Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama bin Laden’s Death Is Turning from a Major Victory into an Embarrassing Headache for President Obama

The stories about Osama bin Laden’s death – or alleged death, according to some within the United States and abroad – is getting more and more confusing by the day.

On the one hand, some amount of clashing details as the story circulates makes sense. This did happen half way across the world, after all. And most of those people relating information to the public were not actually there to see the killing firsthand.

But even so, the multitude of completely contradictory information is becoming overwhelming and even downright embarrassing.

Take for example, stories that:

With all of that conflicting data, no wonder White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had to admit he was “getting confused” as well.

And even beyond the plethora of claims surrounding bin Laden’s death, there are other embarrassments coming out, including the mission’s apparently offensive code name of Geronimo, former President George W. Bush’s refusal to attend a commemorative ceremony at Ground Zero, and the fact that waterboarding – a policy that Obama trashed his predecessor on – was instrumental in locating bin Laden in the first place.

Whatever you think of Obama’s capabilities, you have to at least give him this: Nobody knows how to screw up a victory as elaborately as he does.


  1. Very well done Jeannette he is the Antithesis of King Midas hehe

  2. Totally true! It has to come down to either one of two things: A) He's really this incompetent or B) He's trying to cover up something that doesn't want to be covered up. Equal chance on either, in my opinion.