Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Michelle Obama Promotes Beyonce as a Role Model for a Second Time

I let our First Lady, Michelle Obama, slide when she promoted Beyonce to a bunch of school children as “one of my favorite performers on the planet” earlier this month.

That was when she so famously performed “the Dougie,” a dance craze that swept through the country thanks to the (questionable) musical and artistic talents of Cali Swag District. And honestly, she looked rather cute and happy dancing with the kids as part of her Let’s Move program to fight childhood obesity.

So I decided to just ignore the whole thing and give her a break. That time.

In regular everyday life, they say third time’s the charm. If it happens more than twice, it’s probably not a coincidence or a slip-up; it’s purposeful and quite possibly even the start of a trend.

In politics today, however, we can’t afford to give our representatives that many chances. Not with their long track record of unhealthy influences and moronic mistakes. So I’m not willing to give Mrs. Obama a third chance before I call her out for publicly praising a person who is an obvious detriment to our society.

If Beyonce Is a Role Model, It’s Not for Anything Good

Yes, I’m talking about Beyonce.

Sure, she’s gorgeous and yes, she can move with the sensuality of… well… something very sensual. I’d also go so far as to say that she has a great stage presence, obviously knows how to conduct herself in such a way as to be worth more than some small countries, and has an admirable amount of determination.

But all of that falls out the window when she sings extremely sexually provocative lyrics on the radio and gyrates with next to nothing on in her music videos, all the while making at least a decent chunk of her millions by promoting her in-your-face sexuality to children.

Yet Michelle Obama went out of her way to record nothing but praise for her at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, where Beyonce sang her latest hit, “Run the World.” The song in question is supposedly meant to empower women by asking “Who run this mother f*cking world?” and replying with a chanted “Girls! Girls!”

As if using such uneducated language isn’t detrimental enough to young, impressionable minds, Beyonce proceeded to stride around on stage with a skimpy dress that showed almost her entire shapely legs and clung to her toned midsection in tattered strips.

Beyonce: the Same Old Chauvinism Repackaged

The fact that our female “role models” – as Michelle Obama calls Beyonce – give the same basic services of strippers in “gentleman’s” clubs indicates that women today are anything but liberated. We’re still singing the same old here’s-what-I-got-and-you-can-have-it-for-the-right-price song we’ve been performing since Eve bit into that stupid apple.

Beyonce’s sultry moves certainly garnered attention from the men in attendance… but it’s doubtful they were admiring her for much more than being ‘one fine piece of *ss.’ Certainly, the 12th grade boys I once taught in a Pennsylvania public high school didn’t have any real respect for her as they discussed exactly what they wanted to do to her.

Beyonce as a whole are packaged with sexuality, sensuality and just downright sex through and through. Another of her recent songs, “Video Phone,” promotes sexting, an epidemic among America’s youth that can lead to serious legal consequences… like charges for taking, possessing and distributing child pornography.

This is what we’re promoting to our children.

This is what we’re encouraging our society to consider laudable when it can far too easily lead to devastating consequences.

This is what Michelle Obama deems something to strive for. Which makes her anything but a role model.

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