Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Republicans Rule All… or Do They?

It’s not difficult to find really stupid opinions these days. But every once in a while, one comes along that really stands out from the rest of the drivel: a real train wreck of logic.

Joshua Greenman’s article, “Republicans wrote the political dictionary: It’s proof Democrats don’t control the media,” on NYDailyNews.com is one such derailed opinion.

Mr. Greenman begins his silly attempt at credibility by lamenting, “It’s hard to know where to begin in dismantling the Republican canard that Democrats control the media.”

I have to congratulate him on using an antiquated term like “canard” and will even admit that I had to look up its actual definition. According to dictionary.com, it is a “false or baseless, usually derogatory story, report, or rumor.”

Other meanings include: a duck intended or used for food, or a type or part of an airplane. Though we can probably safely assume Greenman intended readers to accept the first definition in his usage, the way that liberal logic works, you can never be quite too sure.

Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and the Drudge Report Apparently Write the English Language

Case in point: Greenman’s very next lines, which bemoan – and admit – that Fox News trumps all other 24-hour news networks, Rush Limbaugh easily demolishes competitors in the talk radio business, Sarah Palin “is the biggest media-political crossover star,” and the Drudge Report “continues to drive more political traffic than any other website.”

All true allegations, so I won’t even try to refute them. In fact, as a conservative myself, I take great pride in all four facts. They are an indication that the United States of America is getting sick of the typical liberal bias that spews out of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, the Associated Press, Hollywood, the music industry and far too many other sources.

In addition, I find it amusing that Greenman only points out how Fox News is pulling more and more business away from its leftist competitors, but doesn’t mention that Fox News is the only traditional major media outlet of it’s kind: an accused rightwing device.

It’s just like a liberal to leave out such inconvenient details though.

Instead, Greenman focuses heavily on how the public responds much more quickly to the term “Obamacare” than the “Affordable Care Act.” “Compare this,” he points out, “to, say, ‘No Child Left Behind,’ which has never for a second been called Bushducation – though that would have been pretty catchy.”

First off, it’s hardly our fault that they’re not as cute and clever as we are. Not everybody can be. And secondly, the liberal media might not have managed to give it a demeaning moniker, but they did sway public opinion heavily on the subject, always attributing the education act to Bush, while rarely if ever mentioning its creation under Clinton.

Liberals a Product of their Own Poor Educational Policies

Fortunately for Greenman, despite his biased and inaccurate arguments, he would still get an A on this assignment should he hand it in to a school teacher today, mainly because of the abysmal standards set for America’s children long before Bush came into office.

That means it doesn’t matter how he cites such insignificant examples as the “pro-life” vs. “pro-choice” debate, even though the conservative term is almost never used outside of blatantly conservative circles. Because even It-That-Must-Not-Be-Named (i.e. Fox News) uses the much less inspiring “anti-abortion.”

Nor does it affect his job as a writer that he has to really go digging for the next example of conservative coinage: Democrat Party (instead of Democratic Party). “Nobody understands why ‘Democrat Party’ is a slur,” he maintains, “but everyone knows that it is. That’s the beauty of the Republicans continuing to use their devious little dig.”

Honestly, I don’t even know what he’s so riled up about on that one. Please somebody explain it to me.

After also citing the term “Apology Tour” and “mainstream media” to further prove that Republicans rule the world, Greenman finally admits that liberals have managed to coin a term or two as well, including trickle-down economics, birthers and teabaggers.

“But these are minor and mostly meaningless,” he quickly apologizes. “It’s a Republican language. The rest of us, we’re just speaking it.”

Paranoid, Delusional and Logical: Look Them Up

Maybe he should look up “paranoid,” “delusional” and “logical” in the dictionary before he writes his next entry on language. Because while he can apparently use “canard” with finesse, he clearly doesn’t understand other, much more oft-used multi-syllabic words.

How else did he miss the recent, repeated and ridiculous diatribes against Sarah Palin and the rest of the right’s vitriolic language that supposedly incited Jared Lee Loughner to pick up a gun and shoot Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the crowd she was speaking to in Arizona?

How can he overlook how that same media singled out only conservative examples of hatred, blatantly ignoring CNN and other leftwing outlets use of the term “crosshairs” as well, without a second thought of the hatred and violence they might be inciting in deranged satanists’ minds everywhere? For that matter, how can he – or the rest of his liberal cronies – ignore how Loughner turned out to be a die-hard leftist who didn’t even watch the news?

Yet most news outlets – including Fox News – at the time, ran little more than accusations against Palin and her attempts at defending herself… not the larger message that the vilification was baseless.

Along those same lines, how many people know that Carnegie Institution recently lauded mass-murderer, rapist and all-around cretin Genghis Khan as an environmental hero? Now compare that extremely unflattering depiction of the left to the press coverage given to the idiot pastor down in Florida who wanted to burn the Quran last year. Which got more attention?

Even Greenman should be able to answer that question.

Then again, it really has little to do with having the ability to answer it and everything to do with the integrity of doing so.

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