Friday, April 8, 2011

Enough of the Hype! The U.S. Can Survive without the Government for a Little While

I talked to my mom yesterday about the impending government shut down. She was worried about what it meant and what would happen because of it.

One of my over-opinionated, know-it-all coworkers brought the subject up as well, claiming that nobody knows what’s going to happen if the government shuts down because it’s never happened before.

And he calls himself a student of history.

Since he regularly makes idiot statements like that, I take little stock in what he says. But if my very sane mother is losing sleep over the issue, I figure it’s only right to address the issue for what it’s worth…

President Obama and his minions are out there crying that a government shutdown will harm the economic recovery.

To that claim, I must first ask: What economic recovery? Housing starts are pitifully low, the Wall Street Journal reports that mall vacancies are surging, finding a job is still exceedingly difficult – believe me, I know – and the real engine driving U.S. stock market growth is China.

So please Mr. President and minions, what recovery are you talking about? Because I don’t see it.

For the sake of argument, however, let’s say that the economy is peachy keen, and that this country is actually growing something other than a parasitic government.

Regardless of what my idiot coworker learned on CNN, the government has shut down on failed budget negotiations before. It happened under Bill Clinton in 1995, actually. And apparently, it was so memorably destructive that, today, people don’t even know it happened.

The Reality of this Government Shutdown

Sarcasm aside, this shutdown isn’t going to hurt anybody but the government workers, who won’t get paid for the duration. Yes, this probably will include those in the military, unfortunately. But that is Obama’s fault. House Speaker John Boehner’s pushed legislation to fund the Pentagon for six months, cut $12 billion in domestic spending and keep the government running for an additional week… and the president began lambasting that measure even before it passed.

In fact, this whole mess is his and his party’s fault, as Democrats with their super majorities should have passed a budget. Last year!

So while I am truly sorry for those unfortunate few who will be inconvenienced by a government shutdown that happens, I have little else to offer except for this piece of advice: Blame the Democrats and take that righteous indignation to the polls next year if you don’t want to see it happen again.

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