Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Liberal World of Bleeding Heart Fools

If a great white shark landed on your boat, would you:

   A: Panic and start screaming like a completely unhelpful idiot?
   B: Move as far away from the dangerous creature as possible?
   C: Start pouring water over its gills so that it doesn’t die?

If you’re a sane human being, you’d choose B. If you’re me, you’d probably choose A and then, if the shark hasn’t already taken a decent chunk out of your leg, B.

(When I just saw a smallish shark glide past me at the Outer Banks, NC last month, I thrashed around like I’d already been bitten… Not the smartest move, to say the least.)

But if you’re field specialist Dorien Schroder, you’d choose C, which I believe officially means I’m not the stupidest creature in this story. That’s a toss up between Schroder and the shark.

In the human’s favor, half an hour after Schroder and a response team rescued the giant, man-eating fishy, it went and beached itself. So it had to be rescued. Again.

But that puts another contender in the race for the response team that risked life and limb twice over. So Schroder probably falls to third.

Liberals Don’t Understand Balance Anymore Than They Do Reality

Possibly in fourth comes the people who think they’re saving the world by eliminating “dangerous” playground elements.

Don’t see the connection? It’s right there though in the complete disregard for reality.

Living life properly is all about finding healthy balances…

Enjoy your food but don’t enjoy it too often. Think about others but don’t let them trample on you. Reach for the stars but first understand that there’s probably going to be a lot of hard work and sacrifice involved in stretching that far.

You can also add to that list: Take care of your fellow beings but not if it’s a big, fat shark that’s just landed on your boat, and be careful not to put yourself in danger but don’t let danger stop you from living life to its fullest.

Hence, the playground reference...

Coddling Isn’t Any Better Than Full Exposure

Researchers are now producing data that suggests children actually suffer from being coddled in our overly PC world. So all of those safety-first playgrounds that don’t include tall slides or jungle gyms – When was the last one you saw one of those? – may actually do more damage than they prevent.

“Children need to encounter risks and overcome fears on the playground,” says psychology Professor Ellen Sandseter of Queen Maud University in Norway.

Maybe they also need to understand that life isn’t all about thrills and excitement but that sometimes unpleasant things happen as well. Otherwise, they might do really stupid things as adults… like try to save a panicked great white shark that’s thrashing around on their boat.

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  1. LOL I was giggling at that multiple choice because I knew which one you would choose. The coddling one hits home. When I was a kid, by the time I was 6 or 7 I was free to go play with my friends. I just knew when I needed to be back home. Now on my old home street, when the kids are out playing, there seems to be a near equal number of adults sitting in their fold out chairs acting like hawks. That saddens me like few other things