Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Texas TV Reporter Rankles President Obama with Facts and Relevant Questions

Make sure to check out the article and accompanying video of Brad Watson, a reporter with Belo TV – owner of several Texas stations – interviewing President Obama.

It’s rather delicious to see a media person do his job with the elitist and self-entitled Commander-in-Chief, instead of cooing over him like 1990’s tween girls over the Backstreet Boys.

The interview went so well that a sour Obama even felt the need to finish it off by telling Watson, “Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?”

Watson replied with a respectful “Yes, Sir.” Though he would have been in his rights to respond something more along the lines of “Just as soon as you start telling the truth.”

He needn’t say it meanly either, just matter-of-factly, since the President’s half-truths, lies and/or gross examples of incompetence are well recorded by now.

All Said and Done, the Texas TV Reporter Was Being Nice to Obama

Take GM, which the Obama administration promised would post profits. Yet the Wall Street Journal now reports that U.S. taxpayers will “almost certainly… take a loss on their $50 billion rescue of the Detroit auto maker in 2009.”

Or how about all of that yapping about jobs saved and created? And then he tries to take over everything from the healthcare industry to ice makers, all but guaranteeing a loss of jobs as government inevitably louses things up. Why do you think that so many jobs no longer exist in the U.S.?

Then there’s his criminal complacency and lies concerning oil prices, when D.C. gas just skyrocketed above $5.00 for regular unleaded.

And just for kicks and giggles, let’s add in the housing crisis, which continues to decay despite his Keynesian attempts to fix a system his fellow liberals broke many years ago.

It’s no wonder then that he can’t even rouse the idiot youth of this country through social media anymore. President Obama once generated 19.3 million “friends” on Facebook. But apparently, they’re of the fair-weather variety, as, by Tuesday afternoon, only 22,000 of them had answered his Monday call to arms to attend an online town hall meeting.

It’s only a day’s difference you say? Sure. But consider 1) How obsessive people are about checking their Facebook pages and 2) How many would have signed up in a mere 24-hour period just two years ago.

Clearly, Obama doesn’t command the same respect and adoration he once did. With good reason. As President of the United States, he's a failure.

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