Tuesday, June 7, 2011

California and Its Wind Turbines Guilty of Killing Golden Eagles

Nothing is ever perfect.

That’s a lesson liberals have yet to learn. The more sincere among them believe that, should they just care enough and legislate enough, they can actually achieve a utopia.

That’s a bright, happy thought. But it falls far short of reality, since utopia is not and never will be possible while humans are humans. After all, not everybody has the same tastes, interests or even moral understanding.

 And even when you take selfish human interests out of the picture, we still run into problems. For instance, saving the earth…

So we want to save the earth by reducing carbon emissions in all of its forms. We promote green energy and green living and green businesses and pat ourselves on the back when we make even the tiniest stride towards this supposed ideal.

But while we seem to make progress towards one aspect of our goal, we oftentimes end up accidentally short changing some other group or idea we’re trying to protect or achieve.

Take California – a particularly liberal and silly state, dazzled by Hollywood’s fairytales and fake lives – for example, which set up some 5,000 wind turbines to generate electricity instead of the polluting horrors of coal. But those “green” installments have performed an unexpected and macabre additional function in killing nearly 70 golden eagles per year.

It’s illegal to kill one within the United States – another liberal attempt to make this world perfect, by attempting to ensure that no animal ever goes extinct – but it seems that the government is its own worst enemy in this case, not to mention the birds’.

That’s not surprising though, considering how the government constantly bites off far more than it can chew. Instead of trying to make everything perfect for everybody, it should instead consider the adage that every good parent understands and practices…

If you try to make everybody happy, nobody will end up happy in the end.

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