that it doesn’t have on making the roads easier for bicyclists to travel on.

Problem is, once again, they’re short-minded thinking is affecting local business. Negatively. Or maybe that was their intent, considering how horrible they think the capitalistic system is.

Regardless, they’re not making things any easier for their constituents as they commandeered over 24 parking spaces along 15th Street and reassigned them for non-motorist use.

Haroon Mokel, campus director at Strayer University points out how “It was hard to park anyway, and now it’s just going to be harder.”

And beauty salon owner Lisette Attias says that while she normally supports bike lanes, she doesn’t care for the ones in front of her shop. “It’s going to hurt my business. It’s going to be hurting a lot of businesses… We are still a city of drivers and business is dependent on that.”

I agree with Attias. And I think she’s a two-faced idiot. She wants the government to get involved, spending money it doesn’t have on things it doesn’t need (but really, really wants)… just as long as it doesn’t affect her.

Well, sorry honey, but that’s not the way it works when you continuously give the government more than its due. Instead of saying “thank you,” it usually just ends up demanding more…

And before you know it, you have a full-out dictator on your hands. Don’t believe it can happen?

Just ask Venezuela.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Global Warming/Climate Change: We Wish!

Of all the topics I just really didn’t feel like writing about this morning, it was Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever you want to call it.

I don’t know why I didn’t want to write about it. All I knew was that I really, really didn’t. And then the stupid New York Times just had to run an idiot piece just like I knew it would about how this freezing cold weather that has caused massive travel disruptions from Europe to the U.S. is all because the earth is in fact warming. So what that Australia has gotten its share of snow... out of season too. That’s because of Global Warming too.

I’m not even going to bother quoting the article. It’s too hopelessly stupid to bear. In fact, I really almost went into a stupor trying to read through the pretentious piece of twaddle, which – just for the record – is listed in the opinions section of the paper.

The liberal media did this last year too. I don’t remember if it was the stupid New York Times – the publication has a certain ring to it if you put the adjective “stupid” before it every time – or not, but I definitely remember reading some idiot opinion about how we should be really worried about the shovelfuls of snow we had to clean up repeatedly… because it was indicative of our world ready to explode into a fiery mass of chaos, confusion and ultimate oblivion.

Clearly, we haven’t exploded yet. In fact, if anything, we seem to be freezing. Yet again. And yet we still are spending massive amounts of time, money and passion into the idea that the planet is catastrophically warming!

The Global Warming/Climate Change Cult

Why are we still spending massive amounts of time, money and passion into the idea that the planet is catastrophically warming?

Because the scientists say so. The same scientists who just predicted that 2010 will be among the three warmest years on record. (Thanks for that, World Meteorological Organization. How about you go outside in your bathing suits for a few hours and play out in the sprinkler then… just to prove your point.

In 2007, these same people also projected nothing but higher temperatures going forward. (Yeah, we wish.)

And going back 10 years ago, similar moronic statements were being made that “snowfalls are now just a thing of the past” in England. (If you don’t pay attention to international going-ons, please click here or here to find out how bloody stupid those people have been proven to be.

Let me sum up those three assertions above in three words: Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

In fact, as informs us: “Since at least 1998… no significant warming trend has been noticeable. Unfortunately, none of the 24 models used by the IPCC [the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] views that as possible. They are at odds with reality.”

So, wrong again. But let me let continue...

“Karl Popper, the late, great philosopher of science, noted that for something to be called scientific, it must be, as he put it, ‘falsifiable.; That is, for something to be scientifically true, you must be able to test it to see if it's false. That's what scientific experimentation and observation do. That's the essence of the scientific method.”

Yet according to these people, they’re always right. There is no way of proving them wrong. No matter what evidence comes their way, they’re the all-knowing, all-seeing ones and anybody with a differing opinion is an ignoramus.

In the real world, we call such people insane. And we call groups of such people cults.

Just saying.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to All (And Yes, that Includes Liberals)

Today, the day before Christmas – a celebration of God’s greatest gift to this world He created – I’m not going to write about politics. Sure, there are a few juicy topics I could focus on, but in the end, they don’t matter.

They don’t matter because regardless of what we do during our time here on this earth, God is supreme. They don’t matter because in the grand scheme of things, they won’t last.

Empires rise and fall. People make mistakes. Some intentional, some accidental. And actions always have consequences.

But after we, the U.S. and this very planet that we call home are long gone, God still remains just as He always has and always will.

