Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don’t Mess with Arizona

I’ve never want to live in Arizona, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to admire about the state.

There’s the breathtaking scenery, of course, ranging from towering red ridges above royal blue lakes to bleak desert scenes that transform into jaw dropping panoramas under a setting sun. And anybody who has ever been to the Grand Canyon – one of the world’s wonders – never forgets the experience.

But it’s not just the tourist attractions and photo opportunities that make Arizona great. It’s the residents’ moxy, as exemplified in Governor Jan Brewer, who fearlessly took on illegal immigration and the Obama administration last year.

In the face of what should have been intimidating opposition from the president, liberals and even the U.N., Governor Brewer didn’t just stick to her guns; she fired back with style at a time when too many other Republicans were cowering in the shadows.

Now, it appears that she isn’t the only elected official there that has the backbone the state – and the country – needs.

An Arizona Senate committee managed to approve a bill that denies automatic citizenship to illegal immigrants’ children, and requires anybody receiving government benefits to actually be a citizen.

As Republican state Senator Russel Pearce, the author of the controversial legislation, says: “If you’re in the country illegally, you don’t have a right to public benefits. Period.”

Of course, there are dissenting voices, such as his Democrat counterpart, Paula Aboud. She says, “This is totally the wrong time for the leader of our Senate to throw our state into another state of chaos.”

But isn’t it already, what with the debt it’s under, fueled by government handouts to undeserving individuals, such as illegal immigrants who don’t respect our laws?

I understand that, from certain angles, the debate seems complicated. The human element makes it difficult to pass judgment, when many illegal immigrants are simply looking for a better life.

But even with that consideration, this is the unfortunate but deadly accurate bigger picture: If Arizona and the rest of the nation continue spending the way they are, we’re going to be no good for anybody… including our own citizens and certainly for outsiders.

Fortunately, Arizona legislators get that, if only by a slim majority. But hey, a slim majority is all they need to start setting things right.

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  1. Very nice Jeannette, Ron Paul also opposes "Birthright citizenship" to children of illegals. Its a classic example of if you promote or subsidize an action or behavior (no matter what your rhetoric against it may be) you only serve to ever increase it. That is the cornerstone of the issue of the left's response to illegal immigration