Friday, January 21, 2011

Symbolic Never Tasted So Sweet

Ever since Republicans made huge gains in the mid-term elections, Democrats have been searching desperately for some way to destroy them, or at the very least, make their triumph as miserable as possible.

I can’t speak for House Majority Leader John Boehner and his fellow congressional Republicans, but liberal’s immature tactics haven’t wiped the victory grin off of my face yet. How could they when, yesterday:

  • At least three Democratic Senators are jittery enough about Obamacare that they’re trying to barter with Republicans on editing it.

It’s rather difficult not to smile with all of that going on.

Not that those resounding repudiations have dampened Democrat’s desire to drive the nation off a cliff. I fully expect them to continue doing their very best to reshape the U.S. until it’s ultimately destroyed.

But, as evidenced by the 112th Congresses’ actions this week, they just might find their self-appointed task a little bit more difficult than before.

So yes, Harry Reid’s Senate may very well not pass the repeal, and Obama certainly won’t sign it regardless. But the American people are still cheering loud and strong right now as their representatives finally do their job… and listen.

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