And that is something to be joyful about.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

President Obama and the Democrats: Full of… Ummm… More than the Christmas Spirit

President Obama is out there touting a “season of progress,” of bi-partisanship and of accomplishments… all of which, he says, the voters asked for this past November.

Clearly, he’s full of… well, more than just holiday spirit.

Voters did not ask to make deals with Russia to weaken our defenses. That was the Democrats… who lost big in the elections. Former nuclear plans monitor Vice Admiral Jerry Miller had this to say concerning that foolish deal:

“The Soviets/Russians were done in by Reagan and our missile defense program because they cannot afford to build such a system. They instead try to counter our program with rhetoric at the bargaining table. And they won by outmaneuvering Obama. START plays right into their hands.”

In other words, it’s a very bad idea, as I’ve been saying ever since it came to the political forefront.

Voters also didn’t ask to allow openly gay men and women into the military. Heck, even in California they voted against that two years ago. Once again, that was Democrats’ agenda… which lost big time in the elections.

And voters certainly didn’t want illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship or spending to continue out of control… two things that Democrats fought hard for and failed to accomplish during this “season of progress.”

President Obama and his party clearly don’t care about voters. If they did, they would have stepped back and let Congress adjourn for the Christmas holiday like normal, instead of racing through as much insane legislation as possible before their chokehold on the American people wanes next month.

President Obama and his party care about themselves. And despite any pretty speeches they might make in the coming months, don’t expect them to change.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don’t Fret: Net Neutrality Isn’t a Done Deal Yet

So, the wolf in sheep’s clothing known as Net Neutrality (A.K.A. the Fairness Doctrine) just passed at the FCC… as if a government-created, non-Congressional institution has any constitutional power to be telling the American people what it can and cannot do.

Not that forcing political opponents to play nice via government controls is anything new. In fact, it dates almost as far back as the Constitution. Just ask the United States’ second president, John Adams, who tried to pull something similar once upon a time.

In those days, progressives – who today’s progressives would shun as conservatives – called their repressive masterpiece the Alien and Sedition Acts, a legislative order that tried to put muzzles on both freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Funny enough, it didn’t work to silence opposition back then. Republican (a different party with a much greater commitment to the Constitution and personal freedoms) publications simply stepped up their attacks against President Adams and his Federalist-controlled Congress.

The majority of Americans sided with the Republicans, outraged by the blatant government attempt to control their personal lives and thoughts. In fact, they were so ticked off with that and other abuses of power that they ensured Adams was not only a one-term president but also that his party never came back into power.

The Federalist party died out not long after the debacle of the Adams presidency.

Sounds good, huh? And we can make it happen again.

The Fight Against Net Censorship… Oops! I Mean Neutrality

Already, over 300 House and Senate members have signed a petition against Net Neutrality. And it appears that Senator Jim DeMint, a true conservative, is preparing to fight it in the courts as well.

You can do your part by writing to your Congressmen and women and voting against liberals and liberal agendas whenever possible. But first, it’s important to really get educated about the supposed law, how it came to be, who backed it, etc.

To get you started, let me quote Rush Limbaugh, who said this on his program yesterday:

“The FCC has just asserted its authority to regulate the Internet, this net neutrality is a bogus name just like most legislative titles… Net neutrality does no such thing. It does not promote neutrality and lack of bias or any such thing. We noted on this program back in September of 2009: Net neutrality is a solution in search of a problem. It's just a bunch of liberals wanting to get their hands on something that is massive, that can harm them. They have to control, as much as they can, the free flow of information. They have to be in charge of it, they have to be able to censor it, and that's what this is all about.

“There is no problem on the Internet. None. In fact, in most of life, there wasn't a problem until the liberals went in search of one so that they could control people's behavior and try to legislate the outcomes of individuals in life. The only problem here appears to be too much freedom, at least in the minds of the government. There's too much freedom on the Internet in the minds of Obama and his FCC people. All you really have to know about net neutrality is that its biggest promoters are George Soros and Google and, which is heavily funded by Mr. Soros and Google. It is also promoted by a number of other radical left Soros fronts, such as the Free Press, the Center for American Progress, and a couple of additional groups improperly named.”

The Wall Street Journal Weighs in on Net Neutrality

If you don’t care for such a “divisive” voice, then how about Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund? The whole entire article is well-worth the read, but I’ve quoted select sections below:

“The Federal Communications Commission's new "net neutrality" rules, passed on a partisan 3-2 vote yesterday, represent a huge win for a slick lobbying campaign run by liberal activist groups and foundations. The losers are likely to be consumers who will see innovation and investment chilled by regulations that treat the Internet like a public utility.

