Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Obama Refuses to Slow Down as He Powers Us Further Towards that Cliff on a High-Speed Railway

Much like Lindsey Lohan, who is now accused of committing grand theft, President Obama can’t seem to catch a break. Or a clue.

Or any sense of decency for that matter.

This is a man whose presidency is in shambles after last year’s mid-term elections, which soundly trounced his party and his policies. At this point, even 51% of CNN poll respondents can’t picture him winning a reelection bid.

This is CNN we’re talking about. They should be able to do better than that with their statistical tweaks and carefully pruned population groups. But apparently they can’t.

Perhaps that’s because the economy is so horrible that, despite the unemployment rate miraculously falling from 9.4% to 9.0% last month, the same number of people are out of work and there are precious few job openings.

Or maybe it’s because, while Republicans are gearing up to hack away at Obamacare again, even Democrats are jumping off the liberal bandwagon in favor of significantly altering it… much more to save their own jobs, I’m sure, than out of any respect for their constituents or the country as a whole.

Obamacare – the president’s signature piece of legislation, the apple of his eye, his administration’s crowning jewel – is already a failure well before it’s even been completely set in place.

Obama’s High-Speed Rail to Nowhere

It’s not as if the Democrat party and their supposedly omnipotent leader didn’t know Obamacare wasn’t popular, or that it had extreme and unmanageable flaws, or that such policies are even now bankrupting other countries.

I refuse to believe the Democrat elites are that stupid. They’re just narcissistic enough not to care.

Case in point: a $53 billion, high-speed, national rail network.

Why do we need this at a time when the country is suffering heavily under debt and deficit obligations?

Because Obama says so, of course.

Everybody knows that it’s going to end up costing far much more than $53 billion.

This is the government we’re talking about. It always does.

High-Speed Rail Hardly a Necessity… No Matter What Obama Says

Besides, who says we really need it in the first place? Do you hear poor people crying in the streets for high-speed rail? Will building such a mode of transportation fix our economy? Will it suddenly cure our budget problems? Or will it just make it worse?

And more than that, haven’t we given Obama enough chances to invest in our future?

We already know how poorly money was distributed under his various stimulus plans so far: how federal funding has gone to bailout irresponsible banks, automotive corporations and other undeserving institutions; how dead people have received checks; how taxpayers funds have been designated overseas or to groups such as the National Endowment for the Arts in order to stage nude and homoerotic performances… and how that money has most decidedly not improved America in any visible, collective or realized way.

That’s hundreds of billions of dollars – if not a solid trillion – that we’re talking about.

So why in the world should we believe that this high-speed rail will be any different?

The answer is simply that we shouldn’t.

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