Friday, June 3, 2011

The Dying American Dream

I studied hard in school, paid a decent portion of my way through college and am in the process of paying the rest back. I started from the bottom of the corporate ladder to work my way into something better.

I found a place to live with rent I can afford and I try to live within my means, saying no to potential purchases much more often than I say yes. I even lived without a real couch for a year just to avoid going into credit card debt on top of my student loans.

And I know there are many others like me who are trying their best to make it work with what they have and little more.

But the government doesn’t appreciate that kind of responsibility. In fact, it doesn’t appreciate any kind of responsibility. Instead, it actively encourages just the opposite through welfare programs that pay people to do nothing and strive for nothing, and housing assistance programs that encourage them to buy up what they can’t afford.

Since Obama took office, things have only gotten worse. Now, we’re not just encouraged to accept free candy from strangers; we’re flat-out forced to take it.

Take the healthcare law, for example. The majority of Americans don’t approve of it. Yet the Obama administration is twisting our arms and telling us to take the spoonful of poison anyway like some big government version of Mommy Dearest.

And when we protest in a federal appeals court – as the Thomas More Law Center is doing right now – we are simply told by President Obama’s solicitor general, Neal Kumar Katyal, that if we don’t want to pay for our health insurance, we can earn less.

With that kind of attitude foisted on us, is it any wonder then that Americans are losing hope in the future? The government is telling us to choose between our freedom and our money, while rising food and gas prices, high taxes and stagnate salaries eat away at more than just our wallets.

Goldman Sachs wrote recently that, “Households are already very pessimistic about future real income growth.” And the AP admits that unemployment ‘dropped’ in previous months partially because people are simply giving up on finding work altogether.

This all shows a new, disturbing reality rising over America. We’re quickly losing our self-reliance, our hopes and our freedoms… and without those, what is left to the American Dream?

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