Monday, January 10, 2011

Arizona Shooting Aftermath Shows Liberals to Be Heartless, Opportunistic and Stubborn as Really Ignorant Mules

People died in Arizona this past weekend when a lone gunman fired shots into a crowd gathered to see Democrat Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

And no, surprisingly enough, it wasn’t illegal immigrant-run gangs behind the violence. It was a stupid American boy named Jared Lee Loughner. He killed 6 – including a 9-year old girl – and wounded 14 others, including the House member herself.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved, especially the parents and/or siblings of the little one.

Sadly, Ms. Giffords’ fellow Democrats aren’t giving the families of the murdered and wounded any thought, however, as they immediately seize the situation for their own purposes. And of course, their own purposes involve advancing their agenda and trashing the conservative movement... without a single thought of the emotional toll the tragedy has taken on individuals.

Immediately after the shooting, the left wing network began speculating that the shooter was part of the Tea Party, just like they did with the attempted Times Square bomber last year… who turned out to be a Muslim terrorist. And with the man who flew his plane into the IRS building… who turned out to hate George W. Bush. And they probably would have done the same with the nutso who took hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Springs Maryland, if the man hadn’t blatantly advertised his far-left agenda of ridding the world of “parasitic” human beings.

Their past accusations against the Tea Party have fallen flat, but being wrong never stopped liberals before. If they learned anything in school (which is debatable), it was the elementary school mantra: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” (They certainly didn’t learn arithmetic, as evidenced by their claims that Obamacare will actually lower the debt levels.)

Right Wing Leanings? Left-Wing Attitude?

In liberals’ defense, it might actually appear that this one does have “far right” connections. As in the KKK kind of connections (which, incidentally, started out with a “far left” label, seeing as how it was the Democrats who had it out for former slaves after the Civil War). Then again, according to the Twitter account of somebody who knew him, he was a “left-wing pothead.”

Regardless of whether he had right, left or independent leanings, every group has nut cases. Isn’t that what liberals are always telling us concerning the Muslim world? It’s rather interesting that they’re so ready to give a pass to a religious group whose members have been repeatedly recorded trying to blow us up… but refuse to even consider doing the same for their overwhelmingly non-violent political opposition.

Don’t try asking a liberal why that is, however. Their head might explode trying to come up with reasons to justify their oddly selective hatred.

Or they might ignore you altogether, considering how busy they are vilifying Conservatives for their “vitriolic statement[s]” during the mid-term elections, which, they speculate, must have triggered this politically-motivated act of violence. Specifically, Democrat Senator Richard Durbin cited Sarah Palin as an example of using inflammatory language, then ever-so-thoughtfully stressed that he wasn’t making any “direct connection” between her and the shooting.

So far, I haven’t read any related news articles citing our darling president’s own usage of war-like rhetoric. Perhaps Loughner was simply taking cues from Obama to “punish” his “enemies.” In defense of that theory, he certainly showed the same lack of respect for life ingrained in the Democrat Party, which supports killing helpless babies in the name of “freedom” and “choice.”

Or maybe, Loughner was just plain nuts, as evidenced by his logic-less ramblings on YouTube.

Maybe liberals should consider all of that before they start pointing fingers. Or maybe the should have some respect for the grieving and back off altogether.

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