“There's little evidence the public is demanding these rules, which purport to stop the non-problem of phone and cable companies blocking access to websites and interfering with Internet traffic. Over 300 House and Senate members have signed a letter opposing FCC Internet regulation, and there will undoubtedly be even less support in the next Congress.

“Yet President Obama, long an ardent backer of net neutrality, is ignoring both Congress and adverse court rulings, especially by a federal appeals court in April that the agency doesn't have the power to enforce net neutrality. He is seeking to impose his will on the Internet through the executive branch. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, a former law school friend of Mr. Obama, has worked closely with the White House on the issue. Official visitor logs show he's had at least 11 personal meetings with the president.”

Fund goes on to describe how the idea had and has input from communications professor Robert McChesney, who declared last year: “At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies. But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

Lovely, huh? It should come as no surprise then that the man openly acknowledges that he is a socialist and is “hesitant” to say he is “not a Marxist.”

According to Fund, other overtly liberal groups and persons behind and involved in the media reform drive include Pew Charitable Trusts, Billy Moyer’s Schumann Center for Media and Democracy, the Joyce Foundation, George Soros’ Open Dociety Institute, the Ford Foundation, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

These people, he writes, “paid for research that backed its views, paid activists to promote the research, saw its allies installed in the FCC and other key agencies, and paid for the FCC research that evaluated the research they had already paid for.”

In short, this is one more piece of liberal trash that needs to get taken out.

Make it happen America!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Conservative War Whoop for a Battle Well Fought (Liberals Can Now Go Cry)

Yesterday, I got a bit snippish with one of my coworkers.

The boy – and yes, when you like winning arguments so much that you will actually try to defend religious persecution just so you get in the last word, you’re a little boy and not a man – made a comment about Fox News being a joke.

It’s a comment he’s made before, so I wasn’t all that surprised when he brought it up yet again in an egotistical, I-know-everything-there-is-to-know-about-everything-so-this-is-stupid-because-I-say-so tone of voice. So I responded by asking if he’d ever actually watched Fox News, and we had a lively little back and forth from there. Of course, nothing I said made a single dent in his underdeveloped and hijacked brain, but I got some satisfaction out of speaking my mind all the same.

I only wish I had pointed out that he couldn’t be trusted to have any intelligent opinion, considering his past attempts at logic, which led him to firmly state the aforementioned garbage that it was perfectly acceptable for Protestants under Queen Elizabeth to torture and murder Catholics because of what other Catholics had done before that time.

I’m too nice though (believe it or not). If it had just been us in the room, it would have been one thing. But humiliating him in front of his boss and a fellow coworker just seemed too mean.

Regardless, his is the logic of liberals… the same logic that has the nation way too close to signing the New START Treaty with Russia, a pact that the reverting Soviet Union has absolutely no intention of keeping… and the same logic that has the U.S. equally set on enforcing rules and regulations on the internet that will allow liberals to censor their critics even more.

But let’s not focus on such negativity, at least for a moment. Instead, let’s give in to the Christmas spirit and acknowledge all of the things that we have to be grateful for: family, friends, skills, possessions, Dunkin’ Donuts hot chocolate, Chocolate Cheerios – my latest discovery. I love you General Mills! – and the fact that the American people are rejecting liberalism in droves, even if they don’t quite recognize it.

Conservatism Awarded a Whole Bunch of Points; Liberalism Gets Negative

Conservatism is on the rise!

That’s certainly what the 2010 census is showing so far. While the whole thing was one huge mess – involving more pre-reminders, forms, post-reminders and temporary government workers appearing on my door than I knew what to do with – it seems that Republicans are winning big despite the Obama administration’s best attempts to purposely count illegal immigrants in order to gerrymander the districts in Democrats’ favor.

To what degree Obama’s cronies succeeded, I don’t know. But it apparently wasn’t enough to gloss over the fact that U.S. inhabitants are leaving bluer states like New York for much more red areas on the map like Texas.

This is really good news, considering how electoral districting works in the country. While the Constitution allows for every state to have an equal amount of Senators, it allots House seats by population… which means that the Northeast is losing seats and red states are gaining them.

Take a minute and breathe in a pure, clean breath of satisfaction. If you’re a conservative, at least.

