Monday, June 27, 2011

Skinny Isn’t Always Healthier

Liberals think that utopia is achievable here on earth.

But they might as well believe in the lost city of Atlantis or Tinkerbell-style magic. Because really, it never did happen and it ain’t ever gonna.

(Sorry kids, but Santa Claus doesn’t really exist either.)

Take the latest findings in health research. Apparently, despite Michelle Obama’s overbearing intrusion into our kitchens, cafeterias and restaurants, being skinny isn’t the end-all be-all to eliminating heart disease and diabetes.

The UK’s Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit now claims it discovered a link between those negative possibilities and IRS1, the so-called “lean gene,” which seems to correspond with less body fat.

According to Ruth Loos, who ran the team, the study found that IRS1 can result in unhealthy levels of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, and higher levels of visceral fat, which surrounds organs and can be more harmful than the kind that simply sits under the skin

She does add that the bigger picture hasn’t changed: Obesity is still generally less healthy than keeping trim. However, her research still showcases a few important findings all the same.

For one thing, no matter how hard we try with our research and our science and knowledge and meddling, we’re never going to make the world perfect for everyone. And it’s a waste of time and money to try to make it so.

And second off, the hypocritical Michelle Obama can maybe feel a little less guilty about eating those french fries and fat cakes over in Botswana.

Now if we could only get her off of our backs as well…

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