Monday, May 30, 2011

The Real Way to Thank Our Men and Women Who Serve

Today is Memorial Day, a time when we celebrate those who serve and have served in our military and thank them for keeping America safe from harm.

They’re off fighting battles or maintaining posts – oftentimes far away from their loved ones – in order to protect us from militant outsiders who want to destroy us. And so we thank them and commemorate them and acknowledge their bravery and their sacrifices.

But maybe it’s about time we start giving back to them by doing more than simply taking an extra day off from work and eating hamburgers and hotdogs.

Maybe, while they’re out there physically fighting to keep this nation safe against obvious dangers, we civilians should start taking the political, economic and ideological dangers the U.S. faces just as seriously.

Because they do exist. They might not manifest themselves in the form of bombs and IEDs and weapons of mass destruction most of the time. But they are just as destructive, if not more so…

While we might easily rally together against missiles slamming into our government buildings and iconic cities, too many of us barely seem to notice while similarly destructive powers euthanize our morality, patriotism and courage one drop of poison at a time.

While our troops are putting themselves in physical danger to keep us safe, we’re failing them by welcoming our enemies into our television sets, our schools and our governments at every level.

So maybe this Memorial Day, we should honor our soldiers – fallen and living – by first acknowledging the enemy within and then fighting it with every ounce of wisdom and courage and perseverance that we can muster.

After all, it would be a terrible shame for our soldiers to finally come home, only to find out that they’ve been fighting for an America not worth coming back to.

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