If you’re a liberal, go ahead and cry, throw a temper tantrum and blame Fox News. Its ratings are going up, after all… unlike CNN and other bastions of liberal opinion (I couldn’t in all fairness use the word “thought,” since that isn’t something liberals do very often, if ever).

This is no small victory for conservative principles. This is a very big deal: One that will have effect well after this year closes and the new one begins.

So on that note, Merry Christmas! And a very, very Happy New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Republicans' Track Record in this Lame Duck Congress… Not as Bad as It Could Be

Republicans – too often known for their cowardly bending to the liberal agenda and the threat of media censure – seem to be holding together better than I expected them to during this lame duck session of Congress.

Yes, eight Senate Republicans joined Democrats in repealing the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, which allowed gays to serve in the military just as long as they weren’t blatantly and/or vocally outed. Reversing that rule is a travesty, not only for the moral future of our nation, as we once again openly embrace and condone homosexuality, but also for our military stability.

As World Net Daily reports retired Army Col. Dick Black saying, “No one is supporting this out of a feeling it will benefit the military. The whole purpose of the change is to reward a radical constituency for the administration.” Incidentally, the article also raises some other important reasons why our representatives should have defeated the legislation instead of making it law.

On the plus side, however, while they’re neglecting more covert ways of destroying the United States from within, they do seem to be protecting us against more blatant attempts, such as sending us into all-out financial ruin through the $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill.

Republicans Force Harry Reid to Cut His Spending Plans

Harry Reid had to give up on that piece of liberal trash when Republican support from certain idiot RINOs fell through for the plan, which would have funded a pork-laden government through Sept. 30,2011.

Reid tried claiming that it was legislators’ jobs to throw unnecessary and unconstitutional state and local spending projects into congressional legislation… a stupid assertion, to be sure. While he insulted American intelligence with that remark, he didn’t even bother defending how Republicans weren’t even allowed to read the bill before it came up for formal debate in the Senate.

Then again, maybe he didn’t feel the need to defend that partisan and childish behavior, since he and his didn’t plan on going through it either. Put bluntly, nobody had time to thoroughly look it over; not in the time period Reid was pushing for, at least.

According to Senator John Kerry, there was never any need to do so. He threw a small temper tantrum over Republicans forcing Congress to actually read through the $1,000+ pages. “Let’s just chew up the time of the United States Senate keeping everybody up all night reading a bill rather than working on it,” he’s caught on video saying.

And we wonder why the supposedly stupid George Bush beat him in the 2004 presidential election. Maybe it’s because of painfully moronic quotes like that.

The DREAM Act Fails Its Chance to become a Nightmare

Republicans also managed to stay firm – mostly, at least – on issues like granting illegal immigrants’ children free status as American citizens. Five Democrats voted against it, countering the three traitorous Republican votes for it, resulting in the DREAM Act falling short of its necessary 60 votes to officially reach the Senate floor.

While, in theory, it may seem like a fluffy-nice idea to grant illegal immigrants’ children U.S. citizenship if they promise to behave, it’s hardly so benign when played out. Anybody with even an ounce of intelligence should understand that.

I don’t claim to a rocket scientist, yet I easily get that illegal immigration is a big problem in this country

It costs us not to be unified by a common language. It costs us to bring in extra police reinforcement for the drug and gang problems that illegal immigration is proven to result in. And it costs us when that criminal activity results in lost lives… both in physical body count and in terms of wasted potential.

Giving people further incentive – through measures like the DREAM Act – to enter the country illegally just adds to those costs.

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about the DREAM Act for a while, at least not until the American people foolishly elect another round of liberals… which shouldn’t happen anytime soon, considering that under our current highly liberal government, most of us think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

What we do have to worry about still is the Net Neutrality push, which would open too many dangerous doors for liberals to force their theology even further down our throats. All in the name of fairness, they want to control what information users receive through the internet.

Because they’ve handled every other power we’ve given them over the last century so badly – spending, military allotment and education, to name a few – why should we ever trust them with telling us what’s OK to view and what’s not?

Clearly, Republicans need to stand firm against this latest attack on freedom, decency and common sense.

Whether they will or not… well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The RHINO Version of Extending the Bush Tax Cuts Is about as Festive as the Grinch

So it passed.

The tax cut package officially survived its vote in the House one day after it passed in the Senate, and now it’s on it’s way to President Obama.

