Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Global Warming Argument Is Looking Quite Chilly Right Now

It’s a cold, cold day for the global warming crowd, even if they do try to hide behind the supposedly less damning label of “climate change” (a.k.a. seasonal and yearly patterns).

Two reports of scientific malpractice and painfully embarrassing inaccuracy have just surfaced, cooling the popular liberal theory down by several degrees at least…

While the planet doesn’t seem to be in any danger of burning up anytime soon, Charles Monnett is in hot water all the same. The federal wildlife biologist, famed for his 2004 observation of drowning polar bears that helped push global warming from an elitist issue into one for the hapless masses, is now on leave.

The reason: He’s being investigated for potentially running afoul of “integrity issues.” And already, the Associated Press is wondering whether the real issue is that 2004 report.

Individual humans are, of course, fallible and prone to mistakes, so the downfall of one global warmer – even a very prominent one – doesn’t exactly debunk the whole theory. However, the past scandals at the University of East Anglia Institute – click here – and the United Nations climate science extension – click here – and now this latest development pretty much do.

NASA satellite data from 2000 through the present shows a lot more heat escaping the Earth’s atmosphere than the global warming group would have us believe. The same study responsible for revealing that purposely submerged iceberg of information also informs us that the United Nations’ heating predictions are really, really wrong as well.

Who’da thunk, right? Because they’re usually such a brilliant, forward thinking organization.

The global warming scam – with all of its political power plays and excuses to tax and spend – is slowly but surely losing steam around the world. So I expect this latest data to be one more nail in a particularly icy coffin for the dying hype.

Anybody want to celebrate with some hot chocolate?


  1. I have a college friend who was a science major and she conceded to me that Global Warming was far from accurate but felt it was justified in order to scare the public into action to curb pollution. Rain-check for November on the Hot Chocolate though ;) :)

  2. It's a path to control. And when truth isn't involved in an issue, it's bound to fail eventually.

    As for the hot chocolate... It's no longer humid outside, so delicious hot drinks are perfectly justified in my mind.