Friday, May 6, 2011

Jon Stewart, Michael Moore and Nancy Pelosi Weigh in on Obama and Osama

Liberals very rarely turn on their own, so it can be a heart attack-inducing shock when they actually do. With that said, if you suffer from a weak constitution, consider yourself duly warned: The following information could be fatal…

Jon Stewart is an obviously biased liberal, as evidenced by his co-orchestration of last year’s “Rally to Restore Sanity,” which mocked Glenn Beck’s “Rally to Restore Honor,” the Tea Party and general concern for the U.S.’s kamikaze-style fiscal policies.

While the also liberal Wikipedia describes Stewart as “an American political satirist, writer, television host, actor, media critic and stand up comedian… widely known as host of The Daily Show, a satirical news program that airs on Comedy Central,” that’s an extremely rose-colored perspective.

It’s much more accurate to describe Stewart as a liberal comedian who panders to the idiot youth of the left, a group of people who largely can’t be bothered to formulate an intelligent opinion on their own.

With that said, Stewart can be very funny. Not all the time, mind you, but I have chuckled at his sarcastic commentary before, even when it mocks my beliefs. And anybody who saw him host the 78th Academy Awards ceremony had to admit that he knocked it out of the park! (Unless, of course, they’re George Clooney.)

But again, he’s a leftist and largely makes a living mocking conservatism. So when he delivers a minutes-long satirical rant (as opposed to his occasional snark) against Obama for not releasing the pictures of Osama, it comes as a pleasant – and in this case, highly amusing! – surprise. If you need a laugh or two, I highly recommend you watch the clip.

Michael Moore Goes Conservative on the Piers Morgan Show on CNN

Now moving on to Michael Moore, who hates Bush, conservatives and fat, white, old men, which is kinda funny considering that he is a fat, white, old man.

And yet even Moore said: “They didn’t kill him because there was some kind of firefight… They went there with the intention to kill him. That’s an execution or assassination… I’m glad he’s gone. But… we’ve lost something of our soul here in this country. And maybe I’m just an old-school American who believes in our American judicial system, something that separates us from… other countries where we say everybody has their day in court no matter… what piece of scum they are, they have a right to a trial.”

Is it just me or does Michael Moore almost sound like a Tea Partier with his solemn salute to “old-school America” and American exceptionalism? Clearly, Obama is confusing his core base to the point where – in broken disillusion with their alleged Messiah – they’re staggering to the right like the bloodied and bruised survivors of a bombing raid, finally forced to abandon their delusions for a harsh reality.

Nancy Pelosi Speaks up about Obama’s Role in Osama bin Laden’s Death

And then there’s Nancy Pelosi…

Just kidding!

Of course she didn’t say anything negative about the president! She’s never stayed steadfast on a single issue in her life, save maybe women’s so-called rights to slaughter their unborn children. (How nice.)

So while the then-Speaker of the House said back in September 2007 that capturing Osama bin Laden “tomorrow… is [still] five years too late,” in an effort to further discredit President George W. Bush, she praised Obama to high heaven On Monday for the “historic” death of the terrorist leader, “the most significant development in our fight against al-Qaida.”

Gotta give Pelosi props for steadfastly sticking with her talking points in the face of dignity, truth and the good of the American people she claims to represent.

And hey, two wake-up calls out of three ain’t bad, right? You certainly won’t find me complaining.

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