This “bipartisan moment of clarity,” as Representative Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) calls it, extends most of the Bush tax cuts (the death tax or “estate tax” will be enacted again, but at a smaller percentage of what it could have been) for two years. It also extends unemployment benefits to a large number of people who otherwise would fall off the government payroll.

Virginia’s Representative Eric Cantor admitted that the legislation wasn’t perfect, but voted for it anyway as a “first step” to healing the economy.

I have to agree with him.

About the bill not being perfect, at least. In fact, it’s worse than not perfect; it’s a downright bad idea. And yet Republicans piled onto the bandwagon just as much as Democrats did.

Why in the world are we continuing to dole out unemployment benefits? We’re cutting government tax intake – which I heartily support – and yet continuing government spending like there’s no tomorrow.

Newsflash: There is a tomorrow. And it’s looking less and less pretty with every hike we make in the federal deficit.

This legislation is not smart. At all. Especially when we have the massive debt load we already do from liberal spending programs and general government waste.

Besides, it isn’t the government’s job to ensure that we make money. That kind of mindset is partially what got us into the problem we’re in now.

Obama’s Bush Tax Cuts Hurt Personal Responsibility – and the Country – Even More

Individuals should be responsible for themselves. If they can’t physically make end’s meat, then family, friends, (non-government) communities and churches should step in. And for those of you who say that people can’t be trusted to help each other out, I have two answers for you:

Number One: The more that government gets involved in people’s private business, the less individuals feel responsibility for themselves or their neighbors. Instead, they become conditioned to expecting public officials and public coffers to do all that.

Number Two: If people can’t be trusted to help each other out, government can be trusted even less. Government is, after all, completely made up of corruptible and fallible people. And since it’s so far removed from the individuals it purports to help, it becomes even less effective. Besides, in the long run, government handouts like unemployment benefits, social security, medicare and medicost are only bankrupting the nation, ensuring that even more people will suffer as a result of our short-minded, so-called compassion.

As an example for my second point, take the 13.4 million taxpayers who could quite possibly receive extra bills from the government come next year. Why? Because the Obama administration screwed up (It’s getting so overused to write a sarcastic “shocker” at this point, so instead let’s go with “no big surprise.”) in doling out too much money under the Making Work Pay tax credit. And now, they want it back.

That’ll put a dent in people’s New Year when they receive notices from the IRS that they don’t get a 2010 tax refund; that, in fact, they owe more.

Merry Christmas, government style.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Democrat Leadership Doesn’t Care about Us and They Don’t Mind Blatantly Letting Us Know Anymore

Let’s not mince words.

It’s a mess out there. An absolute, horrible mess. And it’s all the Democrats’ fault.

Sorry to go all partisan, but it’s the Democrats under Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who are holding Congress hostage over the weekend in order to pass flat-out destructive legislation against the will of the people.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, that includes “…near 2,000-page, $1.1 trillion spending bill filled with plenty of pork and further encroachment on everyday Americans’ lives… the New START deal with Russia to deplete our weapons stash, the DREAM Act concerning legalizing illegal immigrants’ children, and un-banning openly gay military personnel.”

Oh right, and at the same time, the FCC is still trying to sneak in the Fairness Doctrine concerning the Internet, forcing search engines and such to “fairly” regulate their search results to show a variety of opinion. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

Forget that Congress should be going on Christmas holiday at this point. And forget that the American people rejected the Obama administration’s form of government overwhelmingly last month in Senate, House, gubernatorial and localized legislative races.

Forget it because the still-Democrat controlled Congress certainly could care less. They’re just focused on passing what they want to pass, regardless of whether anybody has actually read the legislation at hand.

Right now, it’s not about quality – then again, when has it been in recent memory? – it’s about quantity. And it’s also about telling the American people – 23% of which believe the country is on the wrong track – that they don’t matter.

As Vice President Joe Biden just put it, if you’re not ob board with the liberal agenda, “Get out of the way.”

This country has been morally and politically declining for at least a century, as we’ve traipsed our way down an increasingly slippery slope away from freedom and towards a westernized version of dictatorship.

Power in this country no longer really exists in the hands of the people when our elected representatives blatantly abuse their rights, flaunt it in our faces and tell us “nyah, nyah, nyah” while they do.

