Monday, January 3, 2011

Who Cares about Hollywood? No, really: Who Cares?

It’s New Year’s Day as I write this (all but the last two lines… and this section inside the parentheses), and I’m sitting on a friend’s couch watching Psych, possibly the best TV comedy series of the century.

I defy anybody to write a better one.

But as highly as I hold Psych, I understand quite well that it isn’t of national importance. Yes, I enjoy giggling at the witty banter and delightful snark rampant throughout each episode. And yes, I might very well waste far too much money buying each season after it comes out on DVD. But I don’t even pretend to think that the world depends on the show continuing. And I certainly don’t think that one of the stars changing their haircuts should make the news.

Apparently, however, the national media strongly disagrees. Because this morning (OK, OK. This afternoon. So what if I stayed in bed until 10:00?), as I browsed through the first headlines to grace the Yahoo! homepage, I came across the breaking news that “PIC: Kim Kardashian Cornrows Her Hair.”

Apparently, this is what we’re ringing in the New Year with. And isn’t it just inspirational news too? I know that it makes me want to be a better person and to understand this world we live in on such a deeper level.

Yes, that was me being very sarcastic. If I wanted to be serious, I’d say something much more like, “Who bloody cares?!?” So some pointless pop princess changes her hair cut? So what?

This is apparently what news has come to, however. And even worse, is that some people – too many people – genuinely care about such trivial details. It's not because they have a personal relationship with Ms. Kardashian. They “care” because they’ve been told one too many times that they’re supposed to think this is breaking news, that if Hollywood stubs a toe, the entire world should gasp in shock and horror.

That’s why we have such nitwit headlines – along with the Kardashian example – as “John Mellencamp and wife separate after 20 years” and “IRS: Val Kilmer owes $500K in back taxes (AP).”

Extra! Extra! Read All about It!

Don’t get me wrong, I am very sorry for the marital woes of Mr. Mellencamp, whomever he is. Divorce is never a pleasant or preferable state of existence to deal with and I don’t wish it on anybody, even somebody who’s life effects me so little.

And coming under the IRS’s displeasure is quite possibly an equally undesirable event to deal with. I can’t say that I don’t wish that on certain people, however. John Kerry, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Timothy Geithner and other such twits that actually write and enforce the ridiculous mess that is the U.S. tax laws? Well, they would deserve a little IRS investigation.

Not that it would do any good, of course, as we discovered with Mr. Geithner not that long ago. When a little person cheats or messes up on their taxes, they get nothing but misery and possibly jail time. When a liberal politician does, they get a high-paying position with the Obama administration.

Considering that Val Kilmer is Hollywood and the vast majority of Hollywood are dead ringers for our corrupt and ridiculous government, you’d think that they’d get freebies too. But apparently that buddy-buddy relationship only goes so far. Throw money into the mix – or out of the mix, as the situation seems this time around – and things get quite nasty.

So what is my larger point in this seemingly rambling first blog post of 2011? Maybe it’s simply this: We should start paying as much attention to our politicians as we do our Hollywood celebrities.

Until we do, we’re not going to be doing ourselves any big favors. In fact, we’re going to be helping the liberal agenda in digging our graves just that much faster.

So here’s a New Year’s Resolution the United States of America needs to make and it needs to keep: Wake up! And stay that way.

Fortunately, it looks like we’re at least starting 2011 out right with a push against Obamacare.

God bless the U.S.A.!

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