Friday, February 25, 2011

Virginia vs. the Abortion Industry: another State Steps up to Do the Right Thing

Today, I’d like to applaud the state of Virginia for taking steps against the abortion industry.

They’re not attacking it directly as a destructive force against the sanctity of life and women’s rights, which it is on both counts, considering how it destroys vulnerable, innocent beating hearts and allows men to treat women like disposable goods with little fear of consequences.

Instead, Virginia legislators are approaching it from a health and safety perspective, a rather ironic approach considering how abortions are never healthy or safe: They’re designed to end in death. Period.

Nonetheless, Virginia just passed a bill requiring its 21 abortion clinics to stop acting like they’re inspecting people for whooping cough and start admitting that they’re performing life altering and dangerous operations.

As of right now, abortionists in Virginia have to be state-sanctioned according to the same standards a family doctor or dentist have to meet. But as soon as Republican Governor Bob McDonnell signs the newly passed bill into law like he says he will, those murderers – Sorry, but let’s be blunt here: At the moment of conception, a child has its own unique physical traits waiting to emerge and before even a month is up, his or her heart has begun to beat will have to widen their hallways, increase staff training, and introduce new equipment to their places of business if they want to continue operating legally.

Critics say this will only result in forcing most of the state’s abortion clinics to close up shop, as they won’t be able to afford the costly makeovers.

And wouldn’t that be a shame.

Abortion: an Invasive Medical Procedure

Like it or not, this is not an unreasonable demand considering what even first trimester abortions involve. They are invasive surgeries and anything but foolproof, no matter what the pro-“choice” group might say.

Do any internet search and you’ll find multiple sites attesting that suction aspiration is the most common method of killing unborn children during the first three months. And that involves:

“A powerful suction tube with a sharp cutting edge is inserted into the womb through the dilated cervix. The suction dismembers the body of the developing baby and tears the placenta from the wall of the uterus, sucking blood, amniotic fluid, placental tissue, and fetal parts into a collection bottle.

“Great care must be taken to prevent the uterus from being punctured during this procedure, which may cause hemorrhage and necessitate further surgery. Also, infection can easily develop if any fetal or placental tissue is left behind in the uterus. This is the most frequent post-abortion complication.”

That’s an invasive medical procedure, just as much as a tonsillectomy or other “standard” procedure that happens in an operating room.

So when State Senator Jill Vogel says this bill is about “caring for women who are about to have an invasive surgical procedure and creating an environment for them where they have an opportunity to do that in a place that is safe,” she makes a good point that even the staunchest abortion supporter touting “women’s rights” should be able to support.

The same goes for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s statement that: “For over 25 years, Virginia abortion clinics have not been held to minimal health and safety standards. As a result, women who walk into these clinics are often not treated with the care and respect that any human being deserves.”

Those are solid arguments, even for those who can somehow convince themselves that a baby isn’t involved in the procedure. At the very least, it should make people stop and really think about what really happens during an abortion.

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