Thursday, April 28, 2011

This So-Called Security Isn’t Worth Jeopardizing Liberty for

“Any society that would give up their liberty to obtain temporary security deserves neither and loses both.”

Benjamin Franklin said that while still living under the authority of England’s King George III. But it’s a truth that existed well before the “New World” came into European thought. And it will last until this world sees its last day.

As one particular YouTube poster reminds us, we especially need to remember that truth now, since we’re being actively instructed – and even coerced – into diminishing our individuality in the eyes of the government all in return for the illusions of safety.

That’s what happens every time an airline passenger gets felt up just because our government gets off on it. And unless we make some noise about such overreaching (pun intended) things will only gets worse from here.

As recent TSA victim, former Miss U.S.A. Susie Castillo, says: “Drugs smugglers… put drugs up their rectum. So what happens when… a terrorist puts something up their rectum. Are we going to get rectal exams at the airport? Is that what’s next?”

For that matter, what if this behavior spreads from airport “security” to “regular” security? What if cops suddenly are allowed to randomly pat down pedestrians without reasonable suspicion or a warrant?

That possibility isn’t all that ridiculous either, since authorities started testing the idea of randomly searching commuters’ bags in Washington D.C. metros back in December.

They excused these checkpoints because of a bomb threat, which – to my knowledge – never came to anything. How long will it be until they apply such reasoning to other areas of U.S. citizens’ everyday lives?

And when you answer that question, remember that 10 years ago, most people wouldn’t have dreamt up the notion of TSA full body patdowns on random passengers either.

Benjamin Franklin – the well-traveled, well-respected, brilliant inventor, philosopher and businessman, a classic rags to riches story – got it right in so many other areas of life. Do we really want to bet that he was ignorant on the subject of liberty?

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