Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Behind the Scenes at the Deficit Reduction Meetings

Oh to be a fly on the wall at the deficit reduction talks…

According to Jake Tapper and his Political Punch (which is usually spiked with some kind of hallucinogen), here are a few snippets from yesterday's meeting… and my commentary, of course:

House Speaker John Boehner: “It’s clear to all of us how big this spending problem is. Congress keeps voting for programs we can’t pay for. But look, entitlement cuts aren’t easy for us to vote for either. Our guys aren’t cheerleading about cutting entitlements.”

President Obama: “Your guys already voted for them” (i.e. the Paul Ryan budget).

Boehner: “Excuse us for trying to lead.”

Oh snap! I usually don’t go for older men (other than Gerard Butler, of course), but I really could kiss Boehner for that comment.

Besides, President Obama blatantly missed the point while purposely ignoring another one: the fact that Democrats should have settled this issue well before Republicans gained control of the House.

And Boehner wasn’t saying that Republicans wouldn’t vote for entitlement cuts, an unfortunate necessity since those programs make up a lot of the federal deficit and never should have been implemented in the first place. He was saying that his party was willing to make a difficult choice for the good of the American people, even if it was unpopular.


Speaking of such unbelievable denseness, Vice President Joe Biden, in one of his typical fits of immaturity, exclaimed, “C’mon, man. Let’s get real!” when Republicans maintained that taxes kill jobs and therefore were not on the negotiating table. The embarrassment of the White House went on to declare that real economists disagree.

As usual, Biden doesn’t even come close to getting it right. And the same goes for whatever silly Democrat asserted that, “Ronald Reagan would have accepted this plan.”

I don’t know the Ronald Reagan he’s speaking of, but the one I know of – the former U.S. President and economic hero – would have looked at the plan and the situation, acknowledged that he had absolutely no need to acquiesce to the Democrats’ kamikaze government style...

And told them what they could do with it.

Stay strong, Republicans!

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