Thursday, June 9, 2011

Proof That the World Is at Least Going Insane, If Not Already There

The world is going insane.

Australia, for one, seems intent on seeking the Most Inane Nation Ever (MINE) award since it is deliberating right now on whether or not to legislate a new way to fight so-called climate change…

First off, I didn’t even know that camels lived in Australia. But more importantly, this proves that the Aussies, despite their delicious accents, are quite possibly clinically diagnosable.

Killing off 1.2 million camels, as proposed, would supposedly make a serious dent against global warming, since camels produce an annual average ton of carbon dioxide. But if we’re going to be killing off creatures for simply existing, then why not start culling each other as well to save the earth?

It doesn’t make sense to favor animals over human beings, of course. But the same is true of picking the earth over beasts. After all, what are we trying to save the world for if not for living creatures to enjoy?

However, in Australia’s defense, it isn’t the only idiot country out there. Saudi Arabia is a strong contender, as it goes about spending $130 billion to bolster its citizens’ living conditions in order to stave off the rebellions that have hit so many other Middle Eastern countries.

Apparently, the much easier option of simply giving them freedom hasn’t crossed King Abdullah’s mind.

Meanwhile England is practicing a form of healthcare that has little to do with health or care. If it had any economic or historical understanding – or merely a healthy dose of common sense – it never would have implemented the system in the first place.

But since they clearly don’t and they clearly did, the British National Health Service (NHS) has become an utter embarrassment. The latest story circulating about it is how a town drunk showed up at his local hospital for help and refused to give up his vodka bottle. So they let him pass out in one of the hallways.

Problem is, sometime in the ten hours they were stepping over and around him, he died. And when they finally figured that fact out, they literally dragged his lifeless body away like worthless garbage.

Way to go socialistic medicine. And way to go England.

Not that the U.S. can brag all that much either, since we signed something just as bad if not worse into law last year. Fortunately, many organizations and state governments are actively fighting to declare it unconstitutional and therefore void. But that doesn’t disqualify us as a contender for the MINE award…

After all, our government employees are still paid exorbitant amounts while our economy crashes and burns. Take the New York City superintendent who gets paid $500,000 per year. Yet what good are our schools doing that any of their administrators deserve that kind of tax-payer funded compensation?

Hopefully, we can turn things around before we completely surpass other nations to claim the Most Inane Nation Ever award for good.

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