Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Happens When Elections Don’t Really Matter

“The fact is that elections shouldn't matter as much as they do.”

So says Nancy “Poor Loser” Pelosi. Though she notably didn’t have that opinion back when elections handed her power, which she incidentally abused like any true socialist.

But let’s not just pick on Pelosi, as she certainly isn’t the only person to have wished to end the U.S. republic. In fact, noted pervert Woody Allen flat-out said, “It would be good… if [Obama] could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

And in general, liberal policies of taking the power of personal decision away from the people and giving it to government shows that too many others share similar opinions.

I would suggest they consider the reality of doing so. But asking them to think outside of their liberal boxes is tragically unthinkable and an utter waste of my time. So I’m not going to address Pelosi and Allen and their ilk. But the facts need to be laid out all the same…

When elections don’t matter as much as they should:

Elections Need to Matter or Else…

In the Road to Serfdom – written as Germany rose on the back of the socialistic Nazi government – F. A. Hayek gently criticizes politicians taking on more they can chew. He acknowledges how some people might like the idea of socialism, as it promises to even the playing field for the poor and afflicted.

I can’t take such a kindly view of people like Pelosi, who I believe know very well exactly what oppression they are inflicting as they selfishly grab for more power.

But I do agree wholeheartedly with Hayek that – to paraphrase – the price of submitting to somebody else’s attempt at perfection will likely be more unfairness and misery than capitalism could ever dole out.

Just consider Lyndon B. Johnson’s so-called War on Poverty, which was essentially government adopting responsibility it never had any right to. Things certainly haven’t improved since then for the lower classes. If anything, in most ways, they’re worse.

But that’s what happens when elections don’t really matter and governments think more highly of themselves then they do the people they pretend to represent.

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