Thursday, March 24, 2011

Taxes on Toilet Paper? What Will They Think of Next!?

Let’s talk about taxes.

I still haven’t filed mine. It’s an abominable chore, even when I make somebody else do it – namely my poor father – and therefore have nothing to do with the process.

Of course, taxes are a necessary evil. To some degree, at least. Governments need to function in order to keep proper law and order functioning, and let’s face it: That takes a decent amount of green.

With that said, the extent to which western nations are taxed these days is ridiculous. Governments can run on far less than what they currently commandeer from their constituents.

In fact, while an utter lack of taxes probably isn’t a good thing – how else would we fund our military, law enforcement and judicial, legislative and executive branches? – the same can definitely be said about a propensity towards taxation.

Take Omaha, Nebraska’s Mayor Jim Suttle, who thinks it’s a good idea to install a 10-cent federal tax on every roll of toilet paper purchased.

Every roll. Not every package. Every roll.

Apparently, he got the idea from a failed 2009 House measure by an Oregon congressman. The measure was supposed to help cities and the environment. “I heard about it,” Suttle said, and thought, “Well, this is simple. Let’s put it on the table. It doesn’t mean I endorse it.”

I’d agree with him that the idea is simple, as in simply stupid… rather like him for ever proposing it in the first place.

Maybe he and other simpletons who think they can stimulate economic growth by demanding more money from their already hurting citizens should consider the legend of Robin Hood.

There’s only so much you can steal from people before they begin to get clever about taking it back.

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