Hopefully the new Congress can do something to reverse our course into the oblivion that met so many corrupted governments before us. If not, we might as well welcome Venezuela’s unacceptable “President” Hugo Chavez – who is now “asking” his own congress to officially make him dictator… just for a year – into office and get it over with.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Battle for the Biggest Loser Award: Europe vs. the United States

I recently went out to dinner with a group of former coworkers. Because they’re all liberal and therefore have no sense of decorum or respect for other people’s opinion (I actually do genuinely like at least one of them, but he’s just as bad in this regard), it isn’t unusual for them to bring up politics and/or America-bashing when we go out.

This past time, it was just the latter. And while I was happily engaged in a completely different exchange when it came up, I still heard bits and pieces of what they said.

They were discussing – in typical liberal fashion – how superior Europe’s education system was to America’s and how much more difficult their pre-university tests were to American SATs. As proof of this, the one woman relayed how a French student had once told her that his particular test was the most difficult he’d ever taken in his life.

Ummm… how does that say anything about international comparisons? Please tell me.

Now, if he had taken both the SATs and his French university qualification exams and still claimed his country’s version was the most challenging, we’d have a bit more room to debate the subject. However, no such mention was made, at least from what I heard.

I also had to wonder – and still do – if the Europeans are so superior, why in the world are they so set on destroying their countries from the inside through idiotic policies?

For example, Switzerland is seriously considering legalizing incest between consenting adults. According to Daniel Vischer, part of the country’s Green party, “Incest is a difficult moral question, but not one that is answered by penal law.”

The man has to be an ill-educated buffoon if he really thinks there are only “moral” reasons to object to the practice. How about the potential physical ramifications of two closely related people having sex? You don’t have to look very far into Europe’s history of royals marrying royals to see the very negative side affects to children conceived in such unions.

Italian Riots Further Indication that Europe Is Certifiably Insane

Then there’s Italy, the latest European country to deal with serious rioting.

Greece, France and the UK all took repeated turns at rabid protests, where students and other uninformed, entitled little twits chose to express their immature objections to government austerity measures by destroying public and private property, attacking people – both police and, in London’s case, Prince Charles and his wife – and generally making dangerous nuisances of themselves.

Now it’s Italy’s turn, apparently.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi – you don’t get much more Italian sounding than that – just survived a confidence vote, which allows him to continue forward with plans to cut government spending.

So to express their outrage like truly prehistoric barbarians, university students, workers and immigrants alike took to the following activities:
  • Throwing paint
  • Setting cars on fire
  • Setting off smoke bombs at the Italian parliament
  • Fighting with riot police, injuring some of them along the way
  • Knocking over sidewalk restaurants’ tables, parked motorcycles and flower vases
  • Smashing bank windows
  • Destroying cash machines
  • Throwing chairs, tables and rocks at police and their vehicles
  • Blocking Sicily’s Palermo airport
  • Invading Milan’s stock market building
… All because they want the government to continue paying for them to live their lives.

And these are the people liberals claim are so much more intelligent than us.

Continuing U.S. Folly

Then again, Europe might very well be smarter than us, considering that one of our states still elected Harry Reid to the Senate in the past mid-term elections. I don’t see Europe doing that. (Though you could probably make a decent argument that they would have if they could have.)

The continuing but still depleted Senate majority leader is returning that favor by trying to ram through a whole slew of dangerous legislation that the American people don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford… all before January 4th, when the new Congress commences, bringing in fresh new faces and sweeping out at least some of the trash.

But before that happens, Reid is apparently going to try his darndest to pass a near 2,000-page, $1.1 trillion spending bill filled with plenty of pork and further encroachment on everyday Americans’ lives. Also on his To-Do list is the New START deal with Russia to deplete our weapons stash, the DREAM Act concerning legalizing illegal immigrants’ children, and un-banning openly gay military personnel.

It isn’t nearly enough to say that barreling through so much legislation in so little time is irresponsible. Because, in fact, it’s much closer to a treasonous misuse of government power in complete disregard for the future health of this country and its citizens.

Harry Reid isn’t stupid. I’m sure he knows very well what any one of those bills will cost us on the international and national security fronts. Yet, thanks to the practical criminal idiocy of the American people both in these past elections and previous ones, he still holds onto a sizable majority for the next few weeks. So he’ll continue abusing his power, silencing opposing views, lying and withholding the truth.

Who cares that Republicans in the Senate haven’t seen it yet? Behaving in a fair and legally upright way is a nuisance he clearly can’t be bothered with.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Further Proof that Obama Hasn’t Got a Non-Partisan Bone in His Body

Yesterday, I attacked Republican naivety – as displayed in South Carolina Governor-elect Nikki Haley’s words to and about the President – as being… well… na├»ve.

