Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama Makes It All but Impossible to Take Him Seriously

While the Republican presidential hopefuls convened last night to play nice with each other, all the while sharpening their political knives and hoping their competitors ultimately fail, the First Lady of the United States was busy being even more disingenuous.

Addressing the Southern California Women for Obama group in Pasadena yesterday, Michelle Obama praised her husband for his “tireless” efforts, saying, “This man doesn’t take a day off.”

Yeah, from the golf course.

Actually, that might be what Obama does best: take time off. Either that or lie, as he did at a fundraiser in Mami, where he told his diminutive audience: “If you were looking for a bunch of partisan rhetoric, I’m probably not your guy.”

OK. So maybe he isn’t that great at lying, despite his hours practicing.

Does he really think we’ve forgotten how he told Republicans “I won” when they suggested differing ideas early on in his administration… or when he called Republicans “enemies” during the mid-term elections… or what he did to Paul Ryan over the budget proposal much more recently?

It’s hard to take the President seriously when he spouts such ridiculous untruths…

Or when he promises to get us out of Iraq, only to shove us into a pointless war in Libya, which, incidentally, the House just voted against funding

Or when he praises the so-called Arab Spring as a great beacon of freedom and progress, even though 7,000 civilians have apparently been jailed since Mubarak stepped down…

Or when he demands that we keep spending and spending and spending when leading financial gurus such as Pimco’s Bill Gross say that, fiscally speaking, the U.S. is worse off than the debt-laden Greece.

Deep down inside, even he must understand how ridiculous his lies are becoming. So why does he even bother trying?

Because, at this rate, he doesn't have a prayer of winning.

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