Monday, March 21, 2011

Vice President Joe Biden’s Weary-Sigh-Inspiring Lunacy

Have I mentioned lately that Vice President Joe Biden is an absolute moron?

I did this past Thursday, but since he keeps opening his mouth, it needs to be said again.

While the rest of the world continues to dwell on problems in Japan and the Middle East, he’s still yapping about spending. And in normal Joe Biden-style, he’s doing so without even the most basic grasp of what he’s saying. Or when he’s saying it.

Right now, Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, is comparing recent U.S.-involved air strikes against Libya to “medieval calls for crusades.” House Majority Leader John Boehner is insisting that Obama clarify his sudden stance on the situation. Democrats are freaking out about both the actions and consequences involved. And the Nation of Islam’s belligerent leader, Louis Farrakhan, is being his normal unhappy self in asking Obama, “Who the hell do you think you are?” amidst all of this.

Meanwhile, the focus of the whole ruckus, Libya’s own Muammar Gaddafi is fondly addressing the American president as “our son, his excellency, Mr. Baracka Hussein Obama.”

Yet, not distracted one iota from his usual uncivil and weary-sigh-inspiring lunacy, Joe Biden is likening Republicans to rape apologists.

Undeterred by Ignorance, Biden Yaps on

The Hill helpfully informs us: “In setting up his comparison, the vice president explained to the audience that before the Violence Against Women Act that he championed was passed into law, ‘there was this attitude in our society of blaming the victim’…

“‘When a woman got raped, blame her because she was wearing a skirt too short, she looked the wrong way or she wasn’t home in time to make the dinner,’ Biden said.”

According to him, “We’ve gotten by that.” But Republicans are resurrecting the victim blaming strategy by demanding tax cuts for the rich – presumably the perpetrators? – and blaming “organized labor or ordinary middle-class working men and women.”

To further quote the VP, “It’s bizarre. It’s bizarre.”

Yes, Mr. Biden, you are bizarre. In the extreme.
  • First off, women still get blamed for their own rapes. All the time. It’s ridiculous that he doesn’t know that.
  • Second, Republicans want tax cuts across the board, not just for the wealthy. Way to manipulate the truth to suit an agenda.
  • Third of all, labor unions are part of the U.S.’s weighty fiscal fiasco, as they suck money from public school teachers – and therefore from the taxpayers who fund them – and give whatever they don’t keep to line their own greedy pockets to Democrats, making the party anything but an unbiased observer.

But as usual, facts and reality have nothing to do with anything when Biden is involved. Which begs the question… How did he get to be vice president of the United States of America again?

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