Specifically, I quoted her telling the press that she “appreciated his openness and his willingness to spend time with us and to really listen to what our concerns were and to address our concerns. It was respectful [and] it was a strong line of communications…”

In this regard, she’s either an idiot or she’s being way too nice. In which case, she’s still an idiot.

There’s no other way to describe somebody who genuinely plays nice with a person who blatantly labeled them as the “enemy” deserving of “punishment,” as he did right before the mid-term elections.

If you need more proof that President Obama has absolutely no intention of playing nice with anybody but himself, consider the language he just spat out:

“I will be happy to see the Republicans test whether or not I’m itching for a fight on a whole range of issues. I suspect they will find I am.”

The fact that he’s “itching for a fight” hardly sounds like the President is “really listen[ing] to our concerns” anymore than he is being “respectful.” But that’s just me.

Obama went on to say, “I think the American people will be on my side on a whole bunch of these fights.”

Blah blah blah. Chirp chirp. Beep beep.

Considering that his signature healthcare legislation never did have the majority of support from “the American people” – or the DREAM Act or his villification of the Arizona illegal immigration law – and has only hit new lows since, I think it’s easy to conclude that he’s wrong in believing that his policies are so overwhelmingly popular.

And since Obama – more than likely – isn’t stupid, he has to know that he’s wrong… which means that he’s lying.

Shocker, right? Sadly, it probably is for our Republican leadership at all levels.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama: The President of the United States or a Term-Limited Dictator?

If you read TheSunNews today or something equally obscure, you might see the headline: “Obama, Haley go head to head.”

I have to say I got a bit excited when I saw that and so I instantly clicked on the link, eager to see what exactly South Carolina Governor-elect Nikki Haley had said to warrant such a title.

Sad to say though, I came away more struck by the amount of authority Obama has usurped – with little legal protest – than Haley’s alleged moxie.

For one thing, the Republican governor-to-be is reported as saying that she “appreciated” Obama’s “openness and his willingness to spend time with us and to really listen to what our concerns were and to address our concerns. It was respectful, it was a strong line of communication, and I was doing my job to protect the people of South Carolina.”

I understand being polite and gracious in politics, but I object when that trend towards decorum crosses the line into blatantly projecting false fronts.

Remember, this man she refers to as “respectful” is the same one who exhorted Latino voters to “punish” their “enemies” during the 2010 mid-term elections. And by enemies, let’s be clear: He meant Republicans.

Barack “Bad Behavior” Obama

This is the president who got so testy during a meeting in May with Senate Republicans that Senator Pat Roberts of Kentucky – part of the party of perpetual political cowards who normally stay quiet on such issues – had this to say:

“The more he talked, the more he got upset. He needs to take a Valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans and just calm down, and don’t take anything so seriously. If you disagree with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re attacking their motives – and he takes it that way and tends then to lecture and then gets upset.”

Doesn’t sound very willing to listen, now does it?

Or how about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s account of the President when Obama came down to supposedly analyze the Gulf oil spill? Jindal accuses his supposed superior of deliberately turning their initial meeting into a publicity stunt for his own political gain.

Then there was Obama’s inappropriate, ill-timed and condescending chastisement of the Supreme Court back in January, which offended at least two of the justices enough that they’re now considering boycotting the president’s 2011 State of the Union address.

And Obama is now going around calling Republicans hostage takers for their push to keep all of the Bush tax cuts.

In other words, with all due respect to Ms. Haley, Obama has proved himself to be an exceedingly close-minded and ungracious person overall. Thinking otherwise is politically akin to being impressed with a copperhead for not biting you on a single occasion.

It’s that stupid.

The Constitution Never Authorized Anybody to Treat Us Like Children

Not to pick on Haley, especially since she represents far too many other Republicans in this regard, but she made another mistake in treating Obama with such deference that she asked his permission to get out of the healthcare law.

Let me restate that: Haley, a soon-to-be governor of one of the 50 free states of America asked the president of the United States for permission to not abide by a wholly unconstitutional legislation… as if she was a small child asking for one more piece of candy and he an all-knowing parent who has total authority over her life and those of her soon-to-be constituents.

That’s hardly the way our Constitution or Bill of Rights allocates authority. In fact, in many and even most regards, the President of the United States is actually subject to the state governors; not the other way around.

