Monday, April 11, 2011

The Federal Budget Showdown Results: Back to the Status Quo

So what’s there to know about the budget debate and the government shutdown that didn’t happen? Really, it’s still a bit hard to tell, considering all of the different stories circulating around.

Some, like Politico, are hailing the final agreement as a great win for Republican House Speaker John Boehner. But that could very well be an example of liberal misinformation: a condescending slap on the back for all-around mediocre results they hope conservatives will continue to strive for.

Tea Party icon Michelle Bachman certainly thinks so. The Washington Examiner quotes her as saying:

“The deal that was reached tonight is a disappointment for me and for millions of Americans who expected $100 billion in cuts, who wanted to make sure their tax dollars stopped flowing to the nation’s largest abortion provider, and who wanted us to defund ObamaCare. Instead, we’ve been asked to settle for $39 billion in cuts, even as we continue to fund Planned Parenthood and the implementation of ObamaCare. Sadly, we’re missing the mandate given us by voters last November, and for that reason I voted against the Continuing Resolution.”

Truthfully, even $100 billion in cuts is a joke considering the trillions we spend on unnecessary expenditures… like the foreign aid we send out to nations that hate us, the funding we give to the UN – which should stand for Useless Nitwits – and the money we dole out to various undeserving and ungrateful organizations around the world.

And that’s just the foreign extravagances we support with tax-payer funds… Believe me, there are plenty of things to cut or clean up closer to home too.

So regardless of whether Boehner ultimately “won” in the budget debates or not, nothing has really changed. We’re still running off of a cliff, just at an infinitesimally slower pace.

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