Monday, June 6, 2011

Black Boxes in All New Cars Manufactured and Sold in the U.S.

As if the federal government isn’t intruding on our lives enough, now it wants to install black boxes in our cars.

Not even kidding.

And they say that Republicans butt their noses into other people’s business?

The Washington Examiner admits: “The concept of installing a black box in new automobiles has several good points in assisting law enforcement and emergency services as to the location and circumstance of an accident or road emergency.” But it goes on to report that, “Policies currently underway by many municipalities and states show that public safety personnel are now being used more as revenue collectors than as first responders to incidents as they occur.”

For instance, the Obama administration is once again floating the idea of a mileage tax, which would literally charge U.S. drivers per mile they drove.

As if we aren’t cash-strapped enough by high taxes and the inflation that Obama boasts he’s kept in check.

And even if the government doesn’t implement such intrusive and draconian policies, forcing automakers to adhere to these measures means that car prices will go up… not because those businesses are greedy and unfeeling like liberals would like us to believe, but because they’ll need to pay for the additional costs they’ll incur from producing and installing the black boxes.

Of course, the government can’t be bothered to consider such obvious details any more than it can be expected to read a bill it’s forcing on American constituents… like it did with the healthcare law passed last year and who knows how many other pork-laden, economy-destroying measures before and since then.

That would be asking far too much.

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