Yet everybody gives the man a pass as if he and his have some God-ordained right to defy everything the Founding Fathers not only stood for but printed in legible black ink for posterity’s sake. This country – and especially our elected representatives – should be openly defying such authoritarian encroachment on our freedoms.

And yet, instead, we compliment him on his “willingness… to really listen.”

Yet where was that willingness to listen before the elections concerning the highly unpopular healthcare law, the Arizona immigration law or any number of “smaller” issues over the past two years?

Don’t be fooled because he smiles nicely every once in a while.

Crocodiles do the same thing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Special Edition: Everyone Gone Wild!

Editor’s Note: It’s a shame that people can’t go mad in a more orderly fashion, because “Politicians Gone Wild” or “Countries Gone Wild” makes such a better title than the one above. Yet because nobody consulted me and asked what I wanted to write about today, the homogenous heading will just have to do.

Fortunately, despite its lack of real flair, we can still have fun ringing in the weekend with a bunch of scintillating stories about some truly wild and crazy people…

(Stage Direction: Read in light baritone or sexy alto voice. Add shameless giggles and puns – if I haven’t already exploited them – at your discretion.)

Let’s start our exhibition with a quick trip to blisteringly cold England, where forecasters are warning that Christmas might just have to take a backseat to icy conditions this year.

Not to worry though, because that didn’t stop those crazy kids from openly revolting – Again! – against the student tuition hike that Parliament just legalized. The protestors even attacked the vehicle carrying Prince Charles and his once-mistress-now-wife, Camilla, nearly evoking an equally passionate response from security… which would have been backed up with a round or two of artillery fire!

Gotta love those Brits. But even if you don’t, don’t worry… because there’s more! If you think that a freezing cold and angry mob is hot, wait ‘till you hear about what happened at Thursday’s House Democratic Caucus meeting… Towards Obama!

(Am I overdoing the exclamation points yet?)

An International Ego and Incident Never Hurt Anyone

Not happy at all that their elected messiah would sell them and their dearly held delusions (of tax cuts hurting the economy) out, Democrat congressional personnel were overheard saying “we can’t trust him” and “[f-u-double-hockey-sticks] the president.”

Somebody’s not happy… but we are! Something tells me we’ll have great material for plenty more episodes of “Everyone’s Gone Wild” thanks to this kind of maturity alone!

Not that any of this seems to be fazing the blatant egotism on display at the White House, where President Obama released a statement about Chinese peaceful protestor Liu Xiaobo, who should have accepted the Nobel Peace prize today but couldn’t due to a little preventive power called the Chinese government…

In his commemorative remarks, Obama opened with: “One year ago, I was humbled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize – an award that speaks to our highest aspirations, and that has been claimed by giants of history and courageous advocates who have sacrificed for freedom and justice” and ended by saying, “I regret that Mr. Liu and his wife were denied the opportunity to attend the ceremony that Michelle and I attended last year.”

Subtle reminder of himself, right? You don’t see that kind of ego every day folks!

What is becoming more common, however – though ever as shocking – is the airport security measures performed by the hands-on TSA. But this time, they might have crossed the line by getting too up close and personal with an Indian ambassador, Meera Shankar… twice in three months!

Apparently, they like him. Though he doesn’t like them, threatening to turn the mess into an international affair. Similarly, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna minced no words either on the subject: “Let me be frank, this is unacceptable to India. We are going to take it up with the government of US that such unpleasant incidents do not recur.”

Closing Crazies and Bonus Features Ahead…

Speaking of unpleasant incidents, maybe the TSA should forget the airports – since they’re doing absolutely no good there whatsoever – and come to Baltimore instead… where we have real terrorist wannabes!

21-year old Baltimorean Antonio Martinez (a.k.a. Muhammad Hussain. No, I’m not kidding. He’s really that uncreative.) got the great idea of blowing up a Catonsville, MD military recruiting center into his admittedly pretty little head.

Only problem – for him – was that he apparently focused a bit too much on his looks growing up and not nearly enough on bettering his brain; he got his weapon of mass destruction from the federal agents. So the bomb didn’t go boom and Martinez – who thinks the world of former U.S. Army Major Nidal Hassan, the man that shot up Fort Hood last year – is now rocking an orange jumpsuit to go with those adorable curls of his.

Bonus features: If you just can’t get enough of “Everyone Gone Wild!” the show doesn’t need to stop just because I’m signing off! Catch more great stories like:

You won’t want to miss a second of it!