Monday, May 9, 2011

Women Can Be Idiots

Sodom and Gomorrah have nothing on us…

I consider myself quite the cynic, so it’s not exactly a good sign when even I get surprised by humanity’s destructive depravity. But apparently, my suspicious imagination is limited, since I never would have thought of SlutWalks.

What are SlutWalks, you ask? They’re an example of just how stupid my gender can be and a larger picture of how far people in general will go to excuse their bad behavior.

Overall, I am proud of being female. It’s what God made me and it means something special: a complicated mixture of good and bad; excitement and solemnity; crazy, lighthearted fun and responsibility that I wouldn’t trade even if I could. But there are too many women out there who refuse to accept reality… as evidenced by the SlutWalks.

These Walks started after a Toronto police officer advised a group of students to protect themselves from rapists by not dressing like “sluts.” And now, women – and men. There’s a shocker – all around the world are taking to the streets…

In defense of sluts.

Stupid Beyond Imagination

Was the cop right in implying that rape victims are “asking for it?” Of course not! When men really want to behave like selfish, sadistic animals, they do, regardless of whether their victims are wearing bikinis or burkas. And as the physically weaker sex, females aren’t always well equipped to defend ourselves.

Yet foolishly, western women have an invincibility mentality, where we convince ourselves that we can shove our sexuality in everybody’s faces without risking any negative consequences.

In a perfect world, that might be true.

Then again, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t be that stupid or inconsiderate of other people’s sensibilities either… People wouldn’t die from sexually transmitted diseases… Children wouldn’t start having sex well before they’re emotionally or even physically ready to bear the consequences (all because a society of self-proclaimed sluts told them it was the In thing to do)… Feelings wouldn’t get hurt, lives wouldn’t be shattered and there would be no marred psyches because of somebody else’s actions.

But this is reality. And it isn’t a perfect world. So there are consequences to actions. There are bad people out there and there are ways to make it easier to avoid them.

And, contrary to what today’s great “thinkers” say, celebrating sluts is